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A Behemoth Sized TR: [Kings Island] 10 & 11 October, 2020

2020.10.13 19:06 ArrowDynamics2002 A Behemoth Sized TR: [Kings Island] 10 & 11 October, 2020

INTRODUCTION Early last week, I made plans to visit my home park, Kings Island on Saturday. However, plans got a bit crazy, and many dumb and crazy decisions were made much to the enjoyment of my followers on Snapchat. Some pictures can be seen above, so I hope you enjoy them. For reference,here is a link to my Top 50 roller coasters. Keep in mind I have only ridden 73 coasters, however, that number is steadily climbing.
Funding for this Trip Report is provided by my own sanity. Now, keep arms down, head back, hold on, and enjoy the ride!
DAY ONE: SATURDAY, 10 OCTOBER, 2020 We began the 40-minute drive to the park around 9:40 AM and arrived at the gates around 10:20 AM. The drive went by fast as usual, due to the fact that we were listening to Broadway the entire time. Hamilton, Falsettos, and Avenue Q were all sang horribly off-key. The park opened its gates at 10:30 AM, and instead of following the masses towards Orion, we went the opposite way towards Mystic Timbers. Faced with a surprising 5-minute wait, this time below up to 30 minutes for everyone due to the fact that someone in the front of the line needed EMS within 10 minutes of the park opening. After that small delay, we were in the station within 10 minutes, seated in the back row, quickly approaching the lift hill.
MYSTIC TIMBERS (Currently ranked 9/73): The drop on this ride is amazing, but easily one of the most forgettable moments of the ride, which is a great thing. After the swooping airtime hill over the lift, the airtime hills really began. Mystic Timbers always surprises me with every ride and has me laughing maniacally throughout the entire ride. The airtime is so strong that it manages to make my shirt into a crop top. A one-click ride (the minimum requirement) is a god-like experience, and I definitely recommend attempting this. My favorite GCI is also IMO the best GCI, save for maybe Python in Bamboo Forestor Wood Coaster.
After Mystic Timbers, we walked over to Orion, where we had a great experience, as there was a first-time rider in my group. The tallest coaster they had ever ridden was Diamondback, so they were quite nervous.
ORION (Currently ranked 5/73): The queue was filled up completely and spilling out into Area 72. Interestingly enough, the first part of the queue (down the stairs and up the ramp before the first cattle pen) took the longest time, at 30 minutes. As soon as we entered the cattle pen, the line started moving really fast. After a not so bad two hour wait, my friend and I were seated in the back row and were quickly ascending the 287-foot tall lift hill. The drop on this was insane, and I spent the entire ride watching my friend have pure joy on his face with his hands up from the top of the drop all the way to the brake run.
IN-DEPTH REVIEW: Personally, and controversially, I think Orion is the second best giga in the world, only behind Fury 325. Now, I have ridden every US giga, and was supposed to ride Leviathan this year, but we all know what happened. The drop is insane, and gives great airtime no matter where you sit. The “wave turn” is the only disappointing element on the ride, but you do get a nice floating sensation due to the banking of track. The turnaround gives a nice pop of air at the top, before a fun curving descent to ground level before my favorite moment of the ride: the Speed Hill. This hill gives amazing airtime, almost a Graceful Ejector like sensation, where you are gracefully ripped out of your seat, but you are going so fast that you slam into that lapbar. The trimmed hill is a disappointment, but it feels exactly like Diamondback’s trimmed hill. The helix is fun, if not overly intense, and the near miss between the drop and support is sadly quite forgettable. However, things ramp up with two finals great pops of airtime before hitting the brake run. The “Mini Hive Dive” is the most forceful airtime moment on the ride, and always is a surprise to me. The airtime hill into the brake run run also gives a nice pop, similar to Diamondback’s drop into the Splashdown finale. Overall, Orion is a great ride, and shouldn’t be hated on due to the fact that Kings Island didn't outdo Fury 325.
LUNCH: We decided to eat at Coney Bar-B-Que for lunch, and I ordered a pulled pork sandwich with Macaroni & Cheese. IMO, Coney Mall is the second best place to eat, only behind the Miami River Brewhouse. However, a damper was put on my meal, as the water at Coney had visible dirt particles in it, and tasted disgusting. Luckily, this was only at that restaurant, so for the rest of the day I only drank from a Freestyle Machine.
THE BAT (Currently ranked 29/73): The best Arrow currently at the park is one of my favorites. The Bat is easily the best suspended coaster in the US, due to its terrain usage and constant feeling of speed until the brake run. The swinging is insane, and headbanging is strangely absent. This is a back row ride, as like most Arrows, the drop is insane. The high swooping turn is the most dead part of the ride, but a curving drop leads into several high speed turns, and a forceful helix near Banshee’s second loop. The last two turns are taking quite fast, and the train slams to a stop and swings 2-3 more times even after coming to a complete halt.
After The Bat, we went to Starbucks where I ordered a Grande Vortex Frappuccino. It was very sweet, and one of my new favorite drinks, only behind the Orion Galaxy Smoothie. Proceeding to Subway and meeting up with a couple more friends, we created a group of 5.
BLUE RACER (Currently ranked 38/73): We waited about 25 minutes for this, however the line moved quickly due to two train operations on both sides. Red Racer has reopened, and is now known as “The Pelvic Presser” in our group. (For reference, click here). Unfortunately, the Red Racer did dispatch about 5 seconds early, so it was an uneven race. Blue Racer is running extremely well, and I recommend Row 11 on both sides, as it gives the whip and thrill of the back row, with the smoothness of the front row. This is what a classic wooden coaster feels like. There was airtime on the first drop, and the first bunny hill. Every other hill besides the former gave a floating sensation iny our stomach, but my butt never left the seat. Overall, that was the best ride I’ve ever gotten on The Racer.
ADVENTURE EXPRESS (Currently ranked 43/73): We ended up having about a 10 minute wait, where we got the back row. Unfortunately, our game that we play on ths Arrow mine train was ruined by landscaping cutting off the old leaves and branches from the tress you pass by. However, we still enjoyed a fun Arrow mine train that has a great layout that features a great night ride.
DINNER: After heading to the Wishbone Grill to see what Chef James Major was cooking up, we decided against it. The Chef Special was Cowboy Caviar, or Beef Testcles served in Pico de Gayo, with a side of Grilled Pork loin and Grilled Vegetables. So we went back to Coney Bar-B-Que, where we ate the Chef Special there, which was Cranberry Sausage. It was a really good cut, and I ended up only eating one of two they gave me.
RED RACER (Currently ranked 47/73): After dinner, we ended up going back to The Racer, where we had about a 10 minute wait. This time, we rode in the same rows, but switched sides. We were in the lead until the turnaround, where we were trimmed, allowing Blue Racer to beat us by an entire train length. The airtime was good, and the retracked portions of the ride were smooth. At this time, it was about 15 minutes until closing, so we went back to Area 72, and with about 10 minutes to spare, we got in line for Orion.
ORION (Currently ranked 5/73): Waiting about 90 minutes, we were the second-to last group in line, but when they weren’t looking, we jumped a switchback backwards to be the last group in line. (Funnily enough, this unnamed couple will appear at the end of tomorrow.) I was assigned to Row 7, where I had a solid 2 inches of room between myself and the lap bar. Afterward, we waited for our ride to show up, and we passed the time by walking around the park taking photos, and doing something known as dinosaur races. Hanging out in the parking lot, waiting for our ride to arrive, we left the park around 21:40
Arriving at my house close to 23:00 last night, I began to start my three-hour trek of Biology, Algebra II, Spanish II, and an English essay. Retiring to bed at the exact time of 02:30 AM, I got a grand total of five hours of glorious sleep before waking up at 07:30 AM to mow the grass. Unfortunately, after filling up the gas tank, and rolling it out there, the mower refused to start. I guess coffee didn't help it either. To add insult to injury, it started pouring, meaning that even now (Tuesday, 13 October) I still have only gotten about ⅓ of the yard complete. I spent my extra time lying in bed and watching two episodes of Lucifer on Netflix, which is a rather good show that I recommend to anyone in quarantine. Leaving my house at 09:40 once again, we arrived at the park 15 minutes early to find the gates already open, and the rides already running, which is something I love seeing.
MYSTIC TIMBERS (Currently ranked 9/73): To start the day off energized, we went to Mystic Timbers, which had a 10-minute wait. Assigned to the front row, I was off with a one-click ride. Mystic Timbers is truly a front row ride. The airtime is insane, coupled with the fact that you feel like you are the only one experiencing this, as the roar of the wooden track drowns out all the screams of the other passengers.
THE BEAST (Currently ranked 18/73): Straying from our planned itinerary, we followed the pawprints through Rivertown that led to The Beast. Walking right up to the station, I was given my desired back row ride. The Beast, in my opinion, is a back row ride if one wishes for the most intense experience possible. In all honesty, a back row night ride rivals the intensity of Intimidator 305 for me. The front row is amazing for the same reason as Mystic Timbers, but for me, Row 18 is the way to go on this masterpiece of a wooden coaster. The lift was taken at its comically slow pace, and the drop was delivered to us trimless. A furiously intense turnaround and a second drop delivered some unexpected airtime, before a lateral filled turn into the exposed brake shed, where we, unfortunately, slowed down. The train began picking up speed again, showing just how crazy the terrain on this coaster actually is. All the unbanked turns before the third (banked) drop delivered crazy laterals, and the banked drop was taken so fast it was over before I even realized we had done it. Hitting the second lift hill, we ascended to the top, and with my hands stretched up, we began our fourth (and final) banked drop, possibly the most famous part of this ride. The helix delivered the most insane laterals I have experienced (yes, over Intimidator 305and Maverick), as of now. After the insane double helix, we climbed back up into the final brake run, ending our nearly 5-minute romp through the woods. The Beast is one of my favorite coasters here and is a must-ride for every visit to the park.
WINDSEEKER: Waiting about 3 minutes, I was soon seated, kicking my shoes off, and ascending up to Giga coaster heights on this Mondial swing ride. It was fun, relaxing, and cold up there. Interestingly enough, there are still two track segments of the late Vortex sitting on its plot of land. I wonder if they’ll try to make us feel the opening date price once again if you know what I mean.
LUNCH: It was already lunchtime, so we went back to Coney-Bar B-Que for the third, and final time of this trip. Ordering the St. Louis style ribs, they were, unfortunately, mediocre at best, which was a let down for me. Not wanting to risk another experience with the water there, I decided on Powerade from the Freestyle Machine nearby.
ORION (Currently ranked 5/73): Waiting about 90 minutes, we had another first-time rider with us, who unfortunately decided it was a good idea to ignore the people she was in line with and watch TikTok. I don’t even know how one can be entertained for 90 minutes while watching TikTok. Going up the stairs into the station, we were assigned the front row and were soon dispatching. I was one train behind them, so watching her face while going through the nicknamed “Onion Ring” was hilarious. There was a mixture of pure joy and unadulterated terror on her face, reminding me just how much fun it is bringing a first-time rider to the park. Once again, the airtime was insane, and the speed hill was the highlight of the ride. My only complaint is that I wish they would bring back access passes, as when timed right you would be able to just walk right on the coaster. This particular ride marked my 25th ride on this brand new Giga coaster, meaning that this is the attraction I have ridden the most this year, followed by Banshee at just 13 rides.
FLIGHT OF FEAR (Currently ranked 31/73): Waiting one hour for this prototype launch coaster, we were assigned to the memeified Row 6 (courtesy of Taylor Bybee and rollercoasterjerk). The launch was thrilling, if not overly intense, showing that even the slowest accelerations can still be thrilling. The return of the on-ride camera at the end of the launch track is not a welcome addition in my book, as it blinds the riders and causing some eye pain. The cobra roll and sidewinder were forceful and fairly smooth. The ascending helix and banked turn into the midcourse were unfortunately rough, with the banked turn delivering several jarring lateral movements that shouldn’t be possible on a turn taken at or around 30mph. The midcourse break run brought us to a dead stop, and the curved drop and oscillating helix were fun. It is always a weird sensation to be hanging sideways while slowly speeding up. The quick transition from left to right was fun, if not as thrilling as the outdoor versions. The final low to the ground helix was thrilling, and the corkscrew always takes me by surprise. The final break run decides to try to kill everybody one last time, by taken you to a dead stop, slamming the back of your head into the headrest. My only complaint about the coaster are the trains. As with the majority of Premier coasters, contortion is required to be able to ride. Other than that, FOF is a great ride that provides a nice break from the hot temperature.
RED RACER (Currently ranked 47/73): Meeting up with one of the friends from yesterday, we attempted a rematch on The Racer. This time, we were dispatched evenly, but yet again, a nasty trim led us to lose the race. Better luck next time I guess.
XTREME SKYFLYER: Heading into Action Zone, we were greeted with a $5 dollar price for Xtreme Skyflyer, and while purchasing our tickets, we encountered a computer problem. Waiting for the supervisor to show up, a mother came up to me and gave me her ticket saying “My child chickened out and I don’t want to waste money. Have a free flight on me.” Taking one of my friends, we were soon suited up after buying another ticket for the rest of the group. Using my free ticket, My friend and I were being pulled up 168 feet in the air before falling face first and flying for a solid two minutes. A note to anyone flying on this: Make sure to be ready to grab the loop when they tell you. Even if you are flying backward, you must grab it. Lest the lone person who does grab it will receive a nasty surprise in some arm whiplash. Coming to a stop, I stayed on the platform for Round #2 with the rest of our group, the only difference being that it was my turn to pull the cord. Rising up once again, I soon was looking upside down and backward trying to find the cord. Pulling it, we soon were plummeting 150 feet once again and spreading our arms out to fly. Grabbing the loop once again, my final flight had come to an end. Overall, I definitely recommend this one, but only if it is priced at $5 dollars.
Taking a break at Starbucks, I ordered the Vortex Frappucino and ended up running into Wildcat Coasters. We chatted for a while and were laughing at how I had ended up winning two of her giveaways. A free pin with her logo on it was a nice touch to the conversation, and I really enjoyed talking with her. Grabbing our drinks, we sat down at a table and played several rounds of Among Us. Finishing our drinks, we headed back to Action Zone where we got on Banshee.
BANSHEE (Currently ranked 19/73): Faced with a 10-minute wait, we were given row 5, where we enjoyed an intense, and smooth ride on this crazy B&M Invert. Getting off, we went back in line and were assigned row 7 after just another 10-minute wait. Same experience as before, with an extra whip on the crazy twisted drop. Interestingly enough, if a member in your row is not wearing a mask during the on-ride photo, the park is cutting that half of the picture out and is selling the other half only. This is nice as it allows the photo to still be purchased even if a single rider tries to ruin it.
ADVENTURE EXPRESS (Currently ranked 43/73): Attempting to get in line for The Bat, we decided the wait was too long, so we abandoned that plan. Running to Adventure Express, we walked right on to the back row, where we came up with a new game. Facing backward on this coaster makes the ride so much more insane. This ride was actually scary. The turns slammed me into my partner, and it made the coaster so much more thrilling.
THE HOME ALONE EXPERIENCE: A truly stressful situation, we wanted to be the last ones in line for Diamondback. Being on the opposite side of the park, we ran over to Rivertown, and needed to get dinner. Unfortunately, our plan fell through as Tom+Chee was unfortunately closed. Going to The Potato Works near Mystic Timbers. We ordered and got our food in a record breaking 2 minutes. Running back to Diamondback, we had 30 seconds to spare before the line cut off. Waiting for the last train of the night, we were the second to last group in line, requiring the group in front of us to actually go in front, so we could be behind them. (Funnily enough, they were the same couple we got behind last night on Orion).
DIAMONDBACK (Currently ranked 11/73): Assigned to Row 10, the ride operators granted our requests for minimum checks. I had a solid 3 inches of room between myself and the lap bar. Cheering commenced as the ride began, and we slowly ascended the 230ft tall lift hill. Reaching the top, we plummeted down the steep drop with some amazing floater airtime before flying over two massive airtime hills delivering the same amount, if not more airtime than the first drop. The turnaround was fun, and delivered a slight breather before the worst part of the ride: The trimmed hill. This hill begins with a valley after the turnaround that causes some insane rattling and vibration, and this moment alone can give headaches after multiple rerides. Fortunately, the rest of the coaster is butter smooth. The hill gives mediocre airtime, easily the weakest amount of any moment on the ride. An upwards helix punctured by a blinding on-ride camera led into the mid-course break run, with a small pop going into, and coming out of that hill. Barely being trimmed, the coaster then goes over three more bunny hills before a helix near The Beast. A great pop of airtime similar to the one on Orion’s “mini hive dive” is delivered before the splashdown finale, and a final pop into the brake run. Overall, Diamondback is a great ride, and one of the few elite hypercoasters B&M has built. It is up there in the leagues of Mako, Shambhala, and Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia.
Diamondback was a great end to the night, and we again took a photo lap before hanging out near the Sweet Spot where we played Bean Boozled for a fat 20 minutes. Leaving the park after taking the classic photo in front of the Kings Island sign, we left the park before being picked up. I arrived at home to another large pile of homework and a nearly sleepless night. This was by far my favorite visits to the park, and I had loads of fun with all the new people I met. I will be visiting one final time on closing day, and attempt LROTSOO (Last Ride of the Season on Orion). Look forward to that TR sometime around early November.
Finally, for all those who read the entire TR, here is a small surprise.
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2020.05.02 18:27 neilthecellist Tossing my coin that hat too... ("I'm a college Dropout making six figures!") -- and some thoughts on advancing your IT career

