Amor de Taiwan

El mes de febrero estuve en Taipei y en unos meses volvere a Taiwan concretamente a Kaoshiung. No se si porque llevo mas de 14 anyos viviendo en tierras britanicas, (donde el clima y su gente ya me cansa y aburre), me enamoro Taiwan, la cultura, su gente la seguridad que sientes las 24 horas del dia, Y seguramente si vuelvo sea con intenciones de vivir alli o quizas en Filipinas ya veremos ... Amor Letra: Cansado de buscar, y herido en mil fracasos, había decidido caminar en soledad, sin pena ni pasión, y en eso apareciste, todo cambió.. Me fui acercando a vos, con suma precaución, midiendo cada paso, retorcido en mi interior, librándome de miedos... En lugar de quedarse en su residencia o en la propia embajada para evitar exponer su salud, Hsing ha sido de las pocas diplomáticas en el país que en plena pandemia del covid-19 y en nombre de ... Watch Taiwanese Drama genre from around the world subbed in over 100 different languages Los Autenticos Decadentes - Amor (part. Mon Laferte) (Letras y canción para escuchar) - Amor / Cierro los ojos y salto al vacío / Amor / Como negarme a tu cálido abismo / Amor / Sutil narcótico, suave y fragante / Amor / Puede hacer polvo el diamante 'Amor De Tarapaca' is a name of a beautiful vineyard in Chile where Yan-Zhu's dad, Er Xiang (Sun Xing) met Li Mu Yin (Yi Qiao's mom) and began to fall in love with her. But later on, Mu Yin died of breast cancer and left her only daughter, Yi Qiao (Ruby Lin) with Er Xiang. Regístrate para ser parte de una nueva unión de amor, esperanza, alegría y música para el mundo. Register Be part of the second act. Register by filling out the form below. Full Name* Email* Phone* Taipéi, agosto 22 (CNA) Las tensiones en el Estrecho de Taiwán no son el resultado de la política nacional de Taipéi, sino más bien de las ambiciones hegemónicas de Beijing, dijo el sábado 22 el Consejo para los Asuntos de China Continental (MAC, siglas en inglés), la agencia gubernamental responsable de la política de Taiwán hacia China. La cadena de hoteles DG Discovery está introduciendo nuevos aires de sofisticación en el sector de los hoteles del amor. Todos sus establecimientos se encuentran en Taipéi o Nuevo Taipéi, y la filosofía de la compañía se basa en “descubrir posibilidades en lo imposible”, toda una declaración de intenciones. Amor Letra: Cansado de buscar, Y herido en mil fracasos, Había decidido, Caminar en soledad. Sin pena ni pasión, Y en eso apareciste, Todo cambio. Me fui acercando a vos, Con suma precaución, Midiendo cada paso, Retorcido en mi interior....

[NEWS] Everything Coming To Netflix Globally In April (2020)

2020.03.19 15:00 netflix [NEWS] Everything Coming To Netflix Globally In April (2020)


April 1
Nailed It!: Season 4
The hosts you love, the hot messes you crave. Welcome back to the "Nailed It!" kitchens, where anyone — like, literally, anyone — can win.
Sunderland 'Til I Die: Season 2
After two consecutive seasons of failure, Sunderland hope to get things turned around as they face a new season in the third tier of English soccer.
April 3
La casa de papel/Money Heist: Part 4
Lives are on the line as the Professor's plan begins to unravel and the thieves must fend off enemies from both inside and outside the Bank of Spain.
April 7
TERRACE HOUSE: TOKYO 2019-2020: Part 3 (excluding: JP)
Life in Tokyo continues: doors open and close in the house, bonds are born and tested. As Ruka takes his next step, Hana meets new rivals.
April 10
Brews Brothers
These two estranged brothers know everything there is to know about brewing beer. If only they knew something about being a family.
April 15
Outer Banks
A tight-knit group of teens unearths a long-buried secret, setting off a chain of illicit events that takes them on an adventure they'll never forget.
April 16
Fary: Hexagone: Season 2
Fary returns to the stage to unpack his complicated feelings on faith, social media influencers, beat boxing and his native France.
Fauda: Season 3
Doron ensnares a determined young boxer when a months-long covert mission puts the team on the trail of a Hamas leader high on Shin Bet's wanted list.
April 17
Kenya Barris and Rashida Jones star in this family comedy series inspired by Barris's real life.
April 18
Hyena (ex APAC)
To survive in a dog-eat-dog world, two rival lawyers with high-class clientele tear apart anything that stands in the way of their ambitions.
April 20
Cooked with Cannabis
Chefs compete to get the hosts and special guests high on elevated cannabis cuisine with their artful use of leafy herb, THC infusions and CBD sauces.
The Midnight Gospel
Drawing on interviews from the “Duncan Trussell Family Hour” podcast, Pendleton Ward's new animated series follows a spacecaster who travels the galaxy searching for the meaning of life.
April 22
Absurd Planet
A cast of quirky critters and Mother Nature herself narrate this funny science series, which peeks into the lives of Earth’s most incredible animals.
Win the Wilderness (excluding: UK/IE)
Six couples vie for the deed to a remote Alaskan lodge by proving which is the fittest to survive in a breathtakingly pristine but rugged wilderness.
April 23
The House of Flowers : Season 3
The dark comedy series about a wealthy Mexico City family with secrets returns for Season 3.
April 24
After Life: Season 2
Set in the small fictitious town of Tambury, the comedy-drama series follows Tony (Ricky Gervais), a writer for the local newspaper whose life is upended after his wife dies from cancer. In series 2, whilst still struggling with immense grief for his wife, we see Tony try to become a better friend to those around him. Each grappling with their own problems and only to be intensified by the looming threat of the local newspaper being shut down. Will the town’s local Am-Dram show lift everyone’s spirits?
April 26
The Last Kingdom: Season 4 (excluding: IT, PL, MENA, ZA, Nordics)
As Edward and Aethelflaed spar over the future of Mercia and their father's dream of a united England, Uhtred tries to recover his lost birthright.
April 27
Never Have I Ever
A coming-of-age comedy series about the life of a modern first-generation Indian American teenage girl, inspired by Mindy Kaling's own childhood.
April 29
Extracurricular is a story of high school students who become tangled in a series of conflicts and events that challenge human values and morality. Jisoo ends up committing a serious crime because of his determination to make college tuition money on his own, by any means. Minhee gets caught up in Jisoo's crime while Jisoo’s schoolmate Gyuri becomes involved in the same crime.
Nadiya’s Time to Eat (excluding: UK/IE)
On this cooking show, Nadiya Hussain serves up delicious shortcuts, vital ingredients and fast favorites — perfect for today's time-strapped families.
Inspired by Federico Moccia's books, this series follows Summer, who longs to leave her small town and see the world, as she meets Ale, a motorcyclist.
April 30
The Forest of Love: Deep Cut
Nothing's as it seems when a charismatic conman and an aspiring film crew delve into the lives of two emotionally scarred women.
The Victims' Game
After discovering his estranged daughter's link to mysterious murders, a forensic detective with Asperger's syndrome risks everything to solve the case.


April 3
Coffee & Kareem
While police officer James Coffee (Ed Helms) enjoys his new relationship with Vanessa Manning (Taraji P. Henson), her beloved 12-year-old son Kareem (Terrence Little Gardenhigh) plots their break-up. Attempting to scare away his mom’s boyfriend for good, Kareem tries to hire criminal fugitives to take him out but accidentally exposes a secret network of criminal activity, making his family its latest target.
Money Heist: The Phenomenon
This film takes a look at why and how "Money Heist" sparked a wave of enthusiasm around the world for a lovable group of thieves and their professor.
April 10
La vie scolaire
In one of the poorest areas of Paris, a school counselor devotes herself to working with disadvantaged students, while facing challenges of her own.
Love Wedding Repeat
In this innovative romantic comedy about the power of chance, alternate versions of the same wedding unfold as Jack (Sam Claflin) tries to make sure his little sister has the perfect wedding day. But he'll have to juggle an angry ex-girlfriend, an uninvited guest with a secret, a misplaced sleep sedative, and unexpectedly reuniting with the girl of his dreams who got away, Dina (Olivia Munn).
The Main Event
Using special powers from a magical mask, a young WWE fan causes chaos when he enters a wrestling competition and fights an intimidating rival.
In New York, Grover (Tzi Ma) reflects on the love of his past and his departure from Taiwan, which he revisits years later with his daughter Angela.
April 17
Based on true events, this film charts the rise and fall of two real estate fraudsters in Germany, as they are caught in their own web of lies and deceit.
Earth and Blood (La terre et le sang)
After decades of successfully running a sawmill in the Ardennes, hiring ex-cons and young offenders, Said receives an unwelcome visitor: a cartel.
Legado en los huesos (excluding: DACH, ES, KR)
In this sequel to "The Invisible Guardian," Inspector Amaia Salazar investigates a suicide connected to a big murder case she had previously solved in Northern Spain.
Charismatic and complex, Sergio Vieira de Mello (Wagner Moura) has spent the majority of his storied career as a top UN diplomat working in the world’s most unstable regions, deftly navigating deals with presidents, revolutionaries, and war criminals for the sake of protecting the lives of ordinary people. But just as he readies himself for a simpler life with the woman he loves (Ana de Armas), Sergio takes one last assignment — in Baghdad, newly plunged into chaos following the US invasion.
April 22
El silencio del pantano (excluding: ES)
A successful, cold-blooded crime novelist gets involved in a kidnapping case while uncovering the corrupt ties between politicians and the local mafia in Valencia, Spain.
The Plagues of Breslau
After a body is found sewn inside a cow hide, a Wrocław detective discovers a killer is recreating an 18th-century "plague" of criminal punishments.
April 24
Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is a fearless black market mercenary with nothing left to lose when his skills are solicited to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord. But in the murky underworld of weapons dealers and drug traffickers, an already deadly mission approaches the impossible, forever altering the lives of Rake and the boy. An action-packed, edge-of-your-seat thriller directed by Sam Hargrave, EXTRACTION is an AGBO Films and TGIM Films, Inc. production, produced by Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Mike Larocca, Chris Hemsworth, Eric Gitter, and Peter Schwerin.
April 30
Dangerous Lies
After losing her waitressing job, Katie Franklin (Camila Mendes) takes a job as a caretaker to a wealthy elderly man in his sprawling, empty Chicago estate. The two grow close, but when he unexpectedly passes away and names Katie as his sole heir, she and her husband Adam (Jessie T. Usher) are pulled into a complex web of lies, deception, and murder. If she's going to survive, Katie will have to question everyone's motives — even the people she loves. DANGEROUS LIES is directed by Michael Scott, and also stars Jamie Chung, Cam Gigandet, Sasha Alexander, and Elliott Gould.
Rich in Love (Ricos de Amor)
Working incognito at his rich dad's company to test his own merits, Teto falls for Paula and tells her he grew up poor, a lie that spins out of control.


April 1
How to Fix a Drug Scandal
Two drug lab chemists' shocking crimes cripple a state's judicial system and blur the lines of justice for lawyers, officials and thousands of inmates.
April 10
LA Originals
Known for their ties to Chicano street life and hip hop, Estevan Oriol and Mister Cartoon trace their journey from gifted artists to cultural pioneers.
April 15
The Innocence Files
The Innocence Files shines a light on the untold personal stories behind eight cases of wrongful conviction that the nonprofit organization the Innocence Project and organizations within the Innocence Network have uncovered and worked tirelessly to overturn. The nine-episode series is composed of three compelling parts - The Evidence, The Witness and The Prosecution. These stories expose difficult truths about the state of America’s deeply flawed criminal justice system, while showing when the innocent are convicted, it is not just one life that is irreparably damaged forever.
Circus of Books
For nearly four decades, unassuming couple Karen and Barry Mason ran Circus of Books, an LA porn store that became a hub for the local gay community.
April 29
A Secret Love
A Secret Love tells an incredible love story between Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel, whose relationship spans nearly seven decades. Terry played in the women’s professional baseball league, inspiring the hit movie A League of Their Own. But the film did not tell the real-life story of the women who remained closeted for most of their lives. This documentary follows Terry and Pat back to when they met for the first time, through their professional lives in Chicago, coming out to their conservative families and grappling with whether or not to get married. Facing the hardships of aging and illness, their love proves resilient as they enter the home stretch.
Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story
After 16-year-old Cyntoia Brown is sentenced to life in prison, questions about her past, physiology and the law itself call her guilt into question.


April 1
David Batra: Elefanten I Rummet
Swedish stand-up David Batra gets personal as he playfully details the perks and pitfalls of being married to a recently resigned political leader.
The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show
Hold on to your top knot and grab your remote for the upcoming six-part sketch series, The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show. Executive produced and starring comedian Iliza Shlesinger who leads her ensemble cast in this hilarious satire-filled series packed with insane original characters who inhabit the landscape of all the content we love to consume and make fun of.
April 14
Chris D'Elia: No Pain
Stand-up comic, actor, writer, and host of the Congratulations podcast, Chris D’Elia returns for his latest Netflix comedy special, Chris D’Elia: No Pain.
April 16
Mauricio Meirelles: Levando o Caos
Brazilian comedian Mauricio Meirelles performs a stand-up special shot in São Paulo.
April 21
Middleditch & Schwartz
Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz bring their two-person comedy show, Middleditch & Schwartz, to a global audience in a collection of three completely improvised Netflix comedy specials. Each performance is based entirely on a random audience suggestion. All three parts, each filmed at the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, will premiere on Netflix on April 21, 2020.
April 24
Yours Sincerely, Kanan Gill
Measuring his adult life against the goals set in a letter written as a teen to his future self, Kanan Gill’s takeaways get dark – yet oddly illuminating.


April 3
Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy
A new chapter begins for Lucky and her friends as they leave Miradero behind to live and learn at the prestigious Palomino Bluffs Riding Academy.
A real kid with real superpowers has a tech-wiz best friend who becomes her sidekick. Together with their seagull pal, they protect their seaside city.
April 6
The Big Show Show
Former WWE wrestler The Big Show is out of the ring and ready for an even tougher challenge: raising three daughters with his wife in Florida.
April 17
The Last Kids on Earth: Book 2
Jack, June, Quint and Dirk set out to find missing zombies, reclaim their town and maybe — just maybe — finally score a seat at the cool table.
April 22
The Willoughbys
Convinced they’d be better off raising themselves, the Willoughby children hatch a sneaky plan to send their selfish parents on vacation. The siblings then embark on their own high-flying adventure to find the true meaning of family.
April 24
Hello Ninja: Season 2


April 9
Hi Score Girl: Season 2 (excluding: JP)
They've leveled up to high school, training at arcade fighting games along the way. Now Haruo, Akira and their friends face their final level.
April 30
Drifting Dragons (excluding: JP)
Dragons are on the menu as the crew of the airship Quin Zaza sets out on a hunt. If they fail, empty stomachs will be the least of their worries.
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2020.02.16 15:16 Sarojapr29 Some of the best films I have watched categorized by continents and countries. Please suggest me movies from the continents and countries I have not included here.

