Matchpoints partner

Matchpoints are awarded for the results on each board. You receive one matchpoint for each pair whose result you beat and one-half a point for each pair whose result you tie. When you add up all of your matchpoints, you will be able to see whether you did better or worse than average. You will also be able to see which boards you found troublesome. At matchpoints (pairs) it is important to remember that 3NT is still often the right game contract. WEAK HANDS . 1. Minor Suit Stayman. The response of 2 to opener’s 1NT asks partner to bid a four-card minor; otherwise 2NT. Responder will pass a minor suit response or bid 3 over 2NT to ask opener to take a preference of the minors. It's important to get plus scores at matchpoints. If you aren't sure of your fit or partner's strength, don't push too hard. If the opponents have outbid you, consider taking a sure penalty instead of bidding higher to a contract you might not make. Choose the highest-scoring game. For game contracts, you should be most eager to play 4H or 4S ... Matchpoints vs. IMPS page 2 PARTSCORES: Matchpoints – Compete aggressively and try to not let the opponents play below the 3 level. Partner will understand you are balancing to raise the level for the opponents. Once they have bid at the 3 level, gladly pass. Mission accomplished. IMPS- Compete, but never with any risk. - -200,-300,-500 are Matchpoints: your result is compared to the results of all the other pairs on the same board and is given some percent between 100 and 0 example: assume 5 tables (10 pairs) and N-S scored different +: ... If you know partner has maximum 1 HCP left, don't seek for the ... These are also individual contests (you don’t need a partner) but played with and against humans. You play a few boards with a randomly assigned partner before switching to a new partner. Twelve boards, matchpoints, scored barometer-style, 48 minutes long. $1.25 per session. ACBL Speedball. These are pair contests, so a partner is required. My life partner should be more of a friend, compassionate, understanding, caring & have a big heart. Sample 7: My life partner should be someone who can efficiently balance professional and personal life. A person who has a dashing personality, strong headed, decision maker, self-made & very ambitious in life. A person who is a leader & can ... is the number one destination for online dating with more dates, more relationships, & more marriages than any other dating or personals site. At IMPs, I would have to bid 4♠, but at matchpoints, going plus could be huge.” Four experts downgrade their hand severely, choosing a non-forcing 2♠. Sanborn: “I am picturing 2=2=4=5 or 2=2=3=6 distribution from partner and not a good hand. It feels like a lot of high cards, but too many losers to make any game. Online Dating at Every year, hundreds of thousands of people find love on pioneered the Internet dating industry, launching in 1995 and today serves millions of singles in 24 continues to redefine the way single men and single women meet, flirt, date and fall in love, proving time and again that you can make love happen through online dating ...

A story from the club

2018.05.21 17:04 mlahut A story from the club

8 3 A 10 4 A J 10 6 5 K 10 3 6 5 Q J 9 8 5 3 2 2 9 8 5
matchpoints, EW vul, W deals
W opens 1NT (15-17). N passes. E bids 2C stayman. I'm playing south and I try to capitalize on the favorable vulnerability and jump in with 3H. W bids 3S.
Now my partner North bids 4H. At the table, without seeing his hand I am not particularly fond of this call. I wanted my 3H to create ambiguity about whether the opponents should go to game or not. If my partner can't say anything over 1NT then it's almost certainly not our hand, and 4Hx could be down a bunch. Plus this might push them into a shaky but making 4S once they gain confidence in how hearts are splitting.
My mental process of rehearsing this lecture is jarred back to reality by the sound of.... crickets. Everybody passes.
Wait, what?
LHO leads the KS and I take a look at dummy. Okay, yeah, that's a pretty good hand, but still we only have 15 combined HCP so I'm not expecting to make.
Everyone follows to the KS and the QS which follows. LHO then switches to the 6H.
So let's think about what's going on here. LHO opened 1NT and should have a balanced hand with 2 or 3 hearts. If he has three then RHO has a heart void and somehow couldn't convince himself to bump to 4S during the auction, that seems weird. If LHO has Kx of hearts then this is the weirdest tempo lead on the planet, clearly he must have something more useful to be doing with his time.