EDIT 2 - not sure why people try to delete their comments on Reddit, everything is backed up on Removeddit. Here are all the removed / deleted comments in this thread - https://www.removeddit.com/ITCareerQuestions/comments/gc9a1v/tossing_my_coin_that_hat_too_im_a_college_dropout/
EDIT - Shoutout to VA_Network_Nerd for this comment:
The overall theme I'm seeing in this really nice thread (good job by the way) is one of two directions:
"Wow this is really helpful material, thank you for sharing it!" or
"Why haven't you told us exactly what certs we have to complete so we can earn big fat salaries like you? Fuck you if you're not going to share your specific, detailed, step-by-step, precisely repeatable process with the rest of us." Too many people chuckle at, but don't actually get the humor or the deeper meaning of the "Draw the rest of the fucking owl." comment.
I think this has to do with the normalcy of the rising generation having immediate access to answers for everything else, it's perplexing why there isn't a cheat page or walk-through solution for this whole technology career thing.
I don't want to make that into a "Young people suck" emotion. I mean it as a "Young people have a different sense of what is normal to expect." kind of a vibe.
Problem solving skills, critical thinking skills and a number of related soft skills are becoming harder to find in applicants.
Yep, I see the threads about being a college dropout making six figures, so I figured I'd toss my coin in the hat too and contribute.
It took me 2 years, 1 month, and 24 days, from the day I left my first IT job (helpdesk, $16 an hour) to the day I started my current job today (Cloud Solutions Architect, $170,000*)
* $170,000 was the salary I started off with the current job. It's actually gone up to about $185,000 (actual number is like $186,245 or something, can't remember) this year. Would have been higher, but you know, recessions. So I only got an 8% raise, but hey, it's better than a standard 3% COLA (cost of living adjustment) or worse, no raise, or worse, getting laid off. Gotta take my wins where I can in these unprecedented pandemic times.
But I digress.
I will bold parts of the bullet points below pertaining to financial compensation.
Warning, this post is long. If you want to skip the story (you'll miss out on some cool pics and videos, fyi), and just want the TLDR protips on your career, go to the bottom of this post labeled Closing Protips.
Here goes:
I also cook a lot now to save money, examples here , here, here and here (look guys, we need a shitpost during this toilet paper shortage, okay? don't judge).
But yeah in short, I want to close off with some of my advice (non-exhaustive) to the aspiring IT professionals in the community on advancing their IT career strategy and career as a whole:

Closing Protips

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2020.01.12 17:53 Cool_Fun_UserName By request from a certain anonymous posting application, below is a list of all firms that are a part of Epic’s new 18 month non compete

314e Corporation 3M Health Information Systems Acclara Solutions, LLC Advanced Diagnostic Imaging, PC Aerotek, Inc. AGS Health Private Limited AGS Health, Inc. ALKU Technologies, LLC Allied Revenue Services, LLC American Physician Partners, LLC Analytics Delivered, LLC Anesthesia Business Consultants, LLC (a MiraMed subsidiary) Anesthesiologists of Middletown, PC AQuity Solutions, LLC Argos Health, Inc. Aspen Global Solutions, LLC Atos Digital Health Solutions, Inc. Auditing for Compliance and Education, Inc. Avaap USA, LLC Aviacode, Inc. BAHAMA Consulting Corporation Beacon Hill Staffing Group, LLC Bear Staffing Services Corporation Belmont Professional Associates, Inc. Betz-Mitchell Associates, Inc. Bill Dunbar and Associates, LLC Black Horse Consulting, LLC BlackTree Healthcare Consulting, LLC BlueTree Network, Inc. Bolder Healthcare Solutions Inc. Boston Software Systems, Inc. Burwood Group, Inc. California Medical Billing Service Capgemini Finland Oy Capio Partners, LLC Capstone Performance Systems, LLC CDR Associates, LLC Chi-Matic Inc. ClaimAssist, LLC ClarusRCM, Inc. Code Quick, LLC Collaborative Data, Inc. Collection Bureau of the Hudson Valley, Inc Complete Billing Services, LLC Complete Coding Services, LLC Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions, Inc Computer Task Group, Inc., aka CTG Connecticut Information Security, LLC Core Clinical Partners, LLC CORL Technologies, LLC Cornerstone Advisors Group, LLC CPeople, LLC Credit Bureau Collection Service, Inc. d/b/a CBCS CrossChx, Inc. dba Olive Crosslink Orthopaedics, LLC Crowe LLP CSI Financial Services, LLC dba ClearBalance Culbert Healthcare Solutions, Inc. Cumberland Consulting Group, LLC Decipher Health Records, LLP Decision Resources Inc. Devcool Inc. Digital Health Physical Therapy Corp. Digital Mobile Innovations, LLC (DMI) Digital Prospectors Corporation Direct Consulting Associates, LLC dba Direct Recruiters Diversified Medical Records Services, Inc. Divurgent, LLC Document Imaging Systems Corp. d/b/a DISC Corporation e4 Services, LLC Early Out Services, Inc. ECG Management Consultants Eclat Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Eclat Health Solutions, Inc. Edelberg Compliance Associates, Inc. dba Edelberg & Associates EKtello, LLC Elico Healthcare Services, Ltd. Elite Ultrasound Group LLC Emergis Solutions Inc. Encore Rehabilitation Services, LLC Engage Partners, Inc. Ensemble RCM LLC dba Ensemble Health Partners Envision Healthcare, LLC Ernst & Young, LLP ettain group, Inc. Evergreen Healthcare Partners Inc. Evolent Health, LLC Excite IT Partners, LLC dba Excite Health Partners F2 Healthcare LLC Fidelis Companies, LLC Firstsource Solutions USA, LLC dba MedAssist Fisher Consulting LLC FMA Alliance, Ltd. Fulcrum Consulting, Inc. dba Contineo Health G & G Organization, Ltd. dba PFS Group Garry L. Huff, MD Inc. dba Enjoin Gary Matthews Healthcare Consulting LLC GenSigma LLC GHR Technology fka Recruit IQ Staffing Global Healthcare IT, Inc. Gottlieb LLC Grant Thornton, LLP Great Oaks Education Foundation Harmony Healthcare, LLC Harris & Harris, Ltd. HCTec Partners, LLC Healogics, Inc. Health Data Movers, Inc. Health Data Specialists, LLC Health Fidelity, Inc. Health Information Associates, Inc. Healthcare Claims Management, Inc. Healthcare IT Leaders Healthcare Management Resources, Inc. Healthcare Partners Investments, LLC Healthcare Payment Specialists, LLC Healthcare Resource Group, Inc. HealthFund Solutions, LLC Healthfuse, LLC Healthtech Inc. Himagine Solutions, Inc. HIMformatics, LLC Hitch Health IT, LLC Hollis Cobb Associates, Inc. Hopper Consulting, LLC Hospital Billing and Collection Service, Ltd. (HBCS) Host Healthcare, Inc. Hurt, Jacknow, Moore, Connor, Wells, Michels, Yurco, Listrom & Huang, PA Hyatt Leader, Ltd. ICAS, Inc. IDS Infotech, Ltd. iMethods, LLC Impact Advisors, LLC Incisive Consultants LLC Infosense Technologies, Pvt Ltd. Inhospital Physicians Corp. Innovista LLC Innovo Advisors, LLC Insight Global, Inc. Inspire Medical Systems, Inc. Institution for the Advancement of Clinical Trials (DBA IACT Health) Integrity Document Solutions, Inc. Intelli-Tech J2 Interactive, LLC J2A Systems, LLC JTS Ventures, Inc. dba JTS Health Partners Just Associates, Inc. Jzanus Consulting Inc. K & L Group, Inc. Kelly Services, Inc Kemberton Healthcare Services, LLC Kforce, Inc. KIWI-TEK, LLC Korchek Technologies, LLC KPMG LLP Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings Leidos Health, LLC Level 51 Enterprises LLC Liberty Solutions, Inc. LJW Enterprises of South Carolina, LLC Lobo Solutions, Inc Logicalis, Inc MaCale IT Solutions, Inc. Managed Accounts Receivable Services, LLC Managed Care Professionals, LLC, an Exela Technologies company Managed Care Revenue Consulting Group, LLC Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc. dba Maxim Health Information Services McBee Associates, Inc. McKesson Pharmacy Optimization, LLC (MedSource) MedEquity Corp MedFirst Consulting Healthcare Staffing, LLC Mediant Health Resources, Inc. Medical Abstract Solutions Provider, Inc Medical Consultants, Inc. Medical Document Solutions, LLC d/b/a MDabstract Medical Reimbursements of America, Inc. MediRevv, Inc. MediStar Healthcare Connections Corporation Medix Inc. Med-Metrix, LLC MedReceivables Advisor LLC Michael S. Kenny & Company LLC Miller & Milone, P.C. Moda Health Plan, Inc. MRO Corporation MSCB, Inc. MSML Consulting, LLC National Medical Billing Services, LLC Navigant Cymetrix Corporation NCB Medical Coding Specialists Inc Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. nThrive, Inc. NuWest Group Holdings, LLC Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd OMH HealthEdge Holdings, Inc.,dba Omega Healthcare Management Services Optimum Healthcare IT, LLC Orchestrate Healthcare Consulting, LLC OVAG International, AG Oxford Global Resources, LLC P2P Staffing, Inc. d/b/a MedPartners HIM Paragon Development Systems, Inc. Parallon Revenue Cycle Services, Inc. fka The Outsource Group, Inc. Patient Accounting Service Center, LLC (dba GetixHealth) Patient Funding Alternatives LLC PatientMatters LLC Peer Consulting, LLC Penn Credit Corporation PeraHealth Inc. Photon Interactive Services Inc. Phunware, Inc PhyCon, Inc. Physician Data Management, LLC Physician's Edge, Ltd. Physicians Independent Management Services, Inc. Pinnacle Enterprise Risk Consulting Services, LLC Pinnacle Technical Resources, Inc. Pivot Point Consulting, a Vaco Company PKL Software LLC Planet Equity Group LLC Point B, Inc. Praxis Health, LLC Primaris Holdings, Inc. Professional Medical Billing, Inc. Professional Service Bureau, Inc. ProScribe, LLC Proxsys Rx, LLC Pulse Healthcare IT Inc. Q-Centrix, LLC Quality Billing Service, Inc. Quality Review Solutions, LLC. Quick Med Claims, Inc. R&D Computer Service, Inc. R1 RCM Global Private Limited Randstad Technologies, LLC Registry Partners Inc. Reimbursement Services Group, Inc. RestorixHealth, Inc. Reventics Private Limited Reventics, Inc. Revenue Enterprises, LLC Revint Solutions, LLC RMAC Medical Management, Inc. RMB, Inc. Robert Half International, Inc. Rolta AdvizeX Technologies, LLC RoundTable Strategic Solutions, LLC RSM U.S., LLP Santa Rosa Consulting, Inc. Savant Medical Data, LLC Sedona Learning Solutions, LLC Sharecare Health Data Services, LLC f/k/a Bactes Imaging Solutions LLC ShareMedics, LLC Shields Health Solutions d/b/a Shields Health Management Company, LLC Sodexo, Inc. Sound Physicians Advisory Services, Inc. Specialized Healthcare Partners, LLC Spherion Staffing, LLC Square B Consulting LLC SSI Management Services, LLC dba Hritz Management Services Staffing as a Mission, LLC State Collection Service, Inc. STERIS Instrument Management Services, Inc. Stoltenberg Consulting, Inc. Sunware Associates, Inc. Superlanet, Inc. Sutherland Healthcare Solutions Private Limited Sutherland HealthCare Solutions, Inc. Symtap LLC Synergy Services Inc., dba TalentWave Tailored Management Team Health, Inc. Technical Connection, Inc. Technical Youth, LLC dba Brooksource dba Medasource TEKsystems, Inc. The Bratton Firm Subrogation Services, Inc. The Chartis Group, LLC The CJS Solutions Group dba The HCI Group The Coddington Group, LLC The Corridor Group Holdings, LLC d/b/a The Corridor Group (TCG) The CSI Companies, Inc. dba CSI Healthcare IT The Doctors Company The Greeley Company, LLC The Spencer Thomas Group, LLC Thomas Cuisine Management LLC TotalMed Staffing dba TotalMed IT TouchPoint Support Services, LLC Trend Health Partners, LLC Triage Consulting Group, Inc. Trust Healthcare Consulting Services, LLC dba TrustHCS TruTeam Staffing Advisors, LLC UiPath, Inc. Unified Health Services, LLC United Collection Bureau, Inc. United Surgical Partners International, Inc. Universal Protection Services, LLC DBA Allied Universal Security Services UYS, Inc. VanderHouwen & Associates, Inc. Vee Technologies, Inc. Velocity Technology Solutions, Inc. Versalus Health Management, LLC Vida H. Paris, Inc. Virtelligence, Inc. Wakefield Brunswick, Inc. Westaff Workforce Solutions LLC Westat, Inc. Xsell Resources, Inc. Xtend Healthcare, LLC Zimmet Healthcare Services Group, L.L.C. Zotec Partners, LLC
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2018.09.19 07:03 ThisStoryNow Rogue Fleet Equinox - Chapter 3