Edit: I have updated the list with the movies suggested in the comments. Thank you every one who helped!
South America
Argentina: The Secret in their Eyes, Wild Tales, Extraordinary Stories, The Official Story, The Aura, Nine Queens, Pizza, Beer and Cigarettes, The Distinguished Citizen, The Dark Side of The Heart, El Angel
Brazil: City of God, Bacurau, Pixote, Invisible Life, A Wolf at the Door, Elite Squad 1 & 2, Central Station, The Movie of my Life, Boy and the world, Estomago, Cold Tropics, Aquarius, Neighboring Sounds
Colombia: Birds of Passage, Embrace of the Serpent, The Rose Seller, Maria Full of Grace, Monos
Chile: The Battle of Chile I & II, Machuca, Neruda, No, The Club, A Fantastic Woman
Paraguay: The Heiresses
Uruguay: 23 Seconds, Life Beyond Me, Whisky, Mr. Kaplan, Clever
Cuba: I am Cuba, Habana Blues, The King of Havana
Dominican Republic: The Projectionist
Jamaica: The Harder They Come
North America
Canada: Videodrone, C.R.A.Z.Y., Crash, Scanners, Incendies, Polytechnique, Atanarjuat, The Sweet Hereafter, Jesus of Montreal, Enemy, Beyond the Black Rainbow, Mommy, Existenz, I killed my mother, Laurence Anyways
Mexico: The Young and the Damned, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Roma, Amores Perros, The Holy Mountain, Santa Sangre, El Topo, El Norte, The thin yellow line, Duck Season
Australia: Mad Max Series, Shine, The Babadook, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Muriel’s Wedding, Flirting, The Rover, The Castle, Chopper
New Zealand: Boy, What We do in Shadows, Hunt for the Wilder People, The Dark Horse, The Quiet Earth, An Angel at my Table, The Piano
Afganistan: Osama, The Breadwinner
Bangladesh: A River called Titas
China: House of Flying Daggers, Hero, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Aftershock, Raise the Red Lantern, Long Day’s Journey Into Night, An Elephant Sitting Still, Fearless, A touch of Sin, Platform, Still Life, Pickpocket, The World, 24 City, Unknown Pleasures, Ash is the Purest White, Mountains May Depart, To live, Not One Less, Shadow
Hong Kong: In the Mood for Love,Infernal Affairs, Chungking Express, Kungfu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer, 2046, Still Human, The Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon, The Killer, Hard-Boiled, A Better Tomorrow, Fallen Angels
India: The Apu Trilogy (Pather Panchali, Aparajito, Apur Sansar), Terrorism Trilogy (Roja, Bombay, Dil Se) , Elements Trilogy (Fire, Water, Earth) , Shakespeare Trilogy ( Maqbool, Omkara, Haider), Gangs of Wasseypur, Drishyam, Kahaani, 3 Idiots, Ee,Ma.Yau, Angamaly Diaries, Jallikettu, Tumbbad
Indonesia: The Raid 1 &2, The Act of Killing, The Look of Silence, Fiction, Siti
Iran: A Separation, The Salesman, Close-Up, Under The Shadow, About Elly, This is not a Film, A Moment of Innocence, Persepolis, Children of Heaven, Color of Paradise, Taste of Cherry , A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
Israel: Waltz with Bashir, Maktub, Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem
Japan: The Human Condition Trilogy, Neon Genesis Evangelion Series, Harakiri, Seven Samurai, Tokyo Story, Perfect Blue, Rashomon, Your Name, Spirited Away, Shoplifters, Ikigami, The Wind Rises
Jordan: Theeb
Kazakhstan: Tulpan
Korea: The Vengeance Trilogy ( Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, Lady Vengeance), Parasite, Memories of Murder, The Handmaiden, I saw the Devil, Mother, Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left For the East?, The Host, Midnight Runners, A Bittersweet Life, Miracle in Cell No. 7, The man from Nowhere, The Wailing, Burning
Lebanon: Capernaum, West Beirut, Where do we go now, Caramel, The Insult
Nepal: Himalaya, The Black Hen, White Sun
Palestine: Paradise Now, The Time That Remains, Omar
Philippines: Evolution of a Filipino Family, West Side Avenue, From What is Before, Norte, the End of History, Manila in the claws of Night, Insiang, Weighted but found wanting, Fight for Us, Three,Two,One, From What is Before, Death in the Land of Encantos, Century of Birthing, Heremias
Saudi Arabia: Wadjda
Syria: City of Ghosts, For Sama (Documentaries)
Taiwan: Yi Yi, A Brighter Summer Day, Taipei Story, Lust Caution, Eat Drink Man Woman, Our Times, Hear Me
Thailand: Tropical Malady, Last Life in Universe, Ong Bak, Bangkok Nites, Blissfully Yours, Bad Genius, The Teacher's Diary, Heart Attack
Vietnam: The Scent of Green Papaya, Cyclo, The Third Wife, When the Tenth Month Comes, Nostalgia for the Countryside, Buffalo Boy
Angola: Sambizanga [1973]
Algeria: The Battle of Algiers [1966], Chronicles of the Years of Fire[1975], Rachida [2003]
Burkina Faso: Samba Traore [1992], Buud Yam[1997], The Law [1990], Sia, The Myth of the Python [2001], Yaaba [1989], God's Gift [1982]
Cameroon: The Child of Another[1975],
Chad: Dry Season [2006], A Screaming Man [2010], Bye Bye Africa [1999]
Congo: Benda Bilili [2010]
Egypt: Cairo Station [1958], The Land [1970], The Night of Counting the Years [1969], The Will [1939]
Ethiopia: Difret [2014], Harvest: 3000 Years [1976]
Ghana: The Burial of Kojo [2018], Beast of No Nation[2015]
Guinea: Dakan [1997]
Guinea-Bissau: Tree of Blood [1996]
Ivory Coast: Els Oblidats Dels Oblidats [2011], Woubi Cheri [1998], Black and White in Color [1976]
Kenya: Kati Kati [2016], Rafiki [2018]
Mali: Yeelen [1987], Bamako [2006], Kabala, The Young Girl [1975], The Wind [1982], Baara[1978], Life on Earth [1998], The Wind [1982], Genesis [1999]
Mauritiana: Timbuktu [2014], Soleil O [1967], Waiting for Happiness[2002]
Morocco: Ali Zaoua: Prince of the Streets [2000], The Great Journey [2004]
Niger: Sarraounia [1986]
Nigeria: The Lost Okoroshi [2019], Green White Green [2016], Mother of George [2013]
Rwanda: Sometimes in April [2005], Hotel Rwanda [2014]
Senegal: Black Girl [1966], The Little Girl who sold the Sun[1999], Moolaadé [2004], Hyenas [1992], Touki Bouki[1973], Fad'jal [1979], Letter from my village [1975], The Wagoner [1963], Mossane [1996], Camp de Thiaroye [1988], Emitai [1971], Mandabi [1968], Badou Boy[1970], Le Franc[1994], Faat Kine[2001], Guelwaar [1992], Atlantics [2019]
South Africa: Tsotsi [2005], District 9 [2009], The Gods be Crazy [1980]
Tunisia: The Dove's Lost Necklace [1992], Bab'Aziz [2005], The Silences of the Palace [1994], Beauty and the Dogs [2017]
Zambia: I am not a Witch [2017]
Not Specific to Any Country: White Material [2009], Black Venus [2010], My Voice [2002], A Season in France [2017]
Russia: Stalker, Solaris, Andrei Rublev, Mirror,Leviathon,Hard to be a God
Czech Republic : Marketa Lazarova, Zelary [2003]
Sweden: Persona, The Sacrifice, The Square, Fanny and Alexander, Force Majure, Shame, Let The Right One In, The Seventh Seal [1957], Through a Glass Darkly [1971], Lilja 4-ever [2002]
Germany: Metropolis, Barbara, Oh Boy, M, Run Lola Run, The Lives of Others, Downfall
France: Portrait of a Lady on Fire, La Haine, A Prophet, Amelie, Amour, Le Trou, Le Samurai
Denmark: Dogville, Melancholia, The Hunt, The Guilty, The Celebration, Dancer in the Dark
Italy: Call me By your Name, Nostalgia, The Great Beauty, Death in Venice, Life is Beautiful
Spain: The skin I live in, The Spirit of the Beehive, Pain and Glory, Volver, All about my mother
Turkey: Mustang, Once upon a Time in Anatolia, Yol, Winter Sleep, Uzak, The wild pear tree
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2020.01.20 06:44 kanteater 'Human Solidarity in a Fragmenting World' by George Yeo

24th Gordon Arthur Ransome Oration
By George Yeo
Singapore, 17 January 2020

Human Solidarity in a Fragmenting World


I first heard of Prof Ransome from my elder brother, Peter. He is 7 years my senior. When he was in Medical School, I was in Secondary School and shared a room with him in our old house at East Coast Terrace. He would often tell me stories about this remarkable English doctor who could diagnose diseases accurately, often based only on observation, palpation and even by smell.

When Dr Sayampanathan asked me early last year if I could deliver the Gordon Arthur Ransome Oration, I resonated immediately, my mind going back to stories I heard a long time ago. I thank the Singapore Academy of Medicine for giving me this signal honour.

This Oration was originally planned to be held in Hong Kong last December in conjunction with an event co-organized by the Academies of Medicine of Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Unfortunately, that event had to be cancelled because of the unsettled situation in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

No one expected the protests which began in June last year to become so big and to last so long. As a legislator of many years, I decided to download the Extradition Bill and read it for myself. Frankly, I did not find the proposed amendments to existing laws unreasonable. It did not seem right that one could commit rape or murder in China and find sanctuary in Hong Kong.

However, most Hongkongers viewed the Bill differently and were outraged that the Chief Executive Carrie Lam was determined to get it passed despite mass opposition. Looking back, the Bill was only the spark that set off a forest fire. For many years after the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997, the fuel load in the forest had been building up. Social injustice had gotten worse. Most parents in Hong Kong no longer believed that their children could do better than them. As a result, there is not a sense of hope and, without a sense of hope, society turns sour. The lack of affordable housing is egregious.

During colonial times, the HK civil service was conditioned to take instructions from London. The British approach was to govern firmly but lightly unless their core interests were affected, leaving people to fend for themselves. After 1997, Beijing left Hong Kong to govern itself, not giving instructions the way London did. However, the HK Adminstration changed little; vested interests remained comfortably in place; and political leadership was lacking. Hong Kong has a well-developed social and economic establishment but not a political establishment. Under the British, it was not desirable for Hong Kong to have its own political culture. Perhaps China should have been more interventionist after 1997 but, for a variety of reasons, including the selfish interest of groups from the Mainland which found Hong Kong’s separate status convenient, it left things be.

Worse, the people of Hong Kong had to struggle with an identity crisis. Older Hongkongers had fled the Mainland during earlier periods of upheaval and distrusted Beijing - 1949, the Great Leap Forward, the mass famine of the early 60’s, the Cultural Revolution and June 4th. The majority of teachers from Primary One to University are anti-Mainland and pass prejudices against China, especially against the Chinese Communist Party, on to their charges. To be a student leader in university, you have to honour June 4th. Most Hongkongers know that they cannot be independent but many prefer not to identify themselves as Chinese citizens. At the top, they hold multiple passports.

When Deng Xiaoping proposed One Country, Two Systems, the precondition for it to work was that Hongkongers must not only love Hong Kong, they must also love China. 一国两制,爱国爱港,港人治港. In fact, loving China should come first but it will take time and much effort for that to be put right. National education in Hong Kong has been neglected for too long.

After leaving government in 2011, I joined Robert Kuok in Hong Kong. My wife and I shuttle back and forth between the two cities. Hong Kong has become for us a second home. We now have our own social circle there including a number of young Hongkongers interested in politics. Some of them are yellow, some are blue; all feel deeply for Hong Kong. We ourselves have developed an affection for Hong Kong and its people, and decided, after my retirement as Chairman of Kerry Logistics last year, to buy an apartment near Hong Kong University. Like many others, we were shocked by the rapid deterioration of Hong Kong in the last 8 months. Unlike many others, we remain cautiously optimistic for Hong Kong’s long term future because of its special position half-in and half-out of China and the resilience of its people.

It is however not my intention to talk principally about Hong Kong today. The reason for my raising Hong Kong is because there are larger, deeper forces at work in Hong Kong which affect the whole world. We have to be mindful of them because they affect us in Singapore too. These forces are unleashed by technology and challenge us morally.

I would like to highlight four in particular - the social media revolution, fragmentation and reconfiguration of human society, growing wealth and income inequality, and mass manipulation by new masters of the universe.

Social Media Revolution

First, the social media revolution.

When the Internet arrived in the 90’s, many saw it as liberating. It became much easier to access information. Patients have already googled their symptoms before seeing doctors and everything the doctor said and prescribed could be counter checked on the net.

In the same way, teachers are challenged by students, and government leaders by the citizenry. At home, parents have come to accept that, for many things and in many areas, they have to rely on their children for information and advice.

The social media revolution has disrupted old relationships. Everywhere, we see hierarchies breaking down. Old institutions, once preserved and sustained by ritual, secrecy, information asymmetry, hypocrisy, deception and force are being corroded. Traditional leaders are dragged down from their ivory towers and shown to be quite ordinary and fallible after all, their hypocrisy and corruption exposed by ubiquitous cameras and microphones.

When Pope Francis smacked an Asian lady twice on the arm after she grabbed him by his sleeve in St Peter’s Square and refused to let go, it immediately became news all over the world. The Pope quickly apologised the day after. A Mainland Chinese friend of mine told me that it actually made the Pope look quite good because it showed him to be human. It is just as well that Francis, since becoming Pope, frequently declares himself a sinner.

Old leadership models have become obsolete. Whether it is Pope Francis, President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Elon Musk or Greta Thunberg, we are in a new situation. It sometimes seems as if a necessary qualification for leadership is to be publicly a sinner. The term used nowadays is ‘authenticity’ although that too is often manufactured.

Fragmentation and Reconfiguration of Human Society

Human society takes time to adjust to new technologies. The IT revolution shows no sign of abating. In fact it is setting off concomitant change in other technological fields like biomedicine, material science and manufacturing. These changes in turn act upon one another, often in unexpected ways, causing even further disruption to the old order.

In his analysis of economic cycles, the Austrian economist, Joseph Schumpeter, wrote about creative destruction. What we see all around is the destructive phase of the technological revolution which is fragmenting human society. This fragmentation, which is the second force I am highlighting today, defines the age we live in.

Going back to Hong Kong, what characterises the protest movement is its fluid, leaderless, organic character. The social media reinforces beliefs and biases. Those who are yellow watch yellow sites, get angrier and become more yellow. For many, police officers have become the villains and even their family members are targeted. For those who are blue, the demonstrators are cockroaches to be smacked down. Views become highly, absurdly polarised. We hear of couples breaking up and parents who are no longer able to talk to their children. Unmediated positive feedback loops quickly become unstable. The same phenomenon is evident in the US today, Taiwan during the recent elections, the UK when the Brexit debate was raging, and in many other countries.

Fragmentation is however not the end state. Gradually, the fragments recombine in new ways, similar to the pattern of neural networks. Nodes grow and compete with other nodes with which they are linked through multiple pathways. There is a biological quality about these new forms of organization. It is almost as if we are witnessing a Cambrian explosion of diverse organisational species. Those which successfully adapt to the new environment proliferate while others reach dead ends. Apple, Samsung and Huawei have very different organisational structures and systems. Which among them will still be successful ten years from now no one can foretell but for sure that there will be new winners and losers.