"Okay," I announce aloud. "The only way this makes any sense at all is for me to play the ace..."
Dummy complies.
"... and drop the stiff king."
RHO complies.
I was so giddy that I didn't realize that I could make the contract by setting up a long diamond trick for a club pitch. I ended up losing 2 tricks in each black suit for down 1, which was still a top because the rest of the field is making some number of spades the other direction. Four spades is not cold, but in order to set it, North needs to find an immediate diamond ruff, which none of the tables did.
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2017.01.28 00:08 PanickedTexan Rant/Need Advice

Warning, this is gonna be long
I'm a lurker here on Reddit, and have never posted before now. This is not my main account because I wanted to be more anonymous. I mainly read the JustNoMIL and similar threads but lately I have been wanting to contribute to the community. So here it goes...
A little background on me, I'm a highschool student at a tiny private school in a tiny town I have only lived in for two years. Originally I was born and raised in Texas before moving over a thousand miles away. I was raised Christian and extremely liberally and try my hardest to be accepting of everyone (Don't get how some People can spread hate to other religions, races, sexualities, etc. and still call themselves Christian). So moving from conservative Texas to a swing state with an entirely different climate was quite a shock. I have an extremely colorful family that are wonderful, at least until you get to the extended family. In fact, my uncles (partners) upon arriving in the new state were surprised at how many openly gay couples there were.
Now to the good stuff:
So in my school, which is K-12, there are at most twenty kids per grade. My junior class has ten kids, which makes everything complicated. Most of the high schoolers have been at the school since kindergarten, there is virtually no dating, so I (two years later) still feel out of place. I have made two lifelong friends, which helps, but I still feel out of place occasionally.
The girl who I feel is bordering between bullying and stalking was originally my friend. Bully's have been a common thing for me throughout life (panic disorder and past trauma makes me an easy target, but I'm still a strong woman) so I wasn't fazed at her backhanded remarks - at first.
My best friends (whom we will call Fred and George) and I have granted this girl and her cronies the titles of Voldemort and her Death Eaters. They named me Luna because Voldemort makes a big deal about me being different because -well, whatever reasons she has come up with. Back to the point, our friend group was started on the basis that we all suffer from bad anxiety. For the record, my diagnosis has been changed to Panic Disorder, hence the username. So, once we all bonded over anxiety, everything seemed to be off to a great start. Originally, Voldemort and I were the closest which let her take advantage of me in many ways. First, my family is in the upper middle class, whereas her’s is lower middle class. Normally, I wouldn’t bring money into things, and I didn’t for a long time until Fred, George, my parents, and psychologist finally convinced me that she was taking advantage of me. Now, I am able to look back and agree. I’d say in less than a school year I managed to waste over five hundred bucks on her. Next, she would be a total bitch to me and play it off as anxiety or PMS. I being the good person I am (modest too), took her word for it because I understood how bad anxiety (and PMS) could be. Then, she would boss me around and take advantage of my insecurities to control me. In one more recent incident, she took advantage of my insecurity over my weight to put me down. In the last year I began taking medicine for anxiety and it caused me to gain over sixty pounds in less than six months. So one day at lunch she told our whole lunch table, “Hey if we lipoed Luna’s whole stomach, we could give Fred (Flat chested) a set of Triple K’s.” Needless to say, that didn’t sit well with me or Fred and George.
With the advice of a school counsellor, and my psychologist we decided to start standing up for ourselves. Voldemort however happens to be very close friends with the headmaster, so she cried bully and we all got in trouble.
That is another problem with our school, Voldy has been at the school since Pre-K, her mom works there, and her brother graduated from there, so she has made it clear that it is her school. Administration and communications at our school suck so if Voldy cries bully, I don’t even get to defend myself. On top of that, I had accomadation in my classes for Panic Disorder and have been threatened to have them taken away, which is in direct violation of the ADA (my mom is a compliance officer for a whole health system and has her license for lawyering in two states).