First Previous Next
Sten’s first full day at the Argon Preparatory School of Design started with a hot meal prepared by his dorm’s three robots. The machines were close enough to indistinguishable that only after Sten slurped his soup, dressed in gray uniform, and headed onto the winding paths, Collag and Myos beside him, that Sten figured out which robot was ‘his’--the one trailing quietly immediately behind. Impishly, Sten dropped behind his roommates’ pace to stick a small star sticker on his robot’s shoulder--all the better to distinguish.
Myos, who looked like a human with scales, keep moving without pause. Collag waited.
The lecture hall was different than Sten imagined. It wasn’t a big auditorium. Instead, it was a dark room with rows of pods, most of which were already filled. Sten thought being ten minutes early was fine, and apparently it was, at least in terms of not getting in trouble, but it didn’t seem like there were too many slackers at the school.
Figured. Sten had to believe this place was for elites. He wondered who Collag was, or what Collag’s special talent was, then popped into a pod.
One moment of darkness and claustrophobia later, and something snapped over his eyes and into his ears. Sten heard the familiar toneless voice that had helped him through the process of getting attire.
“Welcome to Mr. Toga’s Politics. VR up/down complete. Notes taken in class will automatically transfer to all of your assigned links.”
And suddenly, Sten, pad in hand, was standing amidst a flock of students. All around them were huge white columns. Sten had no pen, but he decided to think to write down a simple description of what he was looking at. Words appeared. The pad felt weightless. Sten felt strong. If he had to stand in the crowd all day, it would not have been any trouble.
Collag appeared next to him, same body as Sten remembered in the ‘real’ world. Sten counted the number of hops his consciousness had taken. Birth form to attire, attire to virtual reality. He wondered if the rabbit hole went any further.
In addition to standing amidst vaguely Greek columns, the students were also at the top of a set of stairs. As new arrivals showed up, the students naturally spread out, and Sten, no exception, moved to better watch the interaction that was taking place in the large hall at the base of the steps. Men were talking animatedly at each other, paying the students no heed. Men were waving fingers. Then knives were out. One man went down, and…
The scene froze. Out of nowhere stepped the person Sten supposed was Mr. Toga, wearing a tweed jacket and eight feet tall.
“This is a scene from K-5582-H1,” said Mr. Toga, his slightly oversized human head smiling vaguely serrated teeth. “Note the similarities to a certain event in Earth’s past. The Ides of March. History repeats. There was no Julius Caesar down there, just a hundred Counselors, full of greed. I chose the scenery because of its similarity to Ancient Rome. If I wanted to show this sort of event take place in an environment that looked less familiar, I could have…”
They were suddenly in a jungle that looked similar to where Sten grew up, amidst a congregation holding fire. The congregation slowly divided into two groups, one larger than the other.
They were in an office building, after hours. A couple shadowy figures stood at a desk, involved in a video conference. The conference cut out, one figure nodded to the other, the other placed a call, and one of the towers out the window exploded in fire.
They were in a spaceport. A pilot yelled at an engineer, then got into a small craft. The engineer shrugged, used a tool to loosen something on the exterior of the ship, and walked off whistling.
“...number of places.”
The surroundings exploded in compound fractures. A hundred broken debates occurring simultaneously. The class, and their teacher, were standing in blackness amidst windows to so many other worlds.
Sten noticed the common theme. In each scene, there was an attempt at talking through problems. An attempt that failed. Leading to a result of violence.
“Now,” said Mr. Toga. The class remained amid darkness, standing on an invisible floor, watching the hundreds of moments play out on mute. “Can someone tell me what went wrong, in each of these moments?”
One of the hybrids, who looked like a bipedal turtle with too many shells of armor plates, raised a hand. “Nothing. They may have played out, by the prefered party, perfectly as intended.”
“Yes, Ceno,” said Mr. Toga. “Last week, we learned some definitions. This week, my goal is to show you that none of those definitions are critical. What counts isn’t legitimacy, or authority, or even raw power. What counts is effect. To get what you want, in the moment that you want it, is far more important than credentials, or skill, or fighting fair. This the the law known by which those who succeed in all universes.”
There was an obvious question Sten didn’t dare ask.
A girl with snake hair like Medusa raised her hand next. “If power and authority don’t matter, why do we have to listen to the Progenitors?”
There were no murmurs. For a moment, no one else in the class said a word. Sten saw the smoke student, still half-covering the blinding light, seem to warp to become more angular. Was the smoke student angry? Defensive? Was....
Sten didn’t quite finish that thought, because Mr. Toga laughed. It was a very calculated laugh. “Cubit, we listen to the Progenitors because they are right every single time.”
Cubit continued. “Are you a Progenitor?”
Mr. Toga’s mouth gaped wide. “As we have discussed, the peak of unaided human potential is Class Two Potency. The peak of a hybrid is Class Three. I am Class Five. A shadow who, by standing a bit taller than most, knows all the better his limits.”
“So if you’re not a Progenitor,” Cubit persisted, “it stands to reason you’re not right all the time.”
“Loss of one integrity point,” said Mr. Toga.
Cubit shut up.
“As I was saying,” the eight-foot-tall teacher said. “It doesn’t matter what one is capable of, if one can win absolutely in the moment.”
He was integrating what he had just done with Cubit into the lesson. Sten couldn’t help but be impressed.
“There is a case study we will be working on for at least another week,” said Mr. Toga. “Possibly the rest of the semester. It is a live situation. These things must be followed throughout their routes and bridges. Every political intrigue, for the conflict of will versus will, requires a stage, so let me introduce the centerpiece of ours.”
He clapped his hands. The silent dramas of a hundred conspiracies playing out their apex moments disappeared. Once again, the class was in one location only. A starfield. Standing crowded in a sort of open-air bucket, not that there was any air.
Sten felt a sense of weight return, and though his exterior shape did not change, he felt that the image of his self no longer fit his proprioceptive contours. He tried to touch his elbow. The image fit, but he knew his hand, hard, was going right through. Straining to feel what was actually going on, and not what holograms were telling him, he discovered he didn’t have a hand at all. He had bush extensions.
Going by Occam’s Razor, and fitting the simplest solution--Sten’s consciousness, and that of all the other students, had hopped again. The class wasn’t in VR anymore, no matter that Mr. Toga was still standing at the front. They really were in space, and the bodies they had on underneath were those of Assistants.
“If any of you are wondering where you are,” said Mr. Toga, “this is Union-designated System J-1000. The Union did not visit this system for fifty years prior to their fall, but, as was their wont, they had decades even further back planted a self-sufficient science station at this hop point junction. The heartly men and women who had applied for the military-civilian grant, and their descendants, were able to survive after various exigencies and losses caused delays and then cessation of supply runs. As some of our best astronautics experts may know, the Pikos Nebula shields this position from stable com spire communication with Earth and the Prime Colonies, a problem that is surmountable today, with the very last advances in Union technology, but the solution did not arrive to the station in time for them to install appropriate receivers. As a result, the station has been cut off from events pertaining to the Union for half a century.
“To make matters more interesting, the Progenitors decided at the point when Union communication between J-1000 and Earth was cut to provide for the local garden worlds of J-1007-H1 and J-2843-H3 to develop spaceflight and hop point technology, allowing for the human peoples secreted on these two planets to begin to transit between solar systems. Further, the Progenitors manipulated the culture of J-2843-H3 so that locals would develop an intense desire for vardiin, a natural product of the horks native to J-1007-H1, a product that horks will not produce outside the atmosphere of that planet. As a result, the space station in system J-1000, while not serving as a center for Union expansion into Region J, as initially intended, has become a critical transhipment location for vardiin. For reasons related to proximity, the once-Union scientists of the J-1000 station have associated themselves with the Sanctum Pact, the world government of J-1007-H1. The station is now run as an outpost of a very different human polity than originally intended.”
Sten reminded himself--Garden worlds, sometimes curated worlds, were the myriads of planets inhabited by brain-wiped humans, or their descendants, which could have been founded any time since the dawn of Earth civilization, or before. The Progenitors had been kidnapping people since long before the formal Union-Progenitor war (where it seemed the Progenitors had dallied a hundred years to defeat the Union in a toeflick with all hands tied behind their backs). Most of the stories Mr. Toga had shown at the beginning of the lecture were likely from garden worlds. Sten, who had been born on a garden world himself, supposed his own kidnapping merely continued a tradition.
“Now, if the Sanctum Pact were the strongest power in Region J, this would not be very interesting at all, would it?” Mr. Toga waited.
Sten joined the others in humoring him by chorusing “no.”
“Exactly,” said Mr. Toga, teeth shining. It struck Sten there was something wrong about Mr. Toga and everyone being able to speak in space, which made him start to second-guess his assessment that they were back in the real universe. But the possibility that whatever a Class Five Potency was, it had enough power to create or maintain a small atmosphere in an open bucket, seemed trivially realistic.
Sten decided to reserve judgement.
“The truth is that the humans of J-2843-H3 are much more powerful,” said Mr. Toga. “And much more disunified. There are no less than three major factions with headquarters on J-2843-H3. Tide. Bow. Arrowhead. Arrowhead is a decentralized society of pirates, which, pre-spaceflight, overthrew Bow, traditionally the strongest faction, eight hundred and seventy-three times in just over a thousand years.”
Julie raised her hand. “How is that possible?”
“I told you that power does not always matter,” said Mr. Toga. “Again and again the palaces of Bow fell to lightning assault, and again and again the Arrowhead conqueror of the moment decided to take the scepter, to try to make Bow his, or hers. But luxury bred decadence, and in the unconquered badlands, the next warlord of Arrowhead vowed to not make the same mistake.”
Sten decided to make a hand-raise statement, in case talking would earn an integrity point later. “That’s more than one conquest every other year. That’s a really short time for each Arrowhead lord to become decadent.”
“You are right,” said Mr. Toga, a gleam in his eyes, which Sten hoped was approval. “There were multiple Bows simultaneously at various points in J-2843-H3’s history. Sometimes there were dozens of coups in the official count in the space of one year. Moreover, successful invasions of Bow by Arrowhead were so historically common that today virtually every transition of power in Bow is claimed to be an Arrowhead conquest. The current Magister of Bow, Cornelius II of the Ungleamed Hand, inherited power from his father three years ago, and, in order to cement his legitimacy, underwent a ceremonial adult adoption to Mace Bloodclaw of Arrowhead. As a result, Bow and Arrowhead, or at least the part of Arrowhead under Mace, are currently in a detente, and the Bloodclaw’s navy is more effective in supporting Cornelius II’s interests than his own fleets are. And as for Tide…
“Tide is a mercantile faction, traditionally composed of leaders from peninsulas on the periphery of Bow, based in areas of J-2843-H3 that natural barriers like oceans and high mountain ranges shielded from Arrowhead. When Arrowhead broke through, the results were disastrous, but Arrowhead was often enough consumed with pillaging Bow, and Tide was loose enough with bribes--the saying went that Arrowhead uses Bow, and Bow breaks Tide, but Tide directs Arrowhead--that Tide historically only feared Arrowhead about once every other generation.