Losing faith in existing institutions, there is at one level a reversion to tribal networks of trust. Some of these networks are based on ethnicity and religion. Some years ago, Joel Koetkin in his book ‘Tribes’ wrote about the tribal networks which undergird global commerce like those of the Mormons, Jews, Parsees, Jains, Armenians and Chinese. Among the Chinese, there are regional networks which stand out like the Wenzhou connection. We also see new tribal networks forming around specific causes such as LGBT rights, climate activism, even veganism.

There is an obverse and negative side to this phenomenon. Networks like Al Qaeda and ISIS have similar morphologies but are destructive. Anti-Semitism has also become more pronounced fuelled by groups which corroborate each other’s prejudices on the Internet. Positive or negative, politicians everywhere are quick to pick up populist causes to win votes, undermining the civil society which is the bedrock of democracy.

Political systems are subject to the same creative destruction. Western democratic systems no longer function well. Long-established political parties are fissuring. In many democracies, domestic political debate have become toxic. The seeming success of China’s system is an affront to western liberal democracies. China’s authoritarian Communism is not supposed to work well. Yet it has raised hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and enabled the country to join the front rank of nations in many fields causing the US to view it as a strategic threat. China sees its own system as unique and does not seek to export it to others. But China’s relative success does give hope and heart to many developing countries that there are other ways to the future. They do not have to take the path of western liberal democracies. I say ‘relative success’ because China too faces enormous challenges. Political systems and organisations which are unable to evolve to new needs become dysfunctional and unstable.

Thus, at all levels, from the family to companies to political structures, we see continuing fragmentation, experimentation and reconfiguration. It is a process which can be described as Darwinian.

Growing Wealth and Income Inequality

The third force impacting society today is growing wealth and income inequality.

Wealth and income inequality in Hong Kong is an important underlying cause of the current unrest. According to a recent study by the Asian Competitiveness Institute at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, the inequality has gotten worse in recent years. Without a strong injection of socialism, Hong Kong society will remain fractured.

The problem is worldwide and not confined to Hong Kong alone. The impact of technological change on individual fortunes is uneven. Once upon a time, hardworking, responsible employees could expect their lives to improve year by year. Today many feel they are struggling to run up a downward-moving escalator. Those whose work are repetitive are at great risk. Their jobs can be outsourced to countries where labor is cheaper. Or be replaced by robots and algorithms.

In contrast, those who are well-placed to seize new opportunities created by fragmentation prosper. For example, among new graduates, computer engineers command among the highest salaries. Many companies remain stuck in the past. Those who are able to disrupt them become rich and are lionized. When we look at the league table of the most successful companies in the world, the top positions are increasingly held by those in technology. In Singapore, Sea, which is a company specialising in gaming and e-commerce - a company which most Singaporeans have not heard of - has quite suddenly become one of the top companies, with a capitalisation half that of Singapore Telecoms.

The flood of global liquidity released by central banks after the Global Financial Crisis has unfairly benefited a relatively small group of companies and individuals, accentuating wealth and income inequality in the world. Those who are well-connected to governments and to wealthy families, especially in high finance and tech, are able to access cheap money while the great majority of small and medium enterprises pay higher interest rates. Inflation in asset prices have skewed wealth further to those who are already wealthy. In many developing countries, those already invested in asset classes like property get richer while the rest struggle to buy a first home. This is being perpetuated down one generation. Many successful start-ups are founded by young men and women who are themselves scions of wealthy well-connected families.

Growing inequality of wealth and income exacerbates existing class and ethnic divisions in society. In many countries, large groups resent being systematically disadvantaged and left behind. This frustration, though still inchoate, has become widespread. ‘Yellow jacket’ protests in France are part of this phenomenon. There are eerie similarities between the protests in Hong Kong and those far away in Barcelona and Santiago.

Mass Manipulation by the New Masters of the Universe

The fourth force challenging us is the way big data and the social media are being used to manipulate the way we think.

The first phase of the internet revolution opened the floodgates to information access and eroded old power structures. For a short while, there was an exhilarating sense of equalisation. That phase has ended. We are increasingly discovering how our minds are being manipulated by new masters of the universe.

Companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Alibaba and Tencent make use of the enormous data they collect to squeeze out competitors and influence our preferences often without our knowledge. In Singapore and elsewhere, a very high percentage of ad revenues is cornered by Google and Facebook because of the eyeballs they have captured.

A few weeks after the HK unrest started, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, in quick succession, blocked hundreds of sites which they claim besmirched protesters, giving the reason that these sites originated from China. Sites which supported the protesters were untouched. It is unclear who made these decisions but I don’t think they were made in Hong Kong. There is no doubt that the way friction is increased or reduced in different parts of the Internet can significantly sway public opinion. Trapped in an old mindset, the Hong Kong Government was unable or unwilling to intervene.

Other governments have no such inhibitions. India routinely shuts down the Internet in various cities when there are riots to calm public anger. Kashmir was denied the Internet for months, a decision which the Indian Supreme Court judged unlawful earlier this week. When mass demonstrations erupted in Iran after fuel prices were raised, the government switched off Facebook causing Secretary Pompeo to threaten sanctions on those responsible. In the battle for hearts and minds in Iran, the US actively intervenes in the way Facebook, Twitter and Instagram cover developments in the country. Sympathetic coverage of General Suleimani has been systematically blocked.

The big powers devote considerable resources to the exploitation of the social media for political purposes. Domestically, they may be constrained by national law. Externally, there are no restrictions. In 2013, Edward Snowden revealed the existence of Prism, an incredible system developed by the US National Security Agency (NSA) to collect internet information worldwide. All governments would love to have such a capability but none can hope to, and certainly not on the same scale as the US except, possibly, China one day.

A key reason for the US campaign against Huawei is the fear that China may not only develop a similar surveillance capability but Chinese equipment and Chinese systems will make it harder for the US to maintain the same surveillance reach. For some countries like Singapore, the only safe assumption is that all systems expose us to external intelligence penetration. We have to find ways to protect ourselves and accept that nothing is foolproof. The challenge is made much harder with increasing dependence on clouds.

China makes no pretense about controlling the Internet. President Xi himself declared that the development of the Internet is an integral part of national development and not separate from it. All internet providers in China accept the leadership of the Communist Party. They have no choice. In fact, China is probably the first country to make extensive use of big data for national governance. Big data analysis has enabled China to overcome a problem which afflicted its governance system over the centuries. Because of the size of the country, there are many layers of administration making it hard for Beijing to know what’s happening on the ground. Corrupt officials often succeed in covering up problems by working with counterparts one level above to suppress complaints. When problems do reach the Centre, it is because they have already become big and serious. To overcome this defect, Chinese dynasties develop elaborate systems of inspection from the Imperial Court. Wrongs do get righted but they are so rare, the stories are immortalised in Chinese operas. With big data analysis, it is easier for Beijing to be alerted earlier. Information systems monitor the overall shape of data. When there are signs of inflammation, Beijing zoom in to find out more. Once lower level officials know that it is hard to cover up, they behave better. In fact, securities agencies like the NSA use similar methods to spot potential terrorist attacks by monitoring internet chatter.

In Xinjiang, China is criticized by western and Muslim countries for the way information is collected and used, including the mass deployment of facial recognition. Whether the Chinese method of curbing terrorism is more effective than the western method of acting forcefully only when the evidence has become clear is still an open question. The difference is not unlike the methods used for treating cancer. The western method of tackling terrorism is akin to surgery and chemotherapy such as the use of Predator drones to kill terrorists. The Chinese method is to treat the body politic holistically, gradually boosting its immunity. Immunotherapy however requires patience and a deeper understanding of complex reality.

For many westerners, China has become George Orwell’s 1984. For many Chinese, the loss of privacy is a price worth paying for safety and convenience. There is probably no safer big country than China today. But will the centralization of control lead to massive abuse one day? The Chinese Communist Party is not immune to the same forces of change in the world. It has to evolve in response to new circumstances. By cracking down on corruption and re-establishing moral authority, President Xi Jinping has bought time for China and the Communist Party.

In the US, what intelligence and law enforcement agencies are allowed to do is the subject of a raging debate. Trump has raged against fake news since his Presidential campaign. Is the deep state out of control? Well it depends on whom you ask. There is also growing reaction against the big tech companies. Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren is campaigning for their breakup, which alarms Mark Zuckerberg. She is a policy wonk and has thought through the implications of such a move.

In Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation, commonly known as GDPR, came into force two years ago. In provides some safeguard to the misuse or abuse of data collection. This may make it more difficult for Europe to catch up with the US and China in AI. However, the use of facial recognition technology is not likely to be held back because it is simply too useful.

Thus we see in the world today a range of responses to the challenge of big data, in particular, the loss of privacy and the mass manipulation of public opinion.

In Singapore, the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act, commonly known as POFMA, is a brave attempt to stem the same incoming tide. It is not easy but we should not stop trying.

Moral Challenge

The revolution in IT is enabling the collection, storage and processing of data on an unprecedented scale without theoretical limit. It is almost as if nothing that happens will ever be forgotten again. In China, to ensure better disease control, there is an effort to recognise every pig either facially or from the back. The pig population in China is almost half a billion. For computer engineers, this is a trivial problem. Every detail of every human being on the planet living today and in the future will eventually be monitored, recorded and analysed. With AI, his probable behaviour will also be known. It is a scary prospect.

This leap in the collective intelligence of human beings has a god-like quality about it. There does not seem to be any phenomenon which we cannot as a species potentially understand.
(As an aside, I do not believe that the kind of AI (Artificial Intelligence) Elon Musk talks about can replace collective human intelligence. AI requires either that there is sufficient past data about collective human behaviour to predict the future or that the rules of collective human behaviour can be repeatedly simulated. Neither condition exists. The history of human civilisation is too short and too complex for AI to ever master.)

That which the technological revolution has unleashed is however two-edged. There is always a temptation to weaponise the newest technology in order to gain a military advantage. In the biological world, you either produce or you take away from someone else what he has produced. Anything which lives must solve the dual challenge of production and security. Thus every new technology is used for both creation and destruction, for both good and evil.

It takes time for the moral sense of human beings to catch up with new technologies and to tame them. In the last century, mechanisation, mass production and nuclear energy led to the slaughter of over a hundred million people. Whether we will be wiser in this century is still an open question. There is an air of hubris in the way the new masters of the universe view their growing capabilities. This hubris infects us at all levels - state agencies which are carried away by the use of technology; politicians who rely on clever data analytics to manipulate voters; generals who fantasise unstoppable spears and impregnable shields; economists who believe that the manipulation of money supply can rid us of economic cycles; corporate leaders whose ambitions know no bounds; successful tribes and wealthy individuals who are convinced of their own genetic superiority; scientists who tinker with germ lines to improve the quality of human beings; and computer engineers who see AI as the ultimate.

Memento Mori

It is said that in Roman times, a victorious general in a triumphal procession would have behind him a slave whispering into his ears ‘memento mori’ which means ‘remember, you will die’. It is a warning against hubris, a call to humility and restraint when one is successful.

Whether as parents, teachers, doctors, government ministers or corporate leaders, we must therefore not lose our moral sense in the pursuit of achievement and success. It is important to contemplate human weakness, and the meaning of suffering and death. It is in pathos that we forge group solidarity. In an age of fragmentation, solidarity is vital. In everything we do, we must not ignore those who are wounded or have fallen by the wayside. Without this social glue, civilized society breaks down.

Tectonic change has caused the old edifices to crumble into smaller pieces. We must rebuild but with the expectation that the ground will continue to quake. We need simpler structures which are flexibly linked to one another, like those in a Middle Eastern souk. Above all, we need solidarity which is the instinct to connect and bond.


Human society cannot be organized on the basis of law and the market alone. Laws only mark outer boundaries. Laws can require parents to look after children. Laws cannot make parents love their children, or vice versa. The market is a powerful way of allocating resources in a complex economy. But the market alone cannot solve many human problems. We are all familiar with Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ but we often forget that he was first and foremost a moral philosopher. Take the healthcare system for example. If doctors are only bound to their patients by the money nexus, many diseases will be poorly treated or mistreated however clever AI systems become.

Human society needs solidarity as a cohesive force to bind human beings together in cooperative effort. In traditional Confucius teaching, stress is put on five core values: 仁义礼智信 - broadly speaking meaning benevolence, justice, proper behaviour, wisdom and trust. All moral systems incorporate and elaborate these values. These values are deep in our nature and probably encoded in our DNA.

In order to remain relevant, these moral systems, which include religion and ideology, must adapt to new challenges thrown up by technology. Take 礼 or proper behaviour as an example. For human beings to interact, we need protocols facilitating communication and cooperation. When individuals are masked, whether in public or on the Internet, protocols are hard to establish. In anonymous settings, individuals quickly become irresponsible and abusive. Civilised behaviour requires behavioral responses which are generally agreed to and therefore predictable. Interestingly, it is protocols like TCP/IP which made possible the Internet in the first place. The fact of the matter is that there can be no freedom without accountability. Without a moral sense, the new freedom which technology offers destroys itself.

At the heart of the situation in Hong Kong today is a moral crisis. Two nights ago in Hong Kong, I had dinner with Gary Wong, a young Hong Kong political leader whom I have known for some years. Together with Jasper Tsang, former President of Legco, Raymond Mak, another young political leader whom I had dinner with the night PolyU was encircled and five others, they decided in the late evening of 18 November to enter PolyU which was then under siege by Hong Kong Police in order to persuade the few hundred remaining diehard protestors to leave. They made the decision after receiving a WhatsApp message from a young girl in PolyU with a heartrending plea for help. After consulting Government leaders, the Police agreed for the group to enter on the understanding that the Police could not ensure their safety. Indeed, they were greeted by arrows on the draw pointed at them as they crossed the barricade. The campus was a war zone. They were shocked that among the protestors were many who were well-educated, some from well-to-do families. There were some girls who were as young as 12. Eventually, they succeeded in persuading some 70 protestors to leave. There were loud cheers when they came out. Not only by the crowd outside PolyU, but by many all over Hong Kong watching the drama on television and the social media. Chief Executive Carrie Lam decided wisely that those below the age of 18 could go home once they had their names registered.

The polarization in Hong Kong had reached a point when protestors who wanted to leave did not believe they could trust the authorities. The majority of Hong Kong youth today has developed a visceral antipathy toward the Hong Kong Police, Yet it was not long ago when the Hong Kong Police was rated among the best in the world. And, from the other side, among many in authority and the older generation, there is anger and grief vis-a-vis a younger generation which had seemingly turned wayward. It will take time to clean the wounds and for the wounds to heal. China has despatched former Party Secretary of Qinghai and Shanxi, Luo Huining, to Hong Kong. He is new to Hong Kong and will bring a fresh mind to bear on the problems. He will have to work with Hong Kong leaders who showed physical and moral courage, and wisdom, during the recent crisis to restore solidarity in Hong Kong and between Hong Kong and the Mainland.

In all fields, we need moral leadership. The great danger today is the revolution in technology outpacing the evolution of our moral sense. Whether in the private, public or people sector, in grappling with economic and technical questions, we should never de-emphasise moral considerations. It is common nowadays for decisions to be taken in an amoral way. An indifferent, amoral approach in a period of rapid technological change is possibly the greatest danger to humankind today. We must not be beguiled by a so-called post-truth world. The more complex the world becomes, the more must we affirm that which is at the core of our humanity.