So, when Voldy went to administration and said that our bullying was too much, the school decided that our group (we are not a cliche) needed to take a break. The three of us relished in the time away from Voldy, but the second she caught scent of our happiness she came back.
We employed a few tactics to try to push her away, including: being the most boring people on the planet and talking about the history of cement, talking only about shows we know she doesn’t watch, betting whether or not we could host conversations in only a language she doesn’t speak, inviting people she hates to sit with us at lunch, and even bringing foods that repulse her to lunch.
Nothing worked. That is until we stood up to her again.
We had an absolutely blissful second quarter without her then come frst day after winter break (Beginning of third quarter) she was back and nastier than ever.
She wouldn’t look at me or address me at lunch, she took the chair where I always sat, she would make plans with other people in front of me (Honestly didn't matter because I wouldn't want to be in the same room as her out of school), talk total shit behind my back about my medical conditions and such.
One main thing for me is that I have a really hard time coming to school. A combination of anxiety,panic, introvertedness, and mental blocks from being abused by teachers in the past. Voldemort absolutely cannot stand it when I am not a school. Sh bitches about it to everyone, literally everyone. I have had teachers ask me what was up with her because our issues (there is a good amount I haven't included) are the main sources of gossip in the teacher’s lounge.
All my teachers are aware of my panic disorder and accommodations, and my parents have actually had to go to school and let them know about the drama because on occasion she has gone off on me in class. That is how bad it has gotten.
On top of having a Psych I now also see a counsellor twice a week. I have a whole ‘support team’ just to get me through high school.
So about a month ago I decided that I was done with all this shit and blocked her across social media and unfollowed her and stopped engaging with her all together.
At first, she made nasty comments about me a lunch, without actually saying my name. Then she just would ignore us all together. Her power play was to take away anytime we (Fred, George, and I) had together to weaken our bond. However the fact that she could no longer keep tags on me slowly drove her crazy.
This is where I get into the stalkerish behavior.
Over the last two weeks I have had people at school that I am friends with, or even some I don’t even know ask me why she is so obsessed with me. She has been relentlessly harassing Fred and George about my whereabouts and such. She even had her brother, who works at my local target, follow me around. I caught onto that very quickly because he is a terrible spy. Or maybe he was just trying to instil fear in me.
I don’t scare easily, I lived in inner city houston for a good three years, I have carried pepper spray and a pocket knife since I was ten, I keep a safety bulldog thing on my keychain, I have safetrek on my phone, and I have taken self defense. Physical intimidation doesn't scare me. I grew up with a neighborhood full of boys and my main pastime was breaking up fist fights, I’m not afraid to fight a bitch.
I am however freaked out that she keeps tabs on me.
Just today, in a class I missed that we have together she went off on a tangent about somebody who always ‘skips school.’ She knows damn well that I am not just skipping. Apparently the whole class got in an argument (Fred is also in the class and told me all about it) Voldy and her Death eaters against everyone who actually knows me. After years of therapy, I can actually say that I love who I am. I know that I’m smart and kind, I’m a good friend, and I genuinely enjoy helping people. So a good amount of people who I had only talked to a few times stood up for me and said very kind things about me. I think tht is a pretty good testament to my character.
I am told that after a good ten minutes of this fighting, she brought up the fact that I had been out of school all week (Flu) and that I am faking and told everybody how I post pictures of myself watching TV and how that must mean that I am ditching.
Can you even call that logic?
So then, my teacher who is the sweetest man on the planet who also suffers from bad anxiety and doesn’t talk too much, stood up and started defending me. As quoted by fred, he said, “If you hate her so much then why do you watch her snapchats and talk about her all the time.”
Best. Teacher. Ever.
I honestly think that is the funniest thing ever because I am over her drama, and I laughed up until I realized that I have her blocked on snapchat so how was she seeing my story.