“This all changed when Bow was allowed to develop, in quick succession, tachyon spaceflight and hop point technology. Suddenly, not only were the other two habitable planets of the J-2843 system open for exploration, but mountains and waters no longer had quite the same ability to deter Arrowhead. For, you see, what Bow has one year, Arrowhead takes the next. Arrowhead was the first to really exploit space, stealing prototype ships, fleeing into the stars, and making common cause with the primitives on J-2843’s habitable planets H1 and H2. Today Arrowhead is the weakest faction on H3--practically only existing in the underground. In exchange, Arrowhead completely dominates H1 and H2, and regularly raids Bow’s control of various neighboring systems--granted the power of spaceflight, Bow was able to coerce or convince common cause with the peoples of seventy-three nearby garden worlds, so far. Further, Arrowhead’s raids on H3 are generally limited to the target with the smallest military, now available--the lands of Tide.
“Tide was always the strangest faction, with few lands of its own, but able to collect wealth subtly, by directing the trade flows of others. The spaceborn raids of Arrowhead on the H3 settlements of Tide, which continue to this day--Bow refuses to fully integrate its orbital defense system with Tide’s until Tide takes practical and irrevocable steps to acknowledge full suzerainty of Bow--led to a great turning-inwards of mercantile Tide. If Arrowhead and Bow had jumped irrevocably ahead in physical sciences, Tide was going to make up the difference in life sciences. Today, virtually all of Tide are mutants--this is the mark of what it means to be a citizen of Tide--and their ships ply the stars not through overwhelming number, like Bow, or vigor, like Arrowhead, but by persistence. Tide’s great luck was in making common cause with the Sanctum Pact from J-1007-H1, learning about tachyons that way, and building their ships in foreign ports, like the J-1000 space station. The station is central to Region J so many ways.”
In his head, Sten tried to summarize, and fill in the gaps. Bow was a great empire, and almost symbiotic with Arrowhead, which preyed on and invigorated it in turn. Tide was increasingly misfit, and, like the Sanctum Pact (the only one of the four J Region powers to originate away from J-2843-H3), was particularly vulnerable to Arrowhead attacks that Bow could shrug off. The Sanctum Pact produced vardiin, which all three J-2843 powers liked, and was happy for the trade, especially with its prefered partner Tide, but the Sanctum Pact needed to defend its homeworld and the J-1000 station from Arrowhead, which took what they wanted, and Bow, which tried to bully.
Sten tried to connect to his neural link, which, despite the light-years, popped on. In the school library he devoted a quadrant of his vision to accessing, there was an encyclopedia, but he didn’t bother to look there, because he also found a new book, flashing. The J Region Dossier. Hm. It probably wasn’t good he had found relevant reading materials, because now he was only half paying attention to Mr. Toga, so he could skim.
One topic in the dosser that Toga wasn’t emphasizing was the plight of the Sanctum Pact. Arrowhead was apparently constantly raiding J-1007-H1, and dropping kinetic rods, which had led the population of Sanctum to largely live far underground. Despite Sanctum’s knowledge of spaceflight and tachyon technology, Sanctum’s only territories off their homeworld were the J-1000 station, as well as number of mining colonies, predominantly on asteroids, which were constantly being destroyed by Arrowhead, and rebuilt. Not even Tide, which had a wider series of small colonies hidden through J Region, had it so rough.
Another theme was J Region’s language situation. Unlike Sten’s homeworld, where the Progenitors had maintained a watchful eye through the Seeing Order secret society, both spacefaring garden worlds had spies in the form of minstrel trade organizations. To put a different way, high art across J Region was developed by artists who answered to Progenitors. This art, frequently enough, was ripped off from Earth’s history. The current Magister of Bow, Cornelius II, for example, was named after a minor character in Hamlet, an ambassador to Norway, who, in the Bow version, was a hero who went on an epic journey. Loanwords from the Union were thus popular throughout J Region, and had been even before the advent of garden world spaceflight, to the point that when the J-1000 station had been discovered, it was considered, protestations of elderly scientists to the contrary, to probably have been built by some avant-garde elite literary community from either J-1007 or J-2843 that had sadly gotten confused by its own traditions by the time the masses had caught up. Bow, the Sanctum Pact, and all the rest happily encorporated the space station’s literary archives into canon, but considered the actual history of the Union to be nothing more than a particularly fanciful and long-winded tale.
The fact that the minstrel trade organizations encouraged this interpretation probably didn’t help. There were still a handful who lived on Station J-1000 who had memories of Union supply shipments, but decades of gaslighting hindered their faltering recollections.
Sten would have thought the existence of similar canons from both J-1007 and J-2843, before mutual contact, would have been evidence that the original inhabitants of the space station were telling the truth, but between mutual cultural illiteracy, lies from the bards, and the popular ‘scientific’ theory of ‘development convergence’ (which explained how so many solar systems in the region had human inhabitants, and how the two most influential systems had developed space flight and tachyon hop technology nearly at the exact same time), the people of J Region believed the Union was quite literally a myth.
More insultingly, an obscure myth.
Bizarrely, the gaslighting helped the four powers of the region adopt the language spoken on Station J-1000 as the proper language of artists and intellectuals, to the point the language had become something of a lingua franca across Region J (if one that was predominantly spoken by elites). Sten had also grown up unwittingly speaking a dialect of this language, for similar reasons, but he hoped that he would not have done as the leaders of Region J had, and be perfectly willing to call their stomping grounds, bordered on one side by the Pikos Nebula, by that letter, without ever seriously considering that Regions A through K were real.
Sten realized with mild alarm that Mr. Toga was starting to go around the large group, and asking questions of select students, awarding an integrity point for each answer he liked.
Sten minimized the dossier, and tried to get in the flow of what Mr. Toga was saying. Sten’s memory of the Politics book wasn’t much help. The text had been written custom for the course--but the day’s chapter had focused mostly on explanations of historical decision points, and hadn’t said a word about Region J. Sten’s sneaky reading of the dossier hadn’t been helpful either. Mr. Toga was offering ‘critical thinking’ questions that, in order to get right, seemed to require matching his thought process.
Not impossible. But…
“S,” said Mr. Toga. “Please tell me the difference between Tide mutants and our very own hybrids.”
“Um… Hybrids are combinations of animals, and are generally made with cross-species splicing and transplants. Hybrids are usually sterile. Tide mutants are created by cutting and duplicating existing genes, as well as modifying expression levels. The process that creates a Tide mutant is longer, less dramatic, less invasive, and is optimized for younger ages. Tide mutants also pass on traits hereditarily.”
“That is the dossier definition,” said Mr. Toga. “I see you have been reading while I was talking. Loss of one integrity point. Try again.”
Sten, who thought he’d gotten lucky with a softball, worked hard not to panic. “Um… Hybrids are trained to be leaders, while Tide mutants become mutants for cultural reasons?”
“I wouldn’t call the need to acquire resistance to Arrowhead gas attacks a cultural reason,” said Mr. Toga. “I’ll give you the integrity point back anyway. You’re new. Sphaler, want to give the real answer?”
“Tide mutant traits focus on running away,” said Sphaler, human-looking, tall and muscular. “Hybrids are built so they can endure going for the kill. It’s not Tide’s fault. We just make ‘em better.”
“One integrity point,” said Mr. Toga. “Good job.”
Sten thought the answer was vacuous, but dutifully filed the information away: Mr. Toga was a fan of cheerleading.
“Now,” said Mr. Toga, after interrogating ten more students. “We’re in System J-1000, but we haven’t seen the space station yet. Let’s drop our junk drone cloak and get closer.”
The bucket the class stood in zoomed forward. Ahead, Sten noticed a tiny donut shape. The station used spingrav. Made sense. From the Union era the station dated from, maggrav was still finicky and unreliable, and might not have been included at all on an installation that needed to be built to last.
Sten heard a series of squawking noises, which he realized were a link query coming from the station, in a language he could not understand.
Mr. Toga shown his shiny teeth, said nothing, and waited.
As the bucket continued to approach, gentle, slowing down, the station tried three other languages before getting to the one Sten was familiar with.
“Unidentified Bogie Othello-Pericles, this is Installation Ulysses of the Sanctum Pact. State your intentions and track to assigned course, or you will be fired on.”
“They’re anxious,” said Mr. Toga. “There is a well-founded rumor that Arrowhead is planning an invasion of Installation Ulysses, and we just appeared well inside the security perimeter. Not anxious enough--if this ship wanted to destroy the station, it would already be dust.”
“Othello-Pericles, this is Installation Ulysses. We are launching warheads. We will disable warheads, if you hark to assigned path!”
“So forgiving,” said Mr. Toga. “They’ve even provided a graphic depiction of where we’re supposed to go, in case we still can’t understand them.” He triggered a hologram, showing the data packet Ulysses had sent, and the class strained forwards to see.
“Little do they know,” said Mr. Toga, “that politics surrounding the possibility of Arrowhead capture of what was once known as the Union’s Station J-1000 is one of our topics of interest for the semester. Our lab this afternoon will focus on workshopping possible ways of taking the station. It is well defended, by Region J standards. Each of you will be asked to implement a brief intervention that either helps defend or weaken the station. You will either send orders to a subset of Progenitor operatives in and around Ulysses, or be allowed to briefly control one of our bridge-complaint Region J personnel directly. We will focus on political intrigues, as this is a political class, though one of you--who has requested to remain secret--is already leading a major Arrowhead band as part of an ongoing independent project for the Tactics class. Secret student, I am impressed by your prior knowledge of Region J, and your initiative. The Argon Preparatory School of Design is all about training the Progenitors’ next generation of high-tier enforcers. All of you will find that, if you come to us with a carefully documented proposal, as the unknown student did, we are more than happy to help you find lives to play with. Who knows? By the time you graduate Argon, you may already have an army and a fleet cultivated on the other side.
“Now, two events. First, a new player.”
The holographic projection at the front of the bucket ship shifted, and Sten saw the unmistakable silhouettes of dozens of Union-built Titan-class battleships enter the system through a hop point. Their transponder IDs gave names like Raba Dorsel, Deret, and Aratan.
Sten tried to hold himself together, for two reasons. First, here was proof that Tek had defeated the Progenitor tool named Seeker, the commander of the Home Fleet sent to destroy the Gyrfalcon. The battleships must have all been captured, for Sten recognized some names as those he and Tek had known. Names Sten knew were dead, or had likely died in his absence. Aratan was Grandfather.
Second, the Progenitors were stalking Tek anyway. Peering over his peers, Sten thought some of the bucket’s secondary holographic projections were displaying images from inside the battleships.
Sten had learned, since he had come to the Argon School of Design, that the Progenitors were even more powerful, and even more fans of games, than he’d been told by the harried crew of the Gyrfalcon. But to see the fleet Sten was sure Tek had worked to the bone to earn reduced to a piece on a gameboard…
Sten felt more anguish than he had since being captured. Even more anguish than he felt when he thought he was about to drown. Tek deserved better.
“Second event,” said Mr. Toga.
Missiles slammed into the bucket the class was flying in. At least, that was how Sten made sense of everything in the starscape above turning white.
“Now we have cover to leave,” said Mr. Toga. “The poor souls of Installation Ulysses think they destroyed us, but I took the opportunity to bring us into an extradimensional tachyon current without need for a hop point. That’s Progenitor technology for you. Makes J Region and even Union best look shameful. I’ll send the rest of you back to your bodies now. Enjoy your lunch break. I might be a little late to the lab. I’m the only one of us whose core body is actually here, and I need to take time to come back to Earth and park the observation ship.”
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2017.11.02 15:36 Nestledrink GTX 1070 Ti Review & Launchday Megathread