The human quality of Prof Gordon Arthur Ransome as described by Prof Seah Cheng Siang is therefore worth recalling.
“He is always ready to render a helping hand when a fellow doctor himself is in trouble. ...he has an ever constant ear which in itself is therapy. Time appears to him to be of no consequence when it comes to giving it to someone else. The distressed talks on and he listens. A few careful chosen words of advice now and then provides the panacea.”


Information technology is altering power relationships in human society. The first stage is destructive. Old institutions and hierarchies, preserved and sustained by ritual, secrecy, information asymmetry, hypocrisy, deception and force are being corroded. For example, the social media has forced leaders down from their ivory towers revealing them for what they are, warts and all. The relationship between parents and children, teachers and students, priests and laity, government and governed is all changing causing great stress to traditional society. The old world is fragmenting. The pieces are however reconnecting in new ways with patterns more akin to neural networks. New nodes are forming with multiple connections in ceaseless competition with other nodes. This reconfiguration is still in the initial stages. The gathering and processing of vast amounts of data create new power centers. Edward Snowden revealed the scope of US National Security Agency’s Prism project. The Chinese Government is concentrating more data than anyone else and using it not only for surveillance but also to reduce corruption and improve governance. Huawei is but one example of the overt and covert competition for data at the political level. Commercially, tech conglomerates like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Tencent and Alibaba have been expanding at the expense of traditional players. There is now a growing political backlash at them. In the west, there are calls to limit their power either by breaking them up or regulating them more tightly especially in the way they make use of private data. In China, all tech companies know that they cannot afford to run afoul of the Chinese Communist Party. Will big data and AI lead to ever growing concentration of power? Is the future 1984? Or will clever computer minds succeed in creating decentralized internet webs and decentralized AI? It will take time for human relationships and human institutions to adapt to the revolution in technology. In the meantime, we must expect a long transition marked by disruption and confusion. All major advances in technology are marked by a choice between good and evil. Our moral sense is still struggling to catch up with the new powers being unleashed.
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2019.12.19 20:26 Argentinjuan ¿La gente pelada usa shampoo?

Esta perfecto que no sepas, yo tampoco lo sé. Sin embargo, algo que los dos sabemos es que a nadie le importa.
Pero, esta bien estar triste?
Yo estoy triste porque no estoy bien. Estuve pensando como sentirme mejor y empece a recordar canciones que escuchaba cuando era mas joven. A vos también te pasa que cuando escuchas estas canciones te pones triste?
En conclusión:
Já, que loco no? No es increíble la memoria? Mientras leías todo esto te veía ahí, tarareando cada una de estas canciones en tu cabeza. Uy, escuchaste eso? Yo tampoco. Mirá, es cierto, quizás no sabemos si las personas peladas usan shampoo, pero que importa? Mirá todo lo que SI sabes. Sos muy inteligente, que nadie te diga lo contrario.
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The Younger (Denton TX) Edie Brickell & New Bohemians (Austin TX) Edna and The Musicians (Cuauhtemoc MEXICO) Efya (Accra GHANA) Elisapie (Montreal CANADA) Eliza Shaddad (London UK-ENGLAND) Eme Alfonso (Havana CUBA) Emilia Ali (Boston MA) Emma Elisabeth (Berlin GERMANY) Erin Rae (Nashville TN) Esther Rose (New Orleans LA) Fangclub (Dublin IRELAND) Faux Ferocious (Nashville TN) Feefa (Los Angeles CA) Fernanda Takai (Belo Horizonte BRAZIL) Ferris & Sylvester (London UK-ENGLAND) Fire From The Gods (Austin TX) Fruit & Flowers (Brooklyn NY) FURUTORI (Shimokitazawa JAPAN) Gabylonia (Caracas VENEZUELA) Georgia (London UK-ENGLAND) Geowulf (London UK-ENGLAND) Ghostly Kisses (Québec CANADA) GHXST (Brooklyn NY) GIRL SKIN (Brooklyn NY) Glass Caves (Leeds UK-ENGLAND) Go Cactus (Mallorca SPAIN) Golden Vessel (Brisbane AUSTRALIA) Good Fuck (Chicago IL) Grace Carter (London UK-ENGLAND) Grace Turner (Newcastle AUSTRALIA) Greenwave Beth (Sydney AUSTRALIA) Grubby Little Hands (Philadelphia PA) Grün Wasser (Chicago IL) Harmony Byrne (Melbourne AUSTRALIA) Heartstreets (Montreal CANADA) Henry Brun & The Latin Playerz (San Antonio TX) HIJOS (San José COSTA RICA) Hikes (Austin TX) Honey Harper (Atlanta GA) Honyock (Sacramento CA) The Howl & The Hum (York UK-ENGLAND) Hunkpapa (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND) Illiterate Light (Harrisonburg VA) illuminati hotties (Los Angeles CA) Indigo Sparke (Sydney AUSTRALIA) Intertwine (Bergen NORWAY) Invoke (Austin TX) Irata (Greensboro NC) It Was Romance (Brooklyn NY) J.Patron (Bogota COLOMBIA) JAG (Los Angeles CA) James Vickery (London UK-ENGLAND) Jazzrausch Bigband (Munich GERMANY) Jeff Lofton (Austin TX) Jess Williamson (Los Angeles CA) J Fernandez (Chicago IL) Jojo Abot (Volta Region GHANA) Jon Dee Graham (Austin TX) Jony Beltran (Acuña MEXICO) Josin (Freiburg GERMANY) J.S. Ondara (Nairobi KENYA) J Soulja (Austin TX) Just Loud (Atlanta GA) Jvcki Wai (Seoul SOUTH KOREA) Kalan.frfr (Los Angeles CA) Kalu & The Electric Joint (Austin TX) Kamaal Williams (London UK-ENGLAND) Kate Teague (Oxford MS) K Camp (Atlanta GA) Kevin George (Stamford CT) KOKOKO! (Kinshasa DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO) KOMFORTRAUSCHEN (Berlin GERMANY) Kosha Dillz (Tel Aviv ISRAEL) KUCCI (Jilin CHINA) Kwame (Sydney AUSTRALIA) La Banda Acústica Rodante (San Juan PUERTO RICO) La Chinga (Vancouver CANADA) La Etnnia (Bogotá COLOMBIA) Lafawndah (London UK-ENGLAND) The Lagoons (Austin TX) La Matilda (Bogotá COLOMBIA) La Real del Sonido (Bogota COLOMBIA) Larkins (Manchester UK-ENGLAND) La Sonidera (Bogotá COLOMBIA) Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires (Birmingham AL) Lennon Stella (East York CANADA) Leoniden (Kiel GERMANY) Light Vibes (Stockholm SWEDEN) Lily and Horn Horse (Hudson NY) Lily & Madeleine (Brooklyn NY) Lina Tullgren (Queens NY) Lisa Morales (San Antonio TX) Liza Owen (London UK-ENGLAND) Lizbeth Roman Y Los Duendes Invisibles (Sabana Seca PUERTO RICO) Lolita De Sola (Caracas VENEZUELA) Los Coast (Austin TX) Lou Rebecca (Paris FRANCE) Lows0n (Xiamen CHINA) Lug (Austin TX) M3NSA (London UK-ENGLAND) machìna (Tokyo JAPAN) Madam X (London UK-ENGLAND) Madeline Kenney (Oakland CA) Mahya Veray y su Trauma (Guaynabo PUERTO RICO) Major League Djz (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA) Malena Zavala (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA) Mama Duke (Austin TX) Manniax (Bogota COLOMBIA) Mansionair (Sydney AUSTRALIA) The Mariachi Ghost (Winnipeg CANADA) Mayorkun (Lagos NIGERIA) Melenas (Pamplona SPAIN) Memories In Broken Glass (San Antonio TX) Merely (Gothenburg SWEDEN) Mexico City Blondes (Santa Barbara CA) Minke (London UK-ENGLAND) Miss World (London UK-ENGLAND) Molly Burch (Austin TX) MONOPHONICOS (Bogotá COLOMBIA) Monstruos del Mañana (Mexico City MEXICO) Moonlover (Melbourne AUSTRALIA) Morabeza Tobacco (Stockholm SWEDEN) Mourning [A] BLKstar (Cleveland OH) Moving Panoramas (Austin TX) Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5 (Austin TX) Mundaka (Lima PERU) My Brightest Diamond (Detroit MI) The Mystery Lights (New York NY) N7 & Pwap (Oklahoma City OK) NACH (Alicante SPAIN) Nadia Nakai (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA) Nadia Tehran (Stockholm SWEDEN) Nanook of the North (Gdansk POLAND) Naomi Wild (Los Angeles CA) Neblinna (Maracaibo VENEZUELA) Nicole Atkins (Nashville TN) NineOne# (Xi’an CHINA) No Party For Cao Dong (Taipei TAIWAN) Novo Amor (Cardiff UK-WALES) Nutopia (San Juan PUERTO RICO) Odonis Odonis (Toronto CANADA) Oh, Rose (Olympia WA) Ohtis (Los Angeles CA) Omar Apollo (Hobart IN) Orchards (Brighton UK-ENGLAND) Pablo Dazán (Bogota COLOMBIA) Pablo Trujillo (Bogotá COLOMBIA) Papachina (Armenia COLOMBIA) :PAPERCUTZ (Porto PORTUGAL) Parker Gispert (Nashville TN) Passeport (Cincinnati OH) Pecker (Nueno SPAIN) Penelope Isles (Brighton UK-ENGLAND) Perro (Murcia SPAIN) PHI (Guadalajara MEXICO) Phobophobes (London UK-ENGLAND) Pink Sweat$ (Philadelphia PA) Pip Blom (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS) Pipo Romero (Cadiz SPAIN) Plastic Picnic (Brooklyn NY) Pottery (Montreal CANADA) Priests (Washington DC) Psychedelic Porn Crumpets (Perth AUSTRALIA) Puppy (London UK-ENGLAND) Ratboys (Chicago IL) Rebecca Loebe (Austin TX) Reece (Woodbridge VA) Rick Maguire (from Pile) (Boston MA) Ric Wilson (Chicago IL) Ritt Momney (Salt Lake City UT) Rizha (Madrid SPAIN) Robinson (Nelson NEW ZEALAND) Robot Koch x Delhia de France (Berlin GERMANY) Ross Golan’s The Wrong Man (Los Angeles CA) RRUCCULLA (Bilbao SPAIN) Rucci (Inglewood CA) Run Golden Boys (Mexico City MEXICO) Saint Lo (Montreal CANADA) Samini and Band (Accra GHANA) San Mei (Robina AUSTRALIA) SEAZOO (Wrexham UK-WALES) Serko Fu (Monterrey MEXICO) Sexy Bicycle (Barcelona SPAIN) Shepherds (Atlanta GA) Simi (Lagos NIGERIA) Sir Babygirl (Hanover NH) Sofia Portanet (Berlin GERMANY) Soriah (Portland OR) Sorry Girls (Montreal CANADA) Spike Vincent (Sydney AUSTRALIA) SPINN (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND) Ssali Moses Bebe Cool (Ntinda Kampala UGANDA) Steady Holiday (Los Angeles CA) Stefan Wesolowski (Gdansk POLAND) The Stitches (Los Angeles CA) Stuck in the Sound (Paris FRANCE) Superfónicos (Austin TX) Surfbort (Brooklyn NY) TarantisT (Los Angeles CA) Tarik Hassan (Austin TX) Tatiana Hazel (Chicago IL) The Teeta (Austin TX) TEMPESST (London UK-ENGLAND) Tetractys (Austin TX) Thaiboy Digital (Bangkok THAILAND) Thalea String Quartet (Austin TX) The Cold Stares (Evansville IN) Thumpasaurus (Los Angeles CA) TiKA (Toronto CANADA) Tim Atlas (Los Angeles CA) Tribade (Barcelona SPAIN) Tufan Derince (Diyarbakır TURKEY) TWEN (Boston MA) Two Medicine (Denton TX) Two People (Melbourne AUSTRALIA) Ume (Austin TX) Ushbebe (Aladja NIGERIA) Vector (Lagos NIGERIA) Virgin Pool (Los Angeles CA) ViVii (Stockholm SWEDEN) We And The Machines (Quito ECUADOR) Wild Moccasins (Houston TX) William the Conqueror (Newquay UK-ENGLAND) Will Johnson (Austin TX) Wives (Brooklyn NY) Wohl (Guadalajara MEXICO) Xenia França (São Paulo BRAZIL) Yung Lean (Stockholm SWEDEN) Yves Jarvis (Montreal CANADA) Zack Varner (Austin TX)
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2018.11.28 17:15 BroadcasterX Round 2 of SXSW Music