As I explained that to my friend, I frantically checked my snapchat to make sure I had her blocked, I did. So how did she see my story?
After a good amount of sleuthing, I realized that one of our mutual friends who has recently started ignoring me suddenly starting checking all my snaps again. SO I official filed her under Death Eater, but I am not sure whether or not to block her.
I know it sounds easy, except it would be starting a whole nother round of drama. Her parents are my parents only friend here and her dad teaches both my sister and I. Then, her sister goes to my top college (which is really small) and I just can’t start more drama.
There is too much damn drama in my life. I could write a whole series on my grandparents alone.
I do not want to have anything to do with drama at this point, but I am beyond the point of no return.
Today however was a small victory in that she avoided me and decided not to sit with us. She did however have spies listen to our conversation.
It’s the small victories that count.
Anyways, upon the recommendation of my counsellor, i am writing detailed accounts of each incident after it occurs, down to the time and who the closest teacher was. So that if/when she pulls me into the main office for more drama I can have proof that she is bullying/stalking(?) me.
So, I am going to give you a list of the stalkerish incidents and I hope that somebody can let me know if I am letting this get to me or if I am not crazy and she is being creepy.
Recent Incidents: -Asking people about where I am and what I’m doing at random times throughout the day -Getting pissed about things like me going to homecoming (I didn’t, her spies just suck) -Having people spy on me -Having her brother follow me around a store -Having her mother glare at me in the hallways -Using other people’s social media to access mine -Coming up to my friends and telling them random things that she knows about
The last one is from today when I ask Fred and George if they wanted to get ice cream after school during our lunch period. Even though she was four tables away, her spy relay her the informations and she walked up to Fred and said “ I heard that Luna likes ice Cream.” and then walked away like nothing happened. The same thing happened about a week ago with the homecoming thing. I am curious as to who told her I went because I didn't.
Note: I am honestly not sure if this post applies to being stalked, but I have had many people tell me that they think she is stalking me and I thought I would reach out for some advice. Also, I can’t be entirely sure that she sent her family to follow me or glare at me. I just seemed that way because previous to all the drama her mother was really nice to me as was her brother. I go to that target everyday and it wasn’t till the matchpoint of all the drama that he started to follow me. It was pretty obvious that he was following me too, because I kept going weird ways to make sure I was overreacting and her would still follow me. What are y’all’s opinions on blocking the girl who lets Voldemort access my socials through her phone? Am I overreacting? Also, let me know if you want me to write more about her and the things she has done.
Pardon my English, I'm an annoyed highschool student who doesn’t feel like improving my grammar.
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2016.06.28 20:24 ATIAlien Why Overwatch competitive is no fun at all in Single queue for me

Hey Reddit. I'm ATIAlien and this is my first post so please be gentle if I missed something.
First of all this is a description of a totally subjective experience in the game, so probably you had this experience too, probably not. So i started playing Overwatch in the Beta and had a lot of fun, but I also had good teammates and together we crushed almost everyone. So far so good, I mean everyone has fun at winning. Time passed and the game was released, and I started playing Casual single queue because some of my friends couldn't afford the game and some didn't want to. And here it began.
Somehow a friend of mine, who also played single queue had a completely different game experience than me. He had a win rate of 75% and also could keept this rate, because of good teammates or whatever. I, in comparison to that had a win rate of 50% and I was not able to improve that, no matter what I did. "well, that s because you re not as skilled as your friend" I'm hearing from you, but that s not the case. It s hard to proove but if I join his games as an enemy, I can still keep up or even crush his team with my team and also probably get gold at the end of the game. So the skill difference between us should be at least even or just slightly in one s favour.