GTX 1070 Ti is available now

PSA: Do NOT buy from 3rd Party Marketplace Seller on Ebay/Amazon/Newegg (unless you want to pay more). Assume all the 3rd party sellers are scalping. If it's not being sold by the actual retailer (e.g. Amazon selling on Amazon.com or Newegg selling on Newegg.com) then you should treat the product as sold out.

Below is the compilation of all the reviews that have been posted so far. I will be updating this continuously throughout the day with the conclusion of each publications and any new review links. This will be sorted alphabetically.

Written Articles


When it comes to comparing the GTX 1070 Ti to the RX Vega 56, it's ultimately a question of how competitive NVIDIA wishes to be and how quickly they want to react. If NVIDIA needs to completely cut-off the RX Vega 56, they can lower prices, otherwise if they just want to force AMD & vendors to bring their own prices back down to MSRP, then that job has just been done. Otherwise, looking briefly at the RX Vega 64 comparison, as you might expect from how it compares to the GTX 1080, the GTX 1070 Ti doesn't quite have the performance to outdo AMD's flagship air cooled card, leaving AMD in the lead by 5%. This means that the GTX 1070 Ti isn't the RX Vega 64's direct competitor either, however it's a potential spoiler by offering 90-95% of the gaming performance for 88% of the cost (not to mention the superior power efficiency).

Ars Technica

The biggest loser, however, is AMD. Even if it was always part of Nvidia's grand marketing plan, it's hard to shake the feeling that GTX 1070 Ti is little more than a way to lure over a few potential RX Vega 56 customers that are on the fence or struggling to get hold of a card due to short supply (if you're particularly cynical, you could say it's a neat way to use up some slightly off GP104 GPUs, too). The AMD ecosystem might be a better value overall thanks to offerings like Freesync, but Nvidia continues to have it licked on performance. Ultimately, when buying a graphics card, that's what matters most.