Acid Tongue (Seattle WA) A Deer A Horse (Brooklyn NY) Adekunle Gold (Lagos NIGERIA) AfrotroniX (Montreal QC) Agrupación Cariño (Mexico City MEXICO) Algobabez (Leeds UK-ENGLAND) Alternate Sound (Lagos NIGERIA) American Werewolf Academy (Dallas TX) Amor Elefante (Banfield ARGENTINA) Anatii (Bisho SOUTH AFRICA) Angelica Garcia (Richmond VA) AQUIHAYAQUIHAY (Monterrey MEXICO) Aries (Vigo SPAIN) ASTERISM (Fukuoka JAPAN) Avalanche Party (Castleton UK-ENGLAND) BABii (Margate UK-ENGLAND) Barbara Nesbitt (Austin TX) Belisha Beacon (Leeds UK-ENGLAND) Bellows (Brooklyn NY) Black Midi (London UK-ENGLAND) BLOXX (London UK-ENGLAND) Boom Boom Kid (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA) Boraj (Santiago CHILE) The Bright Light Social Hour (Austin TX) BRONCHO (Tulsa OK) The Brummies (Nashville TN) Buck Gooter (Harrisonburg VA) Caitlyn Smith (Cannon Falls MN) Cassper Nyovest (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA) Catnapp (Berlin GERMANY) CHAI (Nagoya JAPAN) Chastity (Whitby CANADA) CHIU PI (Taiwan TAIWAN) CIFIKA (Seoul SOUTH KOREA) City of the Sun (Brooklyn NY) The Colors (Ulaanbaatar MONGOLIA) Combo Chimbita (Brooklyn NY) The Comet is Coming (London UK-ENGLAND) Construction & Destruction (Port Greville CANADA) Cumulus (Seattle WA) The Curls (Chicago IL) Current Affairs (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND) Curse Of Lono (London UK-ENGLAND) Daniel Brandt (Berlin GERMANY) Darling West (Oslo NORWAY) Das Body (Oslo NORWAY) Dead Soft (Vancouver CANADA) Death By Unga Bunga (Moss NORWAY) Deerhunter (Atlanta GA) Deezie Brown (Austin TX) Delaporte (Madrid SPAIN) Denise le Menice (Perth AUSTRALIA) Devon Church (New York NY) The Dirty Nil (Dundas ON) Dj Kess (Sekondi Takoradi GHANA) DJ Rosegold (Toronto CANADA) Doe (London UK-ENGLAND) Doeman (Houston TX) DRAMA (Chicago IL) Dramatic Lovers (Milwaukee WI) Dream Catchers Dance Academy (Ikorodu NIGERIA) Dual Core (Austin TX) DUO BUD (Seoul SOUTH KOREA) Dylan Cartlidge (Redcar UK-ENGLAND) E.L (Accra GHANA) EggPlantEgg (Taiwan TAIWAN) Ehsan Matoori (Dallas TX) Elder Island (Bristol UK-ENGLAND) Elephant Gym (Taiwan TAIWAN) El Gallo (Santiago CHILE) Emerson Snowe (Brisbane AUSTRALIA) FADE (Grand Rapids MI) Falz The bahdguy (Lagos NIGERIA) Farao (Oslo NORWAY) Fatherson (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND) field trip (Los Angeles CA) Flint Eastwood (Detroit MI) Flower (New York NY) Foie Gras (San Francisco CA) Frijo (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA) Fuglar (Santiago CHILE) Gallops (Wrexham UK-WALES) Goodbye Honolulu (Toronto CANADA) Graham Van Pelt (Toronto CANADA) Grandchildren (Philadelphia PA) Grivo (Austin TX) Grupo Rebolu (Whitestone NY) Gurr (Berlin GERMANY) Haiku Hands (Sydney AUSTRALIA) Hard Proof (Austin TX) Harry Edohoukwa (Dallas TX) HOMIE (Medellín COLOMBIA) Honey Lung (London UK-ENGLAND) I Know Leopard (Sydney AUSTRALIA) I Mean Us (Taiwan TAIWAN) Indianola (Nashville TN) In Mirrors (Vancouver CANADA) Irene Ntale (Kampala UGANDA) ISLAND (London UK-ENGLAND) Ivan Dorn (Kiev UKRAINE) JayDaYoungan (Bogalusa LA) Jealous of the Birds (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND) Jerry Paper (Los Angeles CA) JM Stevens (Austin TX) Joel Eel (Toronto CANADA) Jona Camacho (Bogota COLOMBIA) Jonathan Bree (Auckland NEW ZEALAND) Jordan Moser (Austin TX) Jo Schornikow (Melbourne AUSTRALIA) Joshua Burnside (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND) Juan Celofán (Santiago CHILE) Julie Odell (New Orleans LA) Kagwe Mungai (Nairobi KENYA) Kapil Seshasayee (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND) Katy Kirby (Spicewood TX) KOJAQUE (Dublin IRELAND) KOMOREBI (New Delhi INDIA) Laura Misch (London UK-ENGLAND) Lazy Day (London UK-ENGLAND) The Lemons (Ulaanbaatar MONGOLIA) LEX the Lexicon Artist (Taipei TAIWAN) Liily (Los Angeles CA) Living Hour (Winnipeg CANADA) Lizzie and The Makers (New York NY) Lord Esperanza (Paris FRANCE) Los Nastys (Madrid SPAIN) Lucy Spraggan (Buxton UK-ENGLAND) LUWTEN (Rotterdam NETHERLANDS) Mabiland (Medellin COLOMBIA) Magic Potion (Stockholm SWEDEN) The Mammoths (Austin TX) Marta Pereira Da Costa (Lisbon PORTUGAL) MASCARIMIRI (Muro Leccese ITALY) Michael Olivera Group (Madrid SPAIN) Million Miles (London UK-ENGLAND) Missions (Los Angeles CA) Moonwalks (Detroit MI) Mr.Kitty (Austin TX) Mr Eazi (Lagos NIGERIA) The Muffinz (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA) MUNYA (Saguenay CANADA) Murray A. Lightburn (Montreal CANADA) My Skin Against Your Skin (Taipei TAIWAN) Nadine Shah (South Shields UK-ENGLAND) Nancy (London UK-ENGLAND) Natalia Norte (Iquique CHILE) Native Sun (New York NY) Natos Y Waor (Madrid SPAIN) Novelist (London UK-ENGLAND) NO WIN (Los Angeles CA) Oddó (Santiago CHILE) Odette (Sydney AUSTRALIA) Orions Belte (Bergen NORWAY) Oscar Jerome (London UK-ENGLAND) OTB Fastlane (Houston TX) The Other End (Bergen NORWAY) The Pearl Harts (London UK-ENGLAND) Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers (Austin TX) Pip Hall (Preston UK-ENGLAND) Pleasure Jams (Brooklyn NY) Powers Pleasant (Brooklyn NY) Prism Bitch (Albuquerque NM) Profligate (Los Angeles CA) Public Practice (New York NY) The Qualitons (Budapest HUNGARY) Rascalton (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND) Rattletree (Austin TX) Recycled J (Madrid SPAIN) Regallily (Tokyo JAPAN) Renick Bell (Tokyo JAPAN) Rev Rev Rev (Modena ITALY) ROE (Derry IRELAND) Rose Droll (San Francisco CA) Royal Canoe (Winnipeg CANADA) Sad Cops (Denton TX) Salma Sky (Lusaka ZAMBIA) Sam DeRosa (Poughkeepsie NY) Sam Eagle (Colchester UK-ENGLAND) Sam Fender (Newcastle Upon Tyne UK-ENGLAND) Schaffer the Darklord (New York NY) Scott Yoder (Seattle WA) Sebastian Romero (Mexico City MEXICO) Seyi Shay (Lagos NIGERIA) SHIRAZEE (Bronx NY) ShitKid (Stockholm SWEDEN) Shy Boys (Kansas City MO) The Sick Things (Montreal CANADA) Single Lash (Austin TX) Sloppy Jane (Brooklyn NY) Smokey Brights (Seattle WA) smut (Cincinnati OH) The Snuts (Bathgate UK-SCOTLAND) Soft as Snow (Oslo NORWAY) Soft Kill (Portland OR) Soge Culebra (Murcia SPAIN) Sophie Auster (New York NY) Sports Team (Harlesden UK-ENGLAND) Squid (Bristol UK-ENGLAND) Stanley Enow (Cameroon CAMEROON) Stealing Sheep (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND) Stokoff (Bogota COLOMBIA) Sudakistan (Stockholm SWEDEN) Sulfur (Charlotte NC) Sun June (Austin TX) Superbody (Chattanooga TN) Suzan Köcher (Solingen GERMANY) Table Scraps (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND) Taco Mouth (Nashville TN) Tais Alvarenga (Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL) Tallies (Toronto CANADA) Talos (Cork IRELAND) Tameca Jones (Austin TX) Tasha (Chicago IL) Taylor Janzen (Winnipeg CANADA) TEEN (Brooklyn NY) Tennis System (Los Angeles CA) Termination Dust (Anchorage AK) the perfect me (Fukuoka JAPAN) Thomas Amar-Aigbe (DJ Sose) (Lagos NIGERIA) Thyla (Brighton UK-ENGLAND) Tobi Lou (Chicago IL) TOMKAT (Denton TX) T-Rextasy (New York NY) Tribal (Johannesurg SOUTH AFRICA) Trupa Trupa (Gdansk POLAND) Tyler Ramsey (Asheville NC) Urban Hype (Lusaka ZAMBIA) Vaarwell (Lisbon PORTUGAL) Vacations (Newcastle AUSTRALIA) Vandoliers (Dallas TX) Verneri Pohjola with Tuomo & Markus (Helsinki FINLAND) Versus (New York NY) Victoria Kimani (Nairobi KENYA) Waco Brothers (Chicago IL) Wet Dreams (Oslo NORWAY) whenyoung (Limerick IRELAND) Whitney Ballen (Seattle WA) William Elliott Whitmore (Lee County IA) Wolf & Moon (Berlin GERMANY) XIXA (Tucson AZ) Yawners (Madrid SPAIN) The Yawpers (Denver CO) Yemi Alade (Nigeria NIGERIA) The Young Something (Tampa FL) Y O Y (Finale Emilia ITALY) Yung Baby Tate (Atlanta GA) The Zephyr Bones (Barcelona SPAIN) Zona Tango (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA)
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2018.10.09 12:19 tombstoneshadows28 The Chronological History of the Cinematic Macabre (Part 11 of ?) (1973)