So he was more informed about the game than me and I'd ask him, why there's such a big difference between my single queue partners and his and he said, that one factor of getting teammates is the Win/Lose rate of yourselve. Dunno whether it's true or not and in the end it doesn't affect me at all I thought because I wanted to play Copetitive anyways and I thought Blizzard is smart enough to not do something like that in the Competitive Mode however, it still frustrated me a bit because I always had the feeling that my teammates are not matched to my skill level. I started to play Phara because I had the feeling that my full Widowmaker Thorbjörn attack team needed at least little bit damage output and even if tried to carry as much as I could, there was still no chance sometimes. So I switched to Mercy because, well, heal ist the class everyone likes, but nobody wants to play (Old TeamFortress 2 wisdom). I hoped to get not that frustrated even if we lose because as a Mercy you always stay a little bit in the back and don't die that much (If you are already losing and you die as the last soldier at the front too often it's like salt in the wounds and frustrates me even more).
Anyways here's the Problem and the Point I'm trying to make with solo casual queue, keep in Mind, we're still not at the Competitive but we'll get to it. If you get your random partners by win/lose rate, you'll get in a vicious circle where you get people with 50%win,50% lose, then you lose a game, no matter what, win a game, get people with 50%win,50%lose and so on. At least I wasn't able to break this circle. So I tried to break it with gold medals. I thought at least they have to mean something. That was the phase i played Phara to get as many kills as possible. Didn t work so I tried to get more wins by pushing team as support. Didn t work either. I was so frustrated about that, that i stopped playing, waiting for Competitive to be released.
And that happened at least at the PTR Server. I immediately started playing, still had to bite me through 8 Levels of casual solo queue to get the required 25 Levels (Only played to Level 17 in Beta). I finally started with the placement matches. First 3 games really frustrating again because I for example had destroy all the enemy turrets from thorbjörn... as a mercy, because my team completely ignored them and enemys who were behind them vanished completely... at least for them, not for me, because i suffered, shooting at them with my water pistol and then died. The next games my team won, some of them were close, most far away from close. I think i lost 1 or 2 more after that win street. I cant remind myselve and Blizzard didn't think of a match history so I can't look but I'll get later to smaller things I don't like but still annoy me.
So far so good... Rank 47, League... I don t know, probably lowest, Blizzard only shows me a symbol, no clear Text which tells you: "You re a Noob/Advanced/Expert/Master". But as i said, more of that later. Now it begins. The first games were like 50/50, same as in the public described above. But now I felt the skill level is even lower than in the placement phase and on public servers. And another frustration, I lost some games in a row, I couldn t even hold my Rank, I got lower and THEN I got matched with even lower players, THEN I lost and got even lower Player than the Player before. It was so bad, I got in a match where we had a double Bastion and Reinhard in the enemy Team on Temple of anubis on last Point and a Phara of my team thought it is a good Idea as a main damage dealer to shoot almost from spawn across the whole map onto the capture point, obviously didn t get anything. I don't want to go into that deeply, because tactics is not a point here, but it s ridiculous if you have 15 k Heal as Mercy and a BRONZE Medal in Kills and you literally can't make Progress in the Ladder. It s not how it meant to be. The Ladder should reflect your skill, not your luck with your teammates.
Even if it is a team based game, you still get a ranking for yourselve, not your team, so the ranking should also reflect your skill. So I thought how could Blizzard improve this and why didn't they think about that. So here s my Idea: Why don't you also get a Ranking based on how well you have done in the Game. I know, for some Heroes it is hard to find something like that, but for some it s easy. I'll give you an example. As a Mercy I think about something like how much damage you healed, how many revives, how much time you were nearby teammates, time alive, whatever is important as Mercy in a match and THEN factorize this into the Matchpoints you get after the match. Or as a Phara, how often you picked Medic from enemy team, how many Kills and like that. Probably not the smartest solutions but hey, I'm neither a multinational gaming factory earning millions of dollars a year for making great games and paying people, thinking about that, nor a Reddit discussion, also thinking about that. Even if it s probably not the smartest solution, it's at least something and makes progress in ladder possible or at least easier even with a bad team plus you don't get stuck in a vicious circle. At least I wouldn't feel lost and unable to climb up the Ranking, leading into words of anger I throw at my teammates. It's not a bad thing to be not as good as someone else, everyone started somewhere. But feeling like you are trapped in a cage is really bad and hurts too.