We are totally impressed with the performance of this single 8-pin PCIe Pascal chip that has such good overclockability and an excellent price. Priced beginning at $449, the GTX 1070 Ti does well in price-to-performance compared with the more expensive GTX 1080. If you value power and efficiency, the GTX 1080 is also a better deal than the competing reference blower RX Vega card. The GTX 1070 Ti is also a high-quality VR card that we intend to test shortly, and it brings good value to the $450 price range.
The GTX 1070 Ti is an ideal card for 2540×1440 that has been priced around $450 to slot well below the GTX 1080’s current price range. We note good overclockability with quietness at stock voltage and fan profile from the Founders Edition GTX 1070 Ti.

Bit Tech

Given the performance, the £419 asking price seems fair enough relative to the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080, and the GTX 1070 Ti hasn’t rendered the GTX 1080 irrelevant like many thought it might. As is common, however, competing cards from the other side have had a convenient price drop in the lead up to this launch, with the RX Vega 56 now being available for £390 and the RX Vega 64 coming in at £455. On a pure price-performance scale, then, we’ll give it to AMD, but Nvidia’s wins in efficiency (including overclocking efficiency), noise, and build quality manage to keep the asking price from feeling extortionate and earn this card its Recommended badge. How long AMD can keep cards in stock and at the current prices also remains to be seen, as history has not been kind on these fronts.

Gamers Nexus

The intro contained about half our conclusion, but it’s worth reiterating: Everyone, including nVidia, knows that this card is an odd release. The oddity stems entirely from its price positioning, with the card slotting cleanly between the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080. We think it’s a strategic play more than a product play, as nVidia is facing competition from Vega 56 and, ignoring the pricing/availability of all video cards this year, Vega 56 threatened the 1070. The 1070 Ti expectedly outperforms the 56 in most titles – not always, but most times – and that’s really not surprising. The 1080 also does, of course.
What nVidia’s really going for here, we think, is to keep focus on a stack of GTX cards that flank the most competitive card AMD has made this year. With all this discussion of “the 1070 Ti shouldn’t exist,” we also think it’s more appropriate to state that the 1080 is least suitable for continued existence. Yes, it has GDDR5X, but the gaming dominance is generally passed off to the 1070 Ti after an overclock (and the leap-frogging 1080 OC only gains single-digit percentages). This becomes untrue with Sniper Elite 4, which seems to genuinely care about shader count, but is true elsewhere.

Guru 3D

Nvidia did what it needed to do, create an alternative proposition towards Radeon Rx Vega 56, really that's all that this product is about aside from the fact to also create a new SKU for the Holiday season. The problem, however, is that most people already will have bought a 1070 or 1080, and seen from that perspective I doubt that the Ti would be very appealing to them. Also, the ones that will need a graphics upgrade probably will go with the cheaper SKU, the GTX 1070. The ones that can spend more money probably will sit it out and wait on Volta. In that mindset, I find the Ti a bit of a difficult to position release that seems to primarily fills a gap just to match the Vega 56 and 64. So, compared to that Vega 56 or GTX 1070 the 1070 Ti is merely a small step up in additional performance and that alone is probably not enough to justify an upgrade if you are already fragging away in that Vega56/Vega64/1070/1080 performance bracket. The GTX 1070 Ti series is however lovely for up-to 2560x1440 gaming. In relative performance, the Ti offers good performance and you will gain from a nice manual overclock, but so will that regular 1070, of course. Overall we think that the 1070 Ti is looking good from most viewpoints, it is a little beast with a growl and bites for the Full HD and WQHD gamers combined with the proper image quality settings and a graphics memory reserve to even go a little crazy. The price, however, is decisive, and with the regular 1070 dropping in price to make room for the GeForce 1070 Ti, that regular 1070 actually might be the better deal. Tweak it a bit and you are done and with a good enough GPU, you'll still reach GTX 1080 performance levels.

Hardware Canucks

Against the Vega 56, the GTX 1070 Ti mostly comes out ahead; sometimes it’s by the width of a nose hair while others by leaps and bounds. There are some situations like Call of Duty and Deus Ex where AMD’s card ekes out narrow wins though and I don’t expect this situation to change all that much with this season’s latest releases either. Where AMD naturally falls flat with its high power consumption and the fact there aren’t any custom versions available yet so its acoustical profile hasn’t received any help.
Aligning between the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 is exactly where the GTX 1070 Ti was meant to stand and that’s exactly what it does. There is a trend that leans slightly towards GTX 1080-class performance but the lower core frequency and memory bandwidth insure a good amount of separation remains in place, especially at 4K. But speaking of 4K, I wouldn’t recommend anything under a GTX 1080 Ti for serious UHD resolution gaming anyways so that becomes a non-issue.


The introduction of the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti GPU is an obvious move by Nvidia to solidify its premium graphics card stack in late 2017.
Coming more than a year after the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 debut, on which this GPU is based, it serves two related purposes: to successfully bridge the performance and price gap between the two aforementioned cards and concomitantly, to reduce the attractiveness of the price-cut Radeon RX Vega GPUs from AMD.
GTX 1070 Ti generally succeeds in its dual aims by taking bits from the architecture of both existing GeForces, and benchmark numbers show a stock-clocked card to fit in nicely between the two, helping fill the space between GTX 1070 OC and basic GTX 1080.

Hot Hardware

Ultimately, the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti is exactly what you’d expect it to be based on its branding. It is a more powerful, higher performing graphics card than the original GeForce GTX 1070, that slots in just behind the GeForce GTX 1080, and does a good job of taking the fight to AMD’s Radeon RX Vega 56. If you're looking for a graphics card in its price range, it is a fantastic option that we highly recommend.


With the GTX 1070 Ti it's certainly a very capable performer, often making light of the 128 fewer CUDA Cores it has over its bigger brother whether you're running at the popular 1080P resolution, the 1440P that the GTX 1070 Ti was designed to do, or even in a lot of cases the 4K resolution where the GTX 1070 Ti isn't quite enough to push the very latest titles to smooth frame rates. Equally against the Radeon Vega cards the results varied between matching the Vega RX56 - like nVidia claim it would - all the way up to smashing the Vega RX64 in certain scenarios. Then again, so did the GTX 1080.
Pricing for the GTX 1070 Ti founders is £419 and goes all the way up to £500 for the heavy hitters from the partner vendors. Given the price of the Vega RX56 and RX64 this is fairly aggressive pricing from nVidia.

PC Gamer

The GTX 1070 Ti isn't a bad product at all, but it's going after a relatively small niche between the $400 and $500 graphics cards. Most gamers are buying cards in the $200-$300 range, and will continue to be served by Nvidia's GTX 1060. There's a chance the 1070 Ti will cause retail pricing of GTX 1070 cards to drop a bit more, but we still haven't returned to the pre-cryptocurrency-craze prices of as little as $350 for a GTX 1070. Hopefully that will happen during the holiday shopping season.

PC Perspective

Our benchmark data shows that in a handful of cases, the performance delta between the GTX 1070 Ti and the GTX 1080 is surprisingly small. Dirt Rally, Fallout 4, and even Hitman show both cards to be within spitting distance of each other. Even at its extreme, our testing shows the GTX 1080 to only be about 10% faster than the GTX 1070 Ti. Comparing the new card to the older GTX 1070, the Ti model has performance advantages ranging from 10-25%, with a typical result being in the 15-18% range. As predicted on the first page of this review, the performance of the GTX 1070 Ti leans much closer to that of the GTX 1080 than the GTX 1070.
Comparing the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti to the RX Vega lineup, the story is positive in NVIDIA's favor as well. The Vega 56, which undercut the GeForce GTX 1070 by a good margin at initial release, gets overrun by the latest NVIDIA offering. Tomb Raider shows the only performance parity result while other titles like GTA V, Fallout 4, and Hitman give the edge to the GTX 1070 Ti by as much as 20%+. That also means the GTX 1070 Ti puts up a good fight with the RX Vega 64.

TechPowerUp - Founders Edition / MSI GTX 1070 Ti Gaming 8 GB

Power efficiency of Pascal is amazing and GTX 1070 Ti is no exception here. Performance per Watt is similar to GTX 1080 Ti, a bit lower than GTX 1080 and GTX 1070, by roughly 10%. It's still heaps more efficient than AMD Vega.
Early reports claimed that overclocking is locked on GTX 1070 Ti. This is absolutely not true. All our samples overclock very well and reach clocks above 2 GHz after boost, easily beating GTX 1080 performance. As mentioned before, board partners are not allowed to include out of the box overclocks with their cards, which makes things difficult for less experienced people, or people who just don't want to waste time overclocking. Overclocking has become quite easy these days, so don't worry and give it a try.
Price-wise, the GTX 1070 Ti Founders Edition clocks in at $450, which also seems to be the lowest price point any GTX 1070 Ti can be bought at - at least for now. AMD magically found Vega supply in the last days and their prices are now at to the levels that we were promised at launch: $400 for Vega 56 and $500 for Vega 64. This makes Vega 56 a relatively interesting value proposition, beating GTX 1070 - if you don't care about power or noise. GTX 1070 Ti steps in here and offers decent performance gains at a relatively modest price increase, especially when you take overclocking into account. GTX 1080 is not a lot faster, but has the advantage of offering out-of-the-box-overclocked custom designs, which make setup more easy. The GTX 1070 Ti ends up matching the GTX 1070 in performance per Dollar despite its higher price. Even at $500, Vega 64 seems too expensive compared to GTX 1070 Ti, and GTX 1070 Ti is a huge win when you care about power and noise.