  1. The Man With The Severed Head (Las ratas no duermen de noche) (87min/Feature/Juan Fortuny/Spain-France)
  2. Smutsiga Fingrar (107min/Feature/Arne Mattsson/Sweden)
  3. Torso (I corpi prestentano tracce di violenza camale) (92min/Feature/Sergio Martino/Italy)
  4. Droga w swietle ksiezyca (61min/TV Movie/Witold Orzechowski/Poland)
  5. The Death Wheeler (Psychomania) (85min/Feature/Don Sharp/UK)
  6. Passi di danza su una lama di rasoio (84min/Feature/Maurizio Pradeaux/Italy-Spain)
  7. The Mystery In Dracula’s Castle (91min/TV Movie/Robert Totten/USA)
  8. The Devil’s Daughter (74min/TV Movie/Jeannot Szwarc/USA)
  9. The Night Stranger (74min/TV Movie/Dan Curtis/USA)
  10. The Reincarnation of Isabel (Riti, magie nere e segrete orge nel trecento) (98min/Feature/Renato Polselli/Italy)
  11. Shock Treatment (Traitement de choc) (91min/Feature/Alain Jessua/France-Italy)
  12. Mark of the Devil, Part II (Hexen geschändet und zu Tode gequält) (97min/Feature/Adrian Hoven/West Germany-UK)
  13. A Cold Night’s Death (74min/TV Movie/Jerrold Freedman/USA)
  14. Blood Orgy of the She-Devils (73 min/Feature/Ted V. Mikels/USA)
  15. Nothing But The Night (90min/Feature/Peter Sasdy/UK)
  16. Expulsion of the Devil (Au rendez-vous de la mort joyeuse) (90min/Feature/Juan Luis Buñuel/France-Italy)
  17. It Happened At Nightmare Inn (Una vela para el diablo) (83min/Feature/Eugenio Martin/Spain)
  18. Santo contra los asesinos de otros mundos (85min/Feature/Rubén Galindo/Mexico)
  19. Krasue Sao (?min/Feature/S. Naowaratch/Thailand)
  20. The Demons (Les demons) (79min/Feature/Jesús Franco/France-Portugal)
  21. Roc ou la malediction (?min/TV Movie/Daniel Vronecki/France)
  22. The Creeping Flesh (92min/Feature/Freddie Francis/UK)
  23. House of Terror (90min/Feature/Sergei Goncharoff/USA)
  24. The Horror At 37,000 Feet (73min/TV Movie/David Lowell Rick/USA)
  25. The Norliss Tapes (72mn/TV Movie/Dan Curtis/USA)
  26. Scream Bloody Murder (90min/Feature/Marc B. Ray/USA)
  27. Alabama’s Ghost (96min/Feature/Fredric Hobbs/USA)
  28. Miss Leslie’s Dolls (85min/Feature/Joseph G. Prieto/USA)
  29. Il prato macchiato di rosso (91min/Feature/Riccardo Ghione/Italy)
  30. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (78min/TV Movie/David Winters/UK-USA)
  31. Horror of the Wolf (Ôkami no monshô) (78min/Feature/Masashi Matsumoto/Japan)
  32. The Devil's Wedding Night (Il plenilunio delle vergini (83min/Feature/Luigi Batzella and Joe D'Amato/Italy)
  33. Theater of Blood (104min/Feature/Douglas Hickox/UK)
  34. The Crazies (103min/Feature/George A. Romero/USA)
  35. The Vault Of Horror (87min/Feature/Roy Ward BakeUK-USA)
  36. The House In Nightmare Park (100min/Feature/Peter Sykes/UK)
  37. Psyched by the 4D Witch (A Tale of Demonology) (81min/Feature/Victor Luminera/USA)
  38. The Baby (84min/Feature/Ted Post/USA)
  39. Crypt of the Living Dead (La tumba de la isla maldita) (75min/Feature/Julio Salvador and Ray Danton/Spain-USA)
  40. Bummer (90min/Feature/William Allen Castleman/USA)
  41. Please Don’t Eat My Mother! (98min/Feature/Carl Monson/USA)
  42. La muerte incierta(89min/Feature/José Ramón Larraz/Spain-Italy)
  43. Female Vampire (La comtesse noire) (72min/Feature/Jesús Franco/France-Belgium)
  44. Hunchback of the Morgue (El jorobado de la Morgue) (87min/Feature/Javier Aguirre/Spain)
  45. Count Dracula's Great Love (El gran amor del conde Drácula) (85min/Feature/Javier Aguirre/Spain)
  46. The She-Butterfly (Leptirica) (63min/TV Movie/Djordje Kadijevic/Yugoslavia)
  47. Ganja & Hess (110min/Feature/Bill Gunn/USA)
  48. The Picture of Dorian Gray (111min/TV Movie/Glenn Jordan/USA)
  49. Ambrose Dugal (?min/Feature/M.D. Navarro/The Philippines)
  50. And Now The Screaming Starts! (91min/Feature/Roy Ward BakeUK)
  51. Horror Rises From The Tomb (El espanto surge de la tumba) (88min/Feature/Carlos Aured/Spain)
  52. Wonder Women (82min/Feature/Robert Vincent O’Neill/The Philippines-USA)
  53. Cannibal Girls (84min/Feature/Ivan Reitman/Canada)
  54. Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural (80min/Feature/Richard Blackburn/USA)
  55. Messiah of Evil (90min/Feature/Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz/USA)
  56. The Sabbat of the Black Cat (80min/Feature/Ralph Lawrence Marsden/Australia)
  57. Don’t Look In The Basement (The Forgotten) (89min/Feature/S.F. Brownrigg/USA)
  58. La corrupción de Chris Miller (107min/Feature/Juan Antonio Bardem/Spain)
  59. The Beasts Of Terror (las bestias del terror) (83min/Feature/Alfredo B. Crevenna/Mexico)
  60. Pigs (Daddy's Deadly Darling) (80min/Feature/Marc Lawrence/USA)
  61. The Hourglass Sanatorium (Sanatorium pod Klepsydra) (124min/Feature/Wojciech Has/Poland)
  62. Terror In The Wax Museum (93min/Feature/Georg Fenady/USA)
  63. Horror Hospital (90min/Feature/Antony Balch/UK)
  64. The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein (La maldición de Frankenstein) (94min/Feature/Jesús Franco/Spain-France)
  65. Invasion Of The Bee Girls (86min/Feature/Denis Sanders/USA)
  66. El espectro del terror (81min/Feature/José Maria Elorrietalo/Spain)
  67. Wicked, Wicked (95min/Feature/Richard L. Bare/USA)
  68. Tian men zhen (?min/Feature/Feng-Pan Yao/Taiwan)
  69. The Legend of Hell House (95min/Feature/John Hough/UK)
  70. The Loreley’s Grasp (Las garras de Lorelei) (85min/Feature/Amando de Ossorio/Spain)
  71. Drakula Goes To R.P. (?min/Feature/Tony Cayado/The Philippines)
  72. Love Brides of the Blood Mummy (El secreto de la momia egipcia) (83min/Feature/Alejandro Martí/Spain-France)
  73. Blue Demon y Zovek en La invasión de los muertos (85min/Feature/René Cardona/Mexico)
  74. Belladonna of Sadness (Kanashimi no beradonna) (86min/Feature/Eiichi Yamamoto/Japan)
  75. Scream Blacula Scream (96min/Feature/Bob Kelljan/USA)
  76. Vengeance of the Zombies (La rebelión de las muertas) (98min/Feature/León Klimovsky/Spain)
  77. The Wednesday Children (88min/Feature/Robert D. West/USA0
  78. Las flores del miedo (87min/Feature/José María Oliveira/Spain)
  79. The Candy Snatchers (94min/Feature/Guerdon Trueblood/USA)
  80. Deadly Visitor (90min/TV Movie/Lela Swift/USA)
  81. The Crimes of Petiot (Los crímenes de Petio) (85min/Feature/José Luis Madrid/Spain)
  82. Death Smiles on a Murderer (La morte ha sorriso all'assassin) (92min/Feature/Joe D’Amato/Italy)
  83. Schlock (80min/Feature/John Landis/USA)
  84. Majingâ Zetto tai Debiruman (43min/Short/Kôichi Tsunoda/Japan)
  85. Santo y Blue Demon vs Drácula y el Hombre Lobo (90min/Feature/Miguel M. Delgado/Mexico)
  86. Sssssss (99min/Feature/Bernard L. Kowalski/USA)
  87. The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (93min/Feature/Nathan H. Juran/USA)
  88. Chabelo y Pepito contra los monstruos (90min/Feature/José Estrada/Mexico)
  89. A Name For Evil (74min/Feature/Bernard Girard/USA)
  90. Night Watch (99min/Feature/Brian G. Hutton/UK-USA)
  91. House of Madness (The Mansion of Madness) (82min/Feature/Juan López Moctezuma/Mexico)
  92. Wonnyeo (86min/Feature/Yu-seob Lee/South Korea)
  93. No, the Case Is Happily Resolved (No il caso è felicemente risolto) (93min/Feature/Vittorio Salerno/Italy)
  94. The Castle of Mummies of Guanajuato (El castillo de las momias de Guanajuato) (85min/Feature/Feature/Tito Novaro/Mexico-Guatemala)
  95. The Hanging Woman (La orgía de los muertos) (91min/Feature/José Luis Merino/Spain-Italy)
  96. Anak ng asuang (?min/Feature/Romy Suzara/The Philippines)
  97. The Pyx (108min/Feature/Harvey Hart/Canada)
  98. The Return of the Evil Dead (El ataque de los muertos sin ojos) (91min/Feature/Amando de Ossorio/Spain)
  99. Bell from Hell (La campana del infierno) (93min/Feature/Claudio Guerín and Juan Antonio Bardem/Spain-France)
  100. Dying Room Only (74min/TV Movie/Philip Leacock/USA)
  101. Satan’s School For Girls (78min/TV Movie/David Lowell Rich/USA)
  102. The Devil Witch (Baba Yaga) (91min/Feature/Corrado Farina/Italy-France)
  103. Horror High (85min/Feature/Larry N. StouffeUSA)
  104. Curse of the Devil (El retorno de Walpurgis) (73min/Feature/Carlos Aured/Spain-Mexico)
  105. Warlock Moon (89min/Feature/William Herbert/USA)
  106. An Eye For An Eye (84min/Feature/Larry G. Brown/USA)
  107. Beyond Atlantis (91min/Feature/Eddie Romero/The Philippines-USA)
  108. Blood (69min/Feature/Andy Milligan/USA)
  109. The Legend of Blood Castle (Ceremonia sangrienta) (102min/Feature/Jorge Grau/Spain-Italy)
  110. Santo contra la magia negra (95min/Feature/Alfredo B. Crevenna/Mexico-Haiti)
  111. Tanikalang dugo (?min/Feature/Augusto Buenaventura/The Philippines)
  112. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (74min/TV Movie/John Newland/USA)
  113. Don’t Look Now (110min/Feature/Nicolas Roeg/UK-Italy)
  114. The Devil’s Plaything (Der Fluch der schwarzen Schwestern) (103min/Feature/Joseph W. Sarno/Sweden-Switzerland-West Germany)
  115. Sex of the Witch (Il sesso della strega) (?min/Feature/Angelo Pannacciò/Italy)
  116. Capulina contra las momias (El terror de Guanajuato) (95min/Feature/Alfredo Zacarías/Mexico)
  117. Tales That Witness Madness (90min/Feature/Freddie Francis/UK)
  118. The Werewolf of Washington (90min/Feature/Milton Moses Ginsberg/USA)
  119. Hex (92min/Feature/Leo Garen/USA)
  120. Doctor Death: Seeker of Souls (89min/Feature/Eddie Saeta/USA)
  121. Voodoo Heartbeat (88min/Feature/Charles Nizet/USA-Belgium)
  122. Shadow House (11min/Short/Ken Dixon/USA)
  123. The Satanic Rites of Dracula (87min/Feature/Alan Gibson/UK)
  124. A Virgin Among the Living Dead (La nuit des étoiles filantes) (92min/Feature/Jesús Franco and Pierre Quérut/Belgium-France-Italy-Liechtenstein)
  125. Dream City (Traumstadt) (124min/Feature/Johannes Schaaf/West Germany)
  126. Arnold (94min/Feature/George Fenady/USA)
  127. Cheondong (84min/Feature/Yu-seob Lee/South Korea)
  128. Scream, Pretty Peggy (74min/TV Movie/Gordon HessleUSA)
  129. Frankenstein: The True Story (185min/TV Movie/Jack Smight/USA)
  130. The Man and the Beast (El hombre y la bestia) (85min/Feature/Julián SoleMexico)
  131. Flesh For Frankenstein (Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein) (95min/Feature/Paul Morrissey and Antonio Margheriti/USA-Italy-France)
  132. Valley of Blood (64min/Feature/Dean TurneUSA)
  133. Woman With Half A Soul (Banhonnyeo) (90min/Feature/Sang-ok Shin/South Korea)
  134. Shock-a-bye, Baby (?min/TV Movie/Lela Swift/USA)
  135. The Wicker Man (88min/Feature/Robin Hardy/UK)
  136. The House That Vanished (Scream...and Die!) (96min/Feature/José Ramón Larraz/UK-Spain)
  137. El juego del adulterio (82min/Feature/Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent/Spain)
  138. The Cat Creature (72min/TV Movie/Curtis Harrington/USA)
  139. Santo Versus Doctor Death (Santo contra el doctor Muerte) (95min/Feature/Rafael Romero Marchent/Mexico-Spain)
  140. Lost Hearts (35min/Short/Lawrence Gordon Clark/UK)
  141. The Exorcist (122min/Feature/William Friedkin/USA)
  142. Lisa and the Devil (Lisa e il diavolo) (95min/Feature/Mario Bava/Italy-West Germany-Spain)
  143. The Vampires’ Night Orgy (La orgía nocturna de los vampiros) (84min/Feature/León Klimovsky/Spain-Italy)
  144. Voices (91min/Feature/Kevin Billington/UK)
  145. The Sinful Dwarf (Dværgen) (95min/Feature/Eduardo FulleDenmark)
  146. The Killing Kind (88min/Feature/Curtis Harrington/USA)
  147. Blackenstein (87min/Feature/William A. Levey/USA)
  148. Malatesta’s Carnival Of Blood (74min/Feature/Christopher Speeth/USA)
  149. The Bloody Slaying of Sarah Ridelander (Cycle Psycho) (Savage Abduction) (82min/Feature/John Lawrence/USA)
  150. Schoolgirls In Chains (86min/Feature/Don Jones/USA)
  151. Al otro lado del espejo (82min/Feature/Jesús Franco/Spain-France)
  152. The Severed Arm (89min/Feature/Tom Alderman/USA)
  153. The Bride (The House That Cried Murder) (85min/Feature/Jean-Marie Pélissié/Canada-USA)
  154. Godmonster of Indian Flats (89min/Feature/Fredric Hobbs/USA)
  155. Hollywood 90028 (90min/Feature/Christina HornisheUSA0
  156. Salome (18min/Short/Clive BarkeUK)
  157. The Dracula Saga (La saga de los Drácula) (92min/Feature/León Klimovsky/Spain)
  158. The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff (Los ojos siniestros del doctor Orloff) (81min/Feature/Jesús Franco/Spain)
  159. Dracula (?min/TV Movie/Jack Nixon-Browne/Canada)
  160. The Hidan of Maukbeiangjow (93min/Feature/Lee Jones/USA)
  161. Maxie (The Butchers) (89min/Feature/Paulmichel Mielche/USA)
  162. Sticenik (46min/TV Movie/Djordje Kadijevic/Yugoslavia)
  163. Kwiat (6min/Short/Zdzislaw Kudla/Poland)
  164. Bruka: Queen of Evil (Ren tou she) (97min/Feature/Felix Villar and Chi-Lien Yu/Hong Kong-The Philippines)
  165. The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water (2min/Short/Jeff Grant/UK)
  166. Devicanska svirka (55min/TV Movie/Djordje Kadijevic/Yugoslavia)
  167. Ghoul (Ghool) (82min/Feature/David Ismaili/Iran)
  168. The Return (30min/Short/Sture Rydman/UK)
  169. Kung bakit dugo ang kulay ng gabi (?min/Feature/Celso Ad. Castillo/The Philippines)
  170. Wohi Raat Wohi Awaaz (?min/Feature/?/India)
  171. Napsu gila (95min/Feature/Ali Shahab/Indonesia)
  172. Si manis jembatan ancol (95min/Feature/Turino Junaidy/Indonesia)
  173. San Dr. Misica (71min/TV Movie/Branko Plesa/Yugoslavia)
  174. Tah Tien (103min/Feature/Sompote Sands/Thailand)
  175. Imp of the Perverse (?min/Short/Josh BeckeUSA)
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2018.10.08 00:37 tombstoneshadows28 The Chronological History of the Cinematic Macabre (Part 8 of ?)