Anyways, There are also minor but really annoying things in the Competitive Mode:
  1. NO SCOREBOARD Onlywatch tester already approved: Competitive mode please be more Competitive. I Imagine something like that for second development phase of Comp. mode: knock knock "Activision here, who's there" "Hello Blizzard Overwatch team here, we would like to know what a Competitive shooter should have" "Well, I think a Scoreboard wouldn't be bad. Every shooter has one, even this Team Fortress 2 from Valve"
  2. NO MATCH HISTORY / REPLAYS Onlywatch tester already approved: Competitive mode please be more Competitive. I Imagine something like that for second development phase of Comp. mode: knock knock "Blizzard, Starcraft team here, who's there" "Hello Blizzard Overwatch team here, we would like to know what a Competitive shooter should have" "Well a Match history wouldn't be a bad idea. It would show you your Progress in winning and losing over the past games. And what about a Replay function for tactical analysis after games for really professional orientatet players?"
  3. minor but hey: i don't want to google my division symbol. Either Blizzard choose one simple colour system like bronze silver gold diamond or they use whatever they want and write beneath it what division it actually is.
So, finally my thoughts and Impressions are written down, always asking myselve: am I the only one that unlucky?
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2016.03.15 17:02 mlahut How good is this hand?

Third seat, all red, matchpoints:
A x x J 10 x x x A K Q K x
Partner opens 1H in first seat, righty bids 3C.
Obviously you're going to force the bidding as far as 4H, but what is the best way to explore for slam? Assume the opponents will not bid for the rest of the auction.
(If you bid 4C, partner responds 4H.) (You play kickback RKC, so you can bail at 5H after any keycard response that you don't like to hear.)
I'll post the full deal in a couple days.
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2016.01.31 19:00 Sweepstakes_Bot Contests Ending This Week Week of January 31, 2016

Ending 2016-01-31:
Ending 2016-02-01:
Ending 2016-02-02:
Ending 2016-02-03:
Ending 2016-02-04:
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2015.11.29 06:03 penguinland Feedback wanted on messy bidding

I played this hand about a week ago. Matchpoints, favorable vulnerability, I (south) was dealer against weakish opponents:
852 10843 3 AKQ109 KJ74 5 AJ62 7542 Q10 Q762 KQ10 J863 A963 AKJ9 98754 -
I open 1D, west overcalls 1H, partner passes, and east bids 1S. I pass, west bids 2C, partner doubles, and east passes. Although my partner and I have been playing together weekly for over a year, I'm not sure what this means. I know she has 3 or fewer spades (otherwise she would have made a negative double), and clearly she has enough points to make the second round double worthwhile, but I don't know whether it's penalty or urging me to compete.
Trying to visualize her hand, I decide she probably has 2 or 3 spades, 4 low hearts, 2 or 3 diamonds, and 4 clubs to the AQJ or something. I don't see us setting 2C doubled, but I also don't see a fit. Grasping at straws, I bid 2D, hoping partner can clarify her hand. West passes, and my partner bids 3C (and I now realize how long and strong her clubs are: she's clearly 3=4=1=5 with 3 or 4 solid club tricks). but now we're in even more trouble: playing in a 5-card club fit is a bad idea, the heart fit is unattractive because I figure they'll split 5-0 with neither finesse working, and I have no real interest in playing in a 7-card spade fit, even if partner turns up with an honor. Ignoring the first rule of holes ("when you're in one, stop digging"), I bid 3NT, which is passed out.
West leads a low club, and I play low from dummy, winning. I finesse the jack of hearts, which loses. After a pause, west switches to a spade. I win in hand, cash the hearts (overtaking my 9 with the 10 to get back to dummy) and run the clubs, making my contract.
I feel like we didn't deserve this good score. By bidding diamonds twice and then being declarer (so the opponents couldn't see me rebidding a 5-card suit headed by the 9), I avoided a diamond lead/switch. but if the opponents lead anything besides a club, I'm going down (at best I can take 4 clubs, 3 hearts, and a spade).