Tech Report

Full Review TBD. Meanwhile here's a scatterplot price/performance


For now, the GTX 1070 Ti looks to fill a small price gap. You can save ~$50 by buying the 1070 Ti and still achieve GTX 1080 performance, which doesn't exactly redefine the market. Nvidia is obviously hoping that by releasing a new GPU and creating a buzz, sales will pick up as a result and hold them over till the next major release.
In any case, if you're in need of a new $400-$500 graphics card, the GTX 1070 Ti wouldn't be a mistake to purchase. It's a solid offering even if it's not that exciting.


In roughly half of our benchmarks, the 1070 Ti does successfully land in front of Vega 56. In several others, the two cards trade jabs. Destiny 2 at 2560x1440 is AMD’s only real victory, and it’s a mere single-digit-percentage win. But rather than edge out the Radeon at a more attractive price, GeForce GTX 1070 Ti costs almost the same as Vega 56.
Granted, the GeForce enjoys big advantages in power, noise, and overclockability. But slightly better stock performance than Vega 56 at a similar cost doesn’t get our blood pumping like GTX 1080/1070 when it launched, or GTX 1080 Ti more recently. The real coup would have been nudging GeForce GTX 1070 Ti closer to $400, then moving the vanilla 1070 down to fill an almost-$150 hole between the 1070 and GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. After all, Nvidia’s partners were supposed to be selling 1070s starting at $380 back in mid-’16. It sounds like that would have required a less 1080-like approach, though. Vapor chamber-based coolers aren't cheap.
One aspect of this launch that we do applaud is Nvidia’s decision to sell its GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Founders Edition card through geforce.com for $450, leaving none of the pricing ambiguity that dogged Radeon RX Vega (damaging AMD’s credibility in the process). We may not love the 1070 Ti’s positioning, but at least enthusiasts can grab one without getting gouged if their opinions differ.


The rumors of NVIDIA locking the overclocking side of the GTX 1070 Ti were false, and it's a great surprise. We have a GPU that is hitting 2GHz without any additional cooling, and the 8GB of GDDR5 can easily be overclocked to 9Gbps. Buying the GTX 1070 Ti and overclocking it, or buying one of the custom GTX 1070 Ti cards and OC it, you'll have a card faster than the GTX 1080 and RX Vega 56/64 cards.
NVIDIA didn't need to release the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, but man oh man am I glad they did. It shows the technological prowess the company has, in order to get a card built, marketed, and customized by AIB partners within two months - a direct reply to the threat of Radeon RX Vega 56.
All the while, AMD can't get enough Radeon RX Vega graphics cards onto the market... there are major shortages and a serious lack of custom RX Vega graphics cards on the market. Even with our testing on ASUS' custom RX Vega 64 graphics card, I noticed that the temperatures weren't much better... but it was a hell of a lot quieter than the reference RX Vega 64.
In one fell swoop, NVIDIA has stomped on its own GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 and removed any reason for buying the RX Vega 56... and even the RX Vega 64. You're either going to buy the new GTX 1070 Ti or skip right up to the GTX 1080 Ti.
NVIDIA, you win a freakin' gold star. Improving on an already superb stack of GeForce GTX 10 series cards with the new GTX 1070 Ti. Any gamer with a 1080p, 1440p, or 21:9 UltraWide gaming panel will want to dive into the arms of the GTX 1070 Ti. I would suggest getting one of the custom cards from the likes of MSI, ZOTAC or ASUS over the GTX 1070 Ti Founders Edition.



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2017.05.24 01:16 InvestorsHangout 50 New Penny Stock Analysis Videos 05-23-2017

Howdy /pennystocks here on Reddit! with summer coming so quickly here we are going to be making changes to how we do our streams. We are still going to take requests and cover as many tickers as possible like we've always have. The only change will be instead of doing 25-50 videos each stream we are keeping it as one video. This being said we will try our best to keep it organized as well! I'm sure you can understand these videos take sometimes as much as 10 hours each stream day and for those with kids totally understand lol. Summer is here! Be safe as always and keep the requests coming.
Please Note: We do NOT get paid for these videos from ANYONE. We do NOT trade stocks and do NOT own any of the stocks we covered below. These videos are 100% UNBIASED. The stocks we cover come from YOU the investors. So if you have a stock you would like to see us cover reply to this post or any of the videos we post. We will be sure to add them to our next set of videos.
Thanks to all of you who help get these videos out there! We truly appreciate it!
AMFE Amfil Technologies Inc. https://youtu.be/BQPtf4BeXpM
AMLH American Leisure Holdings Inc. https://youtu.be/Yn2bNtZvLVo
AZFL Amazonas Florestal Ltd https://youtu.be/FH-EM4pOP-0
BBEPQ Breitburn Energy Partners LP https://youtu.be/O0VN76zVT_Y
BKD Brookdale Senior Living Inc. https://youtu.be/zm-YvhFZ9ns
BKDCF Breaking Data Corp https://youtu.be/TU0Xve5WBlM
BLDV Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. https://youtu.be/gSgaGOPIBi8
BLKG Black Stallion Oil & Gas Inc. https://youtu.be/nI74VO0ZwqE
BTCS BTCS Inc. https://youtu.be/cHhZNCsIMTU
BTGI Bulova Technologies Group Inc. https://youtu.be/mtYoPO-tn4g
BVTK Bravatek Solutions Inc. https://youtu.be/NDJINxdikmM
CBRIQ CIBER Inc. https://youtu.be/9bbLSkwTJwI
CYTR CytRx Corp. https://youtu.be/aedU70va6Mg
DIRVD DirectView Holdings Inc. https://youtu.be/1pUUkOE3L5E
DOLV Dolat Ventures Inc. https://youtu.be/cqTpI-CxuxE
EFLN Efuel EFN Corp. https://youtu.be/A_FPyubLKpQ
ELTP Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc. https://youtu.be/rX8L-MC8SD4
ETBI Eastgate Biotech Corp. https://youtu.be/Sh8eUW5NHoE
ETEK Eco-Tek Group Inc. https://youtu.be/KCKBViFfvFA
EXTR Extreme Networks Inc. https://youtu.be/PZqQXs6sPiQ
GYOG Green Energy Enterprises Inc. https://youtu.be/P3jiSIoH2VM
HAGE Heritage Printing Technology Corp. https://youtu.be/PFr05N2_SNw
ICNB Iconic Brands Inc. https://youtu.be/skVezFKYUlY
IFLM Independent Film Development Corp https://youtu.be/RqumpSLTgZU
ILUS Ilustrato Pictures International Inc. https://youtu.be/LpmGlV1mcck
IMHC Imperalis Holding Corp. https://youtu.be/0o5IYbbgy_0
IMUN Immune Therapeutics Inc. https://youtu.be/JWlTBucEiAk
INCC International Consolidated Companies Inc. https://youtu.be/G_Grz2o2hsw
INMG Innovativ Media Group Inc. https://youtu.be/n9EVsr-BDmE
MFST Medifirst Solutions Inc. https://youtu.be/IEX8l8S8clI
MMEX MMEX Resources Corporation https://youtu.be/VWGbmyyEwMs
MRMD MariMed Inc. https://youtu.be/WpGS5sGkLfM
NSAV Net Savings Link Inc. https://youtu.be/E2zKH0vjfWM
NWAV New Wave Holdings Inc. https://youtu.be/wkycE9b7Fjw
ORRV Oceanic Research & Recovery Inc. https://youtu.be/mxZMuz_bmhM
PGPM Pilgrim Petroleum Corp. https://youtu.be/AI6IPaNmwW0
RSII Rising India Inc. https://youtu.be/15Ez5pmmNVI
RLBD Real Brands Inc. https://youtu.be/BUsgGAJuzn4
SNET SourcingLink.net Inc. https://youtu.be/EU_b97f-_Dk
SSOF Sixty Six Oilfield Services Inc. https://youtu.be/j5jzBXhBoaI
TMBXF Tombstone Exploration Corp. https://youtu.be/3iwF6UQbSGw
TRBO Turbo Global Partners Inc. https://youtu.be/DRW6lR4dumY
TXTM ProText Mobility Inc. https://youtu.be/KPPk8ltp3WU
UCPA United Communications Partners Inc. https://youtu.be/yrXfBY1jh-c
UOIP UnifiedOnline Inc. https://youtu.be/fQgJ6eYG9-8
USRM U.S. Stem Cell Inc. https://youtu.be/AsYasyJLFiM
VPOR Vapor Group Inc. https://youtu.be/Yh8BLLu7Zjo
XREE X Rail Entertainment Inc. https://youtu.be/Bat2w44gGMs
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2013.11.15 22:01 Verdtek [Hiring] Office 365 Migration Specialist - Nationwide

Office 365 Migration Specialist
VerdTek has recently been granted 'Elite Partner Status' with a premier nationwide Microsoft reseller. We are excited about this new venture, which will require additional experienced migration specialists nationwide to meet the excess demand.
Description: Microsoft Office 365 Migration Specialists will design and lead migration efforts from on-premise Microsoft solutions and hosted email to the Cloud.
Contracts are available locally and nationwide.
Some remote work may be available.
Candidates must be willing to take on individual contracts.
Required Skills:
Contract length: Varies depending on number of users
Certification bonus: Candidates with Exchange 2013, Lync 2013 or SharePoint 2013 certifications may be eligible for bonus incentives (Ask me).
Interested candidates please email Rob at [email protected].
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