  1. An Evening Of Edgar Allan Poe (53min/Feature/Kenneth Johnson/USA)
  2. Ombre roventi (88min/Feature/Mario Caiano/Italy)
  3. The House That Screamed (La residencia) (94min/Feature/Narciso Ibáñez SerradoSpain)
  4. The Dunwich Horror (90min/Feature/Daniel HalleUSA)
  5. The Ravager (76min/Feature/Charles Nizet/USA)
  6. Witchhammer (Kladiva na carodejnice) (103min/Feature/Otakar Vávra/Czechoslovakia)
  7. Torture Dungeon (80min/Feature/Andy Milligan/USA)
  8. Bloodthirsty Butchers (79min/Feature/Andy Milligan/USA-UK)
  9. Balsamaus l’uomo di Satana (99min/Feature/Pupi Avati/Italy)
  10. Scream and Scream Again (95min/Feature/Gordon HessleUK)
  11. Fei long wang zip o qun yao (100min/Feature/Namio Yuasa/Taiwan-Japan)
  12. Horror of the Blood Monsters (85min/Feature/Al Adamson/USA)
  13. The Bloody Judge (Il trono di fuoco) (84min/Feature/Jesús Franco/Liechtenstein-Italy-Spain-West Germany)
  14. Hiwaga ng lagim (?min/Feature/Jose Miranda Cruz/The Philippines)
  15. Girly (Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly) (102min/Feature/Freddie Francis/UK)
  16. Cauldron of Blood (El coleccionista de cadáveres) (95min/Feature/Edward Mann/UK-Spain-USA)
  17. Kampon ni Satanas (?min/Feature/Mar B. Isidro/The Philippines)
  18. Mark of the Devil (Hexen bis aufs Blut gequält) (90min/Feature/Michael Armstrong and Adrian Hoven/West Germany)
  19. Eugenie (De Sade 70) (87min/Feature/Jesús Franco/Spain-West Germany)
  20. Ritual Of Evil (100min/TV Movie/Robert Day/USA)
  21. Assignment Terror (Los monstruos del terror) (87min/Feature/Tulio Demicheli, Hugo Fregonese, Germany-Italy)
  22. Os cinco Avisos de Satanás (104min/Feature/José Luis Merino)
  23. The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo) (96min/Feature/Dario Argento/Italy-West Germany)
  24. Devil Woman (?min/Feature/Jose Flores Sibal/The Philippines)
  25. Women and Bloody Terror (97min/Feature/Joy N. Houck, Jr./USA)
  26. Bizarre (Secrets of Sex) (92min/Feature/Antony Balch/UK)
  27. The Psycho Lover (80min/Feature/Robert Vincent O’Neill/USA)
  28. Multiple Maniacs (91min/Feature/John Waters/USA)
  29. Dr. Frankenstein On Campus (Flick) (83min/Feature/Gilbert W. TayloCanada)
  30. Dorian Gray (Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray) (93min/Feature/Massimo Dallamano/UK-Italy-West Germany)
  31. Ghosts of Chosun (Ijo geodam) (81min/Feature/Sang-ok Shin)
  32. Blood of the Iron Maiden (84min/Feature/Ben Benoit/USA)
  33. In The Folds of the Flesh (Nelle pieghe della carne) (92min/Feature/Sergio Bergonzelli/Italy-Spain)
  34. Beast of Blood (90min/Feature/Eddie Romero/The Philippines-USA)
  35. Taste The Blood of Dracula (91min/Feature/Peter Sasdy/UK)
  36. Santo and Blue Demon Against the Monsters (Santo el enmascarado de plata y Blue Demon contra los monstruos) (85min/Feature/Gilberto Martínez Solares/Mexico)
  37. Una spada per Brando (94min/Feature/Alfio Caltabiano/Italy)
  38. Jonathan (110min/Feature/Hans W. GeissendörfeWest Germany)
  39. Flesh Feast (82min/Feature/Brad F. GrinteUSA)
  40. The Nude Vampire (La vampire nue) (88min/Feature/Jean Rollin/France)
  41. La tête froide (13min/Short/Patrick Hella/Belgium)
  42. Le village de Lilith (15min/Short/Philippe Durand/France)
  43. De mes amours décomposées (10min/Short/Jacques ZimmeFrance)
  44. A Hatchet for the Honeymoon (Il rosso segno della follia) (88min/Feature/Mario Bava/Spain-Italy)
  45. Crescendo (83min/Feature/Alan Gibson/UK)
  46. Count Yorga, Vampire (93min/Feature/Bob Kelljan/USA)
  47. Sinthia: The Devil’s Doll (78min/Feature/Ray Dennis SteckleUSA)
  48. Moon and Midnight (Midi minuit) (101min/Feature/Pierre Philippe/France)
  49. Blind Woman's Curse (Hîchirimen bâkuto - Nôbarydu takahadâ) (85min/Feature/Teruo Ishii/Japan/)
  50. Kaidan Kasane-ga-fuchi (82min/Feature/Kimiyoshi Yasuda/Japan)
  51. Il tuo dolce corpo da uccidere (88min/Feature/Alfonso Brescia/Italy-Spain)
  52. And Soon The Darkness (94min/Feature/Robert Fuest/UK)
  53. The Vampire Doll (Yûrei yashiki no kyôfu: Chi wo sû ningyô) (85min/Feature/Michio Yamamoto/Japan)
  54. Terror In The Streets (akuma ga yondeiru) (76min/Feature/Michio Yamamoto/Japan)
  55. Cry of the Banshee (91min/Feature/Gordon HessleUK)
  56. Entertaining Mr. Sloane (94min/Feature/Douglas Hickox/UK)
  57. Equinox (80min/Feature/Jack Woods, Dennis Muren and Mark Thomas McGee/USA)
  58. The Grandmother (34min/Short/David Lynch/USA)
  59. Goodbye Gemini (89min/Feature/Alan Gibson/UK)
  60. Revenge of the Snake Woman (Sanyeoui han) (?min/Feature/Yong-min Lee/South Korea)
  61. House of Dark Shadows (97min/Feature/Dan Curtis/USA)
  62. The Amorous Adventures of a Young Postman (Beiß mich, Liebling) (102min/Feature/Helmut FörnbacheWest Germany)
  63. Bigfoot (84min/Feature/Robert F. SlatzeUSA)
  64. The Blood Rose (La rose écorchée) (92min/Feature/Claude Mulot/France)
  65. Fragment of Fear (94min/Feature/Richard C. Sarafian/UK)
  66. Eommaui han (?min/Feature/Yu-seob Lee/South Korea)
  67. Night of the Witches (75min/Feature/Keith Larsen/Canada-USA)
  68. The Room of Chains (Les amours particulières) (79min/Feature/Gérard Trembasiewicz/France)
  69. Lokis. Rekopis profesora Wittembacha (100min/Feature/Janusz Majewski/Poland)
  70. From Ear To Ear (Les cousines) (81min/Feature/Louis Soulanes/France)
  71. Sensuous Sorceress (Skräcken har 1000 ögon) (99min/Feature/Torgny Wickman/Sweden)
  72. Thomas and the Bewitched (Thomas e gli indemoniati) (98min/Feature/Pupi Avati/Italy)
  73. Guru, The Mad Monk (62min/Feature/Andy Milligan/USA)
  74. The Body Beneath (82min/Feature/Andy Milligan/UK)
  75. Trog (93min/Feature/Freddie Francis/UK)
  76. Mark of the Witch (84min/Feature/Tom Moore/USA)
  77. Land of the Dead (El mundo del los muertos) (85min/Feature/Gilberto Martínez Solares/Mexico)
  78. The Vampire Lovers (91min/Feature/Roy Ward BakeUK-USA)
  79. Scream of the Demon Lover (Il castello dalle porte di fuoco) (98min/Feature/José Luis Merino/Italy-Spain)
  80. Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Valerie a týden divu) (77min/Feature/Jaromil Jires/Czechoslovakia)
  81. The Wizard Of Gore (95min/Feature/Herschell Gordon Lewis/USA)
  82. The Great Unknown (Velká neznámá) (85min/Feature/Pavel Hobl/Czechoslovakia)
  83. Dr. Orloff's Invisible Monster (La vie amoureuse de l'homme invisible) (82min/Feature/Pierre ChevalieFrance-Spain)
  84. The House That Would Not Die (74min/Feature/John Llewellyn Moxey/USA)
  85. Blood Mania (81min/Feature/Robert Vincent O’Neill/USA)
  86. Paranoia (30min/Short/Joe DeBartolo/USA)
  87. Tales of Washington Irving (60min/TV Movie/Zoran Janjic/Australia)
  88. Scars Of Dracula (96min/Feature/Roy Ward BakeUK)
  89. The Horror Of Frankenstein (95min/Feature/Jimmy SangsteUK)
  90. Crowhaven Farm (74min/TV Movie/Walter Grauman/USA)
  91. Il dio serpente (94min/Feature/Piero Vivarelli/Italy-Venezuela)
  92. Necropolis (124min/Feature/Franco Brocani/Italy-UK)
  93. La tzira (23min/Short/Gianfranco Callegari/Italy)
  94. Queens Of Evil (Le regine) (90min/Feature/Tonino Cervi/Italy-France)
  95. La venganza de las mujeres vampire (85min/Feature/Federico Curiel/Mexico)
  96. I Drink Your Blood (83min/Feature/David E. Durston/USA)
  97. The Devil’s Widow (The Ballad of Tam Lin) (106min/Feature/Roddy McDowall/UK)
  98. Awakening of the Beast (O Ritual dos Sádicos) (93min/Feature/José Mojica Marins/Brazil)
  99. Sex and the Single Vampire (55min/Feature/Modunk PhreezeUSA)
  100. Carnival of Blood (87min/Feature/Leonard Kirtman/USA)
  101. Savage Intruder (100min/Feature/Donald Wolfe/USA)
  102. Venus Flytrap (Body of the Prey) (94min/Feature/Norman Earl Thomson/USA-Japan)
  103. Dream No Evil (84min/Feature/John Hayes/USA)
  104. Madam Satan (59min/Feature/Tom Gordon/USA)
  105. Janie (65min/Feature/Jack Bravman/USA)
  106. Umbracle (85min/Feature/Pene Portabella/Spain)
  107. Gui wu li ren (81min/Feature/Hsu Chiang Chou/Hong Kong-Taiwan)
  108. Devil Woman (She yao jing) (94min/Feature/Felix Villar and Chi-Lien Yu/Hong Kong-The Philippines)
  109. The Ossuary (Kostnice) (10min/Short/Jan ŠvankmajeCzechoslovakia)
  110. Scream, Evelyn, Scream! (?min/Feature/Tom Anthony and Robert Hensley/USA)
  111. Night of the Bloody Transplant (?min/Feature/David W. Hanson/USA)
  112. Daughter of Satan (?min/Feature/Hardi Burton/USA)
  113. The Dead Don't Talk (Ölüler konusmaz ki) (76min/Feature/Yavuz Yalinkiliç/Turkey)
  114. Nosferato in Brazil (Nosferato no Brasil) (27min/Short/Ivan Cardoso/Brazil)
  115. Selective Service System (13min/Documentary Short/Warren Haack/USA)
  116. An Artistic Couple (Un couple d'artistes) (13min/Short/Bruno Gantillon/France)
  117. Les dieux en colère (52min/Feature/Mario MercieFrance)
  118. Ashes of Doom (2min/Short/Grant Munro and Don Arioli/Canada)
  119. A Possuída dos Mil Demônios (?min/Feature/Carlos Frederico Rodrigues/Brazil)
  120. Africa Danny (17min/Short/Stephen Chiodo/USA)
  121. Vent pire (4min/Short/Gérard Courant/France)
  122. Le detour (12min/Short/Patrice Molinard/France)
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2018.10.08 00:32 tombstoneshadows28 The Chronological History of the Cinematic Macabre (Part 6 of ?)

  1. An Evening Of Edgar Allan Poe (53min/Feature/Kenneth Johnson/USA)
  2. Ombre roventi (88min/Feature/Mario Caiano/Italy)
  3. The House That Screamed (La residencia) (94min/Feature/Narciso Ibáñez SerradoSpain)
  4. The Dunwich Horror (90min/Feature/Daniel HalleUSA)
  5. The Ravager (76min/Feature/Charles Nizet/USA)
  6. Witchhammer (Kladiva na carodejnice) (103min/Feature/Otakar Vávra/Czechoslovakia)
  7. Torture Dungeon (80min/Feature/Andy Milligan/USA)
  8. Bloodthirsty Butchers (79min/Feature/Andy Milligan/USA-UK)
  9. Balsamaus l’uomo di Satana (99min/Feature/Pupi Avati/Italy)
  10. Scream and Scream Again (95min/Feature/Gordon HessleUK)
  11. Fei long wang zip o qun yao (100min/Feature/Namio Yuasa/Taiwan-Japan)
  12. Horror of the Blood Monsters (85min/Feature/Al Adamson/USA)
  13. The Bloody Judge (Il trono di fuoco) (84min/Feature/Jesús Franco/Liechtenstein-Italy-Spain-West Germany)
  14. Hiwaga ng lagim (?min/Feature/Jose Miranda Cruz/The Philippines)
  15. Girly (Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly) (102min/Feature/Freddie Francis/UK)
  16. Cauldron of Blood (El coleccionista de cadáveres) (95min/Feature/Edward Mann/UK-Spain-USA)
  17. Kampon ni Satanas (?min/Feature/Mar B. Isidro/The Philippines)
  18. Mark of the Devil (Hexen bis aufs Blut gequält) (90min/Feature/Michael Armstrong and Adrian Hoven/West Germany)
  19. Eugenie (De Sade 70) (87min/Feature/Jesús Franco/Spain-West Germany)
  20. Ritual Of Evil (100min/TV Movie/Robert Day/USA)
  21. Assignment Terror (Los monstruos del terror) (87min/Feature/Tulio Demicheli, Hugo Fregonese, Germany-Italy)
  22. Os cinco Avisos de Satanás (104min/Feature/José Luis Merino)
  23. The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo) (96min/Feature/Dario Argento/Italy-West Germany)
  24. Devil Woman (?min/Feature/Jose Flores Sibal/The Philippines)
  25. Women and Bloody Terror (97min/Feature/Joy N. Houck, Jr./USA)
  26. Bizarre (Secrets of Sex) (92min/Feature/Antony Balch/UK)
  27. The Psycho Lover (80min/Feature/Robert Vincent O’Neill/USA)
  28. Multiple Maniacs (91min/Feature/John Waters/USA)
  29. Dr. Frankenstein On Campus (Flick) (83min/Feature/Gilbert W. TayloCanada)
  30. Dorian Gray (Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray) (93min/Feature/Massimo Dallamano/UK-Italy-West Germany)
  31. Ghosts of Chosun (Ijo geodam) (81min/Feature/Sang-ok Shin)
  32. Blood of the Iron Maiden (84min/Feature/Ben Benoit/USA)
  33. In The Folds of the Flesh (Nelle pieghe della carne) (92min/Feature/Sergio Bergonzelli/Italy-Spain)
  34. Beast of Blood (90min/Feature/Eddie Romero/The Philippines-USA)
  35. Taste The Blood of Dracula (91min/Feature/Peter Sasdy/UK)
  36. Santo and Blue Demon Against the Monsters (Santo el enmascarado de plata y Blue Demon contra los monstruos) (85min/Feature/Gilberto Martínez Solares/Mexico)
  37. Una spada per Brando (94min/Feature/Alfio Caltabiano/Italy)
  38. Jonathan (110min/Feature/Hans W. GeissendörfeWest Germany)
  39. Flesh Feast (82min/Feature/Brad F. GrinteUSA)
  40. The Nude Vampire (La vampire nue) (88min/Feature/Jean Rollin/France)
  41. La tête froide (13min/Short/Patrick Hella/Belgium)
  42. Le village de Lilith (15min/Short/Philippe Durand/France)
  43. De mes amours décomposées (10min/Short/Jacques ZimmeFrance)
  44. A Hatchet for the Honeymoon (Il rosso segno della follia) (88min/Feature/Mario Bava/Spain-Italy)
  45. Crescendo (83min/Feature/Alan Gibson/UK)
  46. Count Yorga, Vampire (93min/Feature/Bob Kelljan/USA)
  47. Sinthia: The Devil’s Doll (78min/Feature/Ray Dennis SteckleUSA)
  48. Moon and Midnight (Midi minuit) (101min/Feature/Pierre Philippe/France)
  49. Blind Woman's Curse (Hîchirimen bâkuto - Nôbarydu takahadâ) (85min/Feature/Teruo Ishii/Japan/)
  50. Kaidan Kasane-ga-fuchi (82min/Feature/Kimiyoshi Yasuda/Japan)
  51. Il tuo dolce corpo da uccidere (88min/Feature/Alfonso Brescia/Italy-Spain)
  52. And Soon The Darkness (94min/Feature/Robert Fuest/UK)
  53. The Vampire Doll (Yûrei yashiki no kyôfu: Chi wo sû ningyô) (85min/Feature/Michio Yamamoto/Japan)
  54. Terror In The Streets (akuma ga yondeiru) (76min/Feature/Michio Yamamoto/Japan)
  55. Cry of the Banshee (91min/Feature/Gordon HessleUK)
  56. Entertaining Mr. Sloane (94min/Feature/Douglas Hickox/UK)
  57. Equinox (80min/Feature/Jack Woods, Dennis Muren and Mark Thomas McGee/USA)
  58. The Grandmother (34min/Short/David Lynch/USA)
  59. Goodbye Gemini (89min/Feature/Alan Gibson/UK)
  60. Revenge of the Snake Woman (Sanyeoui han) (?min/Feature/Yong-min Lee/South Korea)
  61. House of Dark Shadows (97min/Feature/Dan Curtis/USA)
  62. The Amorous Adventures of a Young Postman (Beiß mich, Liebling) (102min/Feature/Helmut FörnbacheWest Germany)
  63. Bigfoot (84min/Feature/Robert F. SlatzeUSA)
  64. The Blood Rose (La rose écorchée) (92min/Feature/Claude Mulot/France)
  65. Fragment of Fear (94min/Feature/Richard C. Sarafian/UK)
  66. Eommaui han (?min/Feature/Yu-seob Lee/South Korea)
  67. Night of the Witches (75min/Feature/Keith Larsen/Canada-USA)
  68. The Room of Chains (Les amours particulières) (79min/Feature/Gérard Trembasiewicz/France)
  69. Lokis. Rekopis profesora Wittembacha (100min/Feature/Janusz Majewski/Poland)
  70. From Ear To Ear (Les cousines) (81min/Feature/Louis Soulanes/France)
  71. Sensuous Sorceress (Skräcken har 1000 ögon) (99min/Feature/Torgny Wickman/Sweden)
  72. Thomas and the Bewitched (Thomas e gli indemoniati) (98min/Feature/Pupi Avati/Italy)
  73. Guru, The Mad Monk (62min/Feature/Andy Milligan/USA)
  74. The Body Beneath (82min/Feature/Andy Milligan/UK)
  75. Trog (93min/Feature/Freddie Francis/UK)
  76. Mark of the Witch (84min/Feature/Tom Moore/USA)
  77. Land of the Dead (El mundo del los muertos) (85min/Feature/Gilberto Martínez Solares/Mexico)
  78. The Vampire Lovers (91min/Feature/Roy Ward BakeUK-USA)
  79. Scream of the Demon Lover (Il castello dalle porte di fuoco) (98min/Feature/José Luis Merino/Italy-Spain)
  80. Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Valerie a týden divu) (77min/Feature/Jaromil Jires/Czechoslovakia)
  81. The Wizard Of Gore (95min/Feature/Herschell Gordon Lewis/USA)
  82. The Great Unknown (Velká neznámá) (85min/Feature/Pavel Hobl/Czechoslovakia)
  83. Dr. Orloff's Invisible Monster (La vie amoureuse de l'homme invisible) (82min/Feature/Pierre ChevalieFrance-Spain)
  84. The House That Would Not Die (74min/Feature/John Llewellyn Moxey/USA)
  85. Blood Mania (81min/Feature/Robert Vincent O’Neill/USA)
  86. Paranoia (30min/Short/Joe DeBartolo/USA)
  87. Tales of Washington Irving (60min/TV Movie/Zoran Janjic/Australia)
  88. Scars Of Dracula (96min/Feature/Roy Ward BakeUK)
  89. The Horror Of Frankenstein (95min/Feature/Jimmy SangsteUK)
  90. Crowhaven Farm (74min/TV Movie/Walter Grauman/USA)
  91. Il dio serpente (94min/Feature/Piero Vivarelli/Italy-Venezuela)
  92. Necropolis (124min/Feature/Franco Brocani/Italy-UK)
  93. La tzira (23min/Short/Gianfranco Callegari/Italy)
  94. Queens Of Evil (Le regine) (90min/Feature/Tonino Cervi/Italy-France)
  95. La venganza de las mujeres vampire (85min/Feature/Federico Curiel/Mexico)
  96. I Drink Your Blood (83min/Feature/David E. Durston/USA)
  97. The Devil’s Widow (The Ballad of Tam Lin) (106min/Feature/Roddy McDowall/UK)
  98. Awakening of the Beast (O Ritual dos Sádicos) (93min/Feature/José Mojica Marins/Brazil)
  99. Sex and the Single Vampire (55min/Feature/Modunk PhreezeUSA)
  100. Carnival of Blood (87min/Feature/Leonard Kirtman/USA)
  101. Savage Intruder (100min/Feature/Donald Wolfe/USA)
  102. Venus Flytrap (Body of the Prey) (94min/Feature/Norman Earl Thomson/USA-Japan)
  103. Dream No Evil (84min/Feature/John Hayes/USA)
  104. Madam Satan (59min/Feature/Tom Gordon/USA)
  105. Janie (65min/Feature/Jack Bravman/USA)
  106. Umbracle (85min/Feature/Pene Portabella/Spain)
  107. Gui wu li ren (81min/Feature/Hsu Chiang Chou/Hong Kong-Taiwan)
  108. Devil Woman (She yao jing) (94min/Feature/Felix Villar and Chi-Lien Yu/Hong Kong-The Philippines)
  109. The Ossuary (Kostnice) (10min/Short/Jan ŠvankmajeCzechoslovakia)
  110. Scream, Evelyn, Scream! (?min/Feature/Tom Anthony and Robert Hensley/USA)
  111. Night of the Bloody Transplant (?min/Feature/David W. Hanson/USA)
  112. Daughter of Satan (?min/Feature/Hardi Burton/USA)
  113. The Dead Don't Talk (Ölüler konusmaz ki) (76min/Feature/Yavuz Yalinkiliç/Turkey)
  114. Nosferato in Brazil (Nosferato no Brasil) (27min/Short/Ivan Cardoso/Brazil)
  115. Selective Service System (13min/Documentary Short/Warren Haack/USA)
  116. An Artistic Couple (Un couple d'artistes) (13min/Short/Bruno Gantillon/France)
  117. Les dieux en colère (52min/Feature/Mario MercieFrance)
  118. Ashes of Doom (2min/Short/Grant Munro and Don Arioli/Canada)
  119. A Possuída dos Mil Demônios (?min/Feature/Carlos Frederico Rodrigues/Brazil)
  120. Africa Danny (17min/Short/Stephen Chiodo/USA)
  121. Vent pire (4min/Short/Gérard Courant/France)
  122. Le detour (12min/Short/Patrice Molinard/France)
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2018.06.22 15:01 Tweakedenigma It’s Indie Friday!

Disclaimer: There are companies included in the list that are not indies: AAA, CMLL, NJPW, ROH, Impact, etc. being prime examples. I chose to include these though as I felt a lot of people weren't aware of them and this might get some more eyes on them.
(Links to GWN might redirect to their splash page if you aren’t logged in)
Also please note TNA has now moved to ImpactWrestling
Now onto the Free stuff:
MLW Fusion Episode 9: Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix vs. The World
Reality of Wrestling: Episode 213
Championship Wrestling From Hollywood: Episode 368
Championship Wrestling from Arizona
WCWC Episode 211
Oriental Wrestling Entertainment
Future Stars of Wrestling High Octane
House of Hardcore TV
3-2-1 BATTLE! Presents: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! SOLID STEEL!
BWF Telecatch #273
Southern Legacy Wrestling: Episode #23
Discovery Wrestling: Episode 3
Pro Wrestling Battleground: Breakout TV ep. 227
SHOWDOWN Spotlight TV Episode 10
AIWF: Midatlantic 295
Capitol Wresting Episode 63
Fully Loaded TV Episode 100
Cross Body Pro Wrestling - Ep 87
Continental Championship Wrestling: Superstars of the Ring
Cape Championship Wrestling CHAOS SE2 EP 14
Cape Championship Wrestling CHAOS SE2 EP 15
HoB Turnbuckle TV Season 3 Episode 19
AWA Supreme Last Word Episode 24
SWE UPRISING - Episode 3
PWR San Francisco March 10 2018 FULL
ROH Wrestling: Episode #352
IMPACT! Wrestling
IMPACT! Wrestling’s Xplosion
IMPACT Wrestling: Slammiversary 2005
NJPW: KIZUNA ROAD 2018, Jun 17 First 2 matches
NJPW: KIZUNA ROAD 2018, Jun 18 First 2 matches
NJPW: Super Strong Machine Retirement Ceremony First 2 matches
AAA Worldwide: TEHUACÁN Parte 1
PWS: Vader & 2 Cold Scorpio vs Jay Lethal & Devon Moore
AAW: Eddie Kingston vs Jimmy Jacobs
FEST Wrestling: POP CULTURE Leva Bates & Jason Cade vs. Shane Strickland & Adrian Alanis
INSPIRE PRO: Terrale Tempo vs. Ethan Price
Beyond Wrestling: Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards v Drew Gulak & Biff Busick
Beyond Wrestling: Josh Briggs vs. Davienne
Beyond Wrestling: Chris Dickinson v Joey Janela & Penelope Ford
Beyond Wrestling: War Machine vs. Da Hit Squad
WWR: Jordynne Grace & LuFisto vs. LAX
WWR: Alisha Edwards vs. Jenny Rose
CHIKARA: Oceanea/Merlok vs. Dasher Hatfield/Mr. Touchdown
EVOLVE: Adam Cole vs. Johnny Gargano
HOG: Sami Callihan vs Evander James
NBW: The Answer vs Dynamite Dylan Davis
NBW: Youngblood Cody Blayde vs Thad Hairy Howett
ROH: J-Rocc vs Afa Jr.
ROH: Bryan Danielson vs Christopher Daniels
NJPW: Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi vs Cody & Marty Scurll
IMPACT Wrestling: Jerry Lynn vs Scott D'Amore
IMPACT Wrestling: Sonjay Dutt vs Zema Ion
WWA4: Tacuri vs Bobby Flaco
WWA4: Liam Grey vs Dani J vs Ashton Starr
WWA4: Adrian Alanis vs David Ali
WWA4: AC Mack vs James Bandy
WWA4: AR Fox vs Lee Johnson
WWA4: Tommy Maserati vs Jackson Vile
Premier Pro Wrestling: Andy Anderson & "Not Bad" Chad vs Connor Corr & Zero-1
W.o.W: Nikos Rikos v Andros
W.o.W: Darius Carter v Jose
INSPIRE PRO: Matthew Palmer vs. Massive
ESW: High Seas vs Game Over vs Oliver St Express vs North America's Most Wanted
ESW: Mikey Everynite vs Puf
Martínez Entertainment: Black Taurus vs Mecha Wolf
FILLM: Atlantis vs Fuerza Guerrera
Innovative Pro Wrestling: Maria Manic vs Veda Scott vs Harlow O'Hara
Innovative Pro Wrestling: Jessicka Havok & The Awakening vs Clayton Jackson & The Night Ryderz
Innovative Pro Wrestling: Teddy Hart vs Zachary Wentz
VCW: Devin Chittick vs Brandino Davis
RIPTIDE: Jack Sexsmith vs David Starr
PPW: Ricky Martinez vs Blaxstrom
PPW: James Ellsworth vs Sam Adams
Shropshire Wrestling Alliance: Connors and Black vs Aussie Open
Battle Club Pro: Kiera Hogan vs Willow Nightingale
НФР: Kolya Siply vs Arammira
SWA: Chelsea Durden vs Roxy Rouge
SWA: Chris Spyder and The Soviet Assassin vs The Punkadelics
SWA: Christopher Santos vs Big O
SWA: Dann Lydon vs Logan Stevens
Superkick'd: KUSH Vs Cure
CWE: Handsome Falcons vs Police
AIW: EC3 VS. Chuck Taylor
Battle Arts Professional Wrestling: Yuki Ishikawa & Bolo Fung vs. Runyan Wild
Rockstar Pro: Jeremiah vs. Ron Mathis
EWF: Fancy International vs True Grit
EWF: Dicky Mayer vs Adrian Quest
EWF: Over the Top Rope Great Goliath
SPW: Lokomotiv vs The Statement
UWA: TP5 vs. The Step Dads
Capitol Wrestling: Sonny Kiss vs. Darius Carter
Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment: The Demented Bradley vs JJD
Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment: New Age Assassins vs Noise Pollution
Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment: Vinnie Damoochie vs Drago Azul
Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment: Trish Adora vs Bobbi Jo Hanson
Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment: Timothy Jones vs Nemesis
Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment: Blood Money vs Team Fabulous
Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment: Adam Hanson vs Jak Tatum Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment: Jay Smooth vs Asaafi
RWA: Hype Title 3 Way Match
For even more wrestling action be sure to check out the steaming services offered by: NJPW
Impact’s Twitch Channel
Impact’s Global Wrestling Network
ROH Honorclub
Dragon Gate
Powerbomb TV
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New Taiwan Entertainment Wrestling
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XWA Network
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AML On-Demand
The Fite App
3 Count Wrestling
Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero
Discovery On Demand
Impact Pro Wrestling
MCW Pro Wrestling
AML Wrestling
UWA Elite
Capitol Wrestling
House of Glory
Title Match Wrestling
Lucha Forever
EVE Wrestling
Over The Top Wrestling
White Wolf Wrestling on Demand
Melbourne City Wrestling
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Bueno, me gustan las canciones que me hacen mover la patita. Esto significa, más o menos que son rock, que no son mellow indie progre bullshit (todo bien con eso, solo no es lo que me va), ni baladas-rock, que tienen un ritmo más o menos constante y pegadizo, un redoblante que te marca bien bien la cancha, y un riff inolvidable.
Esto no significa que queremos cualquier rockito berreta 100% estereotipado y gastado. Les dejo a su criterio lo que esta demarcación significa, y les permito hatear mis inclusiones.
Si copa, después se puede hacer una playlist en Spotify y compilarla. Sale?
Voy a poner, en principio, todos los temas de Rock Nacional que me acuerdo que para mi cumplen estas condiciones, no matter how mainstream.
Charly: No Me Dejan Salir, No voy En Tren, Me Siento Mucho Mejor, Buscando un Símbolo de Paz, Fanky, Demoliendo Hoteles, Nos Siguen Pegando Abajo, Hablando A Tu Corazón
Soda: Persiana Americana, De Música Ligera, Nada Personal, En La Ciudad De La Furia, Sobredosis de TV, Sueles Dejarme Solo, Profugos, Jet Set, Mi Novia Tiene Bíceps, Te Hacen Falta Vitaminas
Spinetta: Post-Crucifixion, Cheques, Seguir Viviendo Sin Tu Amor,
Los Abuelos De La Nada: Mil Horas, Costumbres Argentinas,
Los Redondos: son demasiados para catalogar, básicamente todos sus primeros 6 o 7 discos con algunas exclusiones.
Fito Paez: Dos Días en la Vida, A Rodar Mi Vida, Tumbas de la Gloria, El Chico de la Tapa, Ciudad de Pobres Corazones.
Los Piojos: Verano del 92, El Farolito, Tan Solo, Marado
Los Rodriguez: Sin Documentos, Dulce Condena
Viejas Locas: Lo Artesanal, Qué Vas A Hacer Tan Sola Hoy (ambos TEMAZOS vengan de a unooooo)
Divididos: El 38, Ala Delta, Nene de Antes, Quien Se Tomo El Vino, Salgan Al Sol
Bersuit: Señor Cobranza, Yo Tomo,
Sumo: La Rubia Tarada, Estallando Desde El Oceano, Mejor No Hablar De Ciertas Cosas, Los Viejos Vinagres, No Tan Distintos, Crua Chan
León Gieco: Bandidos Rurales, Los Salieris de Charly, La Mamá de Jimmy, Ojo con los Orozco, Pensar en Nada.
Attaque 77: Beatle, Cartonero, El Jorobadito.
Los Caballeros de la Quema: Avanti Morocha, Oxidado, Romulo y Remo, Sapo de Otro Pozo.
Pappo: Hombre Suburbano, Malas Compañías, Ruta 66, Fiesta Cervezal, El Viejo, Siempre es lo Mismo Nena, Sucio y Desprolijo, Mi Vieja
Pappo's Blues: Trabajando en el ferrocarril, Sucio y desprolijo, Tren de las 16, Pobre Juan, Fiesta Cervesal, Abelardo el pollo
Riff: Que sea rock, La espada sagrada, Mucho por hacer
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs: El Matador, Mi Novia se Cayo a un Pozo Ciego, Manuel Santillán, El Satanico Dr Cadillac, Vasos Vacios, Mal Bicho, Siguiendo la Luna.
Los Auténticos Decadentes: El Gran Señor, Un Osito de Peluche de Taiwan, La Guitarra, Besandote, La Prima Lejana, Gente que No
Los Violadores: Ultraviolento, Represión, Como la primera vez, Nada ni nadie nos puede doblegar
Virus: Luna de Miel en la Mano, Wadu Wadu, Pronta Entrega, Hay Que Salir Del Agujero Interior, Amor Descartable, El Probador
Fabiana Cantilo: Mary Poppins, Mi Enfermedad
Miguel Mateos: Obsesión, Tira Para Arriba, En La Cocina, Huevos.
Ilya Kuriaky And The Valderramas: Abarajame, Jennifer Del Estero
Babasónicos - Irresponsables, David Lebon - Sueltate Rock and Roll, Los Twists - Cleopatra, Calamaro - Alta Suciedad, Juana la Loca Sabado a la Noche, Turf - Yo No Me Quiero Casar y ud?, Los Tipitos - Campanas en la Noche, Los Brujos - Kanishka
Eso tengo por ahora. Vayan tirando!
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2018.04.15 21:47 notonesenine How does one reconcile this kind of experience?

TL;DR 40 years in the church, TBM as they came. Now out on account of the essays, various historicity issues and sheer dishonesty on the part of the leaders. Had an experience as a 19 year old that is difficult to reconcile. Posting for some insight or dialog with folks with similar experiences or any insight and explanation. Fantastically long, and for that I apologize!
Background: Raised christian until I was 12. TBM from May 1978 (convert) to ~Sep 2016. Extended mission (18 to 24 mos), temple marriage, all 3 sons served missions. One son and one daughter married in temple. We were as in as in could be; the bluest of the blue. You know the old addage, "STP", about people who drive the ward? Same ten people? yeah, that was us. We held simultaneous callings (EQ prez, YM prez, Scoutmaster, Primary prez, RS prez, bishopric, stake callings, etc.) and wore many hats, paid our tithing and FOs when we couldn't afford to put milk in the fridge. TBM.
Dug into the references in the Essays on with my oldest son in the fall of 2016; he was ahead of me in his reading/searching and scared with what he found and where it led. I like to think I've always been open minded. I'm a biochemist by training (BS and PhD) and work in the oncology field. I know the scientific method. (Please don't ask about the mental gymnastics I earned gold medals for trying to marry evolution with gospel doctrine. Painful and embarrassing.) But he called me to ask about BoA and DNA evidence, and I welcomed the conversation. I thought I could readily dismiss the arguments against anti-BoM claims. Wrong. The more I dug, the more blatant and obvious the conclusion was. There is