Where do you think the bidding went wrong? We were the only table not playing in a heart contract, which I blame on west's 1H overcall. but since I can't change my opponents' behavior when I don't like it, I'd rather focus on what my partner and I could have done differently. Should my partner have passed the first round? Should I have passed her second-round double? Should I have passed her 3C? Any feedback is appreciated.
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2015.11.09 21:57 mlahut Greed or not to greed, that is the question

After my discussion post from last week went over well, let's try something similar from another club game. This is mostly aimed at newer players, though I'd also welcome input from experts if they think I'm off my rocker.
At matchpoints, second seat all white in an unfamiliar partnership, you hold: KQ5 K62 AKJ6 Q53
RHO passes in first seat and it's your call.
Plan the bidding. (1NT = 15-17)
With a balanced 18, this is a fairly textbook situation. The gap between a 1NT open and a 2NT (20-21) open is addressed by opening something at the one level, then rebidding 2NT over partner's response.
If I had an 18 count that I thought was below average, say because I had honors packed uselessly in short suits or an excess of quacks, I might choose to downgrade into the 15-17 range just to keep the auction simple, since I haven't played too much with my current partner. But this hand has no obvious problems so I open a standard 1D.
By the way, here are two other auctions that new players frequently get confused about:
LHO Pt RHO You p 1d p 1n p 2n LHO Pt RHO You p 1d 1h p p 1n 
Both of these also show the 18-19 "one-and-a-half NT" range.
Today the auction goes slightly unusually:
LHO Pt RHO You p 1d 2s p p 2n p 3c p 3n p p p 
The 2n bid isn't guaranteed. I'll only do that if I'm confident in my stopper in the opponent's suit. Double would be takeout if I didn't like my stopper.
Partner's 3c isn't an agreed Stayman situation, but again I'm not too confident that I'm on the same page as partner here, so I play a little greedy and bid 3n rather than risk an ambiguous situation.
After dummy comes down, here's what you see: 842 T95 8 AJT942
KQ5 K62 AKJ6 Q53
LHO leads the spade jack: two, seven, ? Plan the play.
That is actually a pretty nice dummy, probably more than we deserve on this auction.
First of all, what's going on in spades? LHO preempted and probably has six. That means that RHO has only one spade and we're seeing it now. If so, our KQx will be worth two tricks, that's great!
Before rejoicing, let's think what could go wrong. Some people like to preempt on 5 card suits to mix things up. Say I win the queen, take a losing club finesse, and RHO manages to have a second spade to return to finesse my king. Boom, instantly down two. Hmm.
What if we duck the spade J? That guarantees that we will have a spade stopper after RHO runs out of spades, but it limits our potential spade tricks to 1. With 5 clubs and 2 diamonds, that's eight tricks and we'll need some luck to find a ninth - either the heart ace in RHO's hand, or a risky finesse of the diamond queen.
I glance at the opponents and their convention card. I've met a lot of local bridge players but these people are not familiar to me. They are playing pretty standard stuff and are old enough to be grandparents. They look like they would want a 6 card suit to jump to 2s. So I win the first spade and take a club finesse.
Spade jack, two, seven, queen. Club queen, eight, two, king. Heart queen, king, ace, five. Spade ace, four, diamond three, spade five. (woo, my guess was right) Spade ten, eight, diamond four, spade king.
void T9 8 AJT94
void 62 AKJ6 53
You've lost 3 tricks so far and are allowed to lose 1 more. Your contract is secure now: in addition to the 2 spades already won, you have five running clubs and the top two diamonds to make 9 total tricks. But the scoring is matchpoints, so overtricks could be valuable.
Do you take the diamond finesse?
Let's think about LHO's hand. She started with AJTxxx of spades and the ace of hearts. That's 9 points. Add in the diamond Q and that's 11 points, which is a pretty heavy for a preempt bid.
At the table I took the diamond finesse, and it worked, for a top, but in retrospect I think this was too greedy. Think of the things that have already gone well in this hand. You already got 2 spade tricks by guessing the layout. You got the opponents to pound on your good suit (spades) rather than hearts, where they can eventually score 3 tricks by simply banging down their highest honor all the time, which is enough to set the contract with the club king and the spade ace. You're in game on 23 high card points and should be thrilled to be making, even if there is a bonus for overtricks.
Of the 7 tables in play, only 2 other tables reached game on these cards and they both went down. I would have gotten the same top in either case.
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2015.03.23 03:12 penguinland How should I have handled this question from an opponent?

Matchpoints at an ACBL-sanctioned club. I've got a convention card filled out, which clearly states that my partner and I are using Lavinthal discards and upside-down attitude defensive carding (the bottom section of the left half of the card).
We're defending 4S, and on the third spade trick, I discard a low club (Lavinthal; I'm requesting a diamond). Declarer asks me what my "carding" is. I pause for a moment, expecting him to turn his attention to my partner to ask about discards. When he continues to look at me, I fumble in surprise for a moment and then say our carding is upside-down attitude, while trying to remember a previous trick in the hand in which we had used attitude carding. I figure surely he's not asking me about discards, because I was the one who discarded and therefore discard questions should go to my partner.
Play continues, and when my partner shows up with the missing club honors, declarer accuses me of lying (not sure if this was intended as a joke), but continues on with the play. After the hand was over, I asked him what he meant when he said I was lying, and he says I should have told him "all" of our "carding agreements," and then lists several things I hadn't heard of as examples (I wish I could remember what their names were; they're not on the standard convention card). After several back-and-forths of me asking for clarification and him saying I had to tell him "all" of my carding agreements, it turns out that by "carding" he had meant to ask about that entire section of the convention card: leads, signals, discards, everything. I point out that questions about my discard should go to my partner, and he replies that he can ask either of us about it.
What should I have done in this situation? Did I answer his question about my "carding" incorrectly? Is he allowed to ask me about my discards immediately after I myself have discarded (rather than asking my partner)? Should I have called the director to sort it out (I didn't, figuring it wasn't worth the trouble and wasted time)? Should I have shown him my convention card instead of answering the question myself? Any advice is appreciated.
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2014.10.09 01:57 penguinland Opinions wanted about a wily play: clever or reckless?

I was West on this deal:
A K 10 7 4 Q 10 8 K 6 10 8 7 J 9 J 6 4 J 10 9 7 6 5 4 2 6 A K 3 2 Q 8 5 4 A Q 9 3 Q 8 5 3 2 9 7 5 A 3 2 K J
Matchpoints, E/W were vulnerable, East was dealer. After two passes, I opened 1C, and North overcalled 1S. My partner passed, South raised to 2S, and we all passed.
My partner lead a club, and I took my Queen. Looking for tricks beyond the obvious ones, I decided to ignore clubs (I'll get that trick later), diamonds (we either have a trick or not depending on whether my partner has the King; nothing I can change there), and spades (either my partner will have a trick here or she won't; nothing I can do to change that or to take away ruffs from the offense). I reasoned that my partner had at most 3 hearts (if she had 4, surely she would have made a negative double; I hadn't realized how weak she was), and thus declarer had at least 3 hearts. I didn't see how he could get rid of the third one. So, at trick 2 I lead a low heart! Declarer, figuring that East had the Ace and not wanting to waste his Queen, inserted the 10. My partner went up with the Jack, somewhat surprised to have won a trick. I got another club and two more hearts, holding declarer to the contract.
There were 21 tables with North playing in spades, and we were the only one at which declarer didn't take 9 tricks. It was an average board for us: half the tables made their partscore and half went down in game. I keep going back and forth on whether this was a good play on my part. It worked out, but my inference of partner having at most 3 hearts was based on the assumption that she had at least 5 points, which was incorrect.
What do you think? Was my play clever or stupid? Why?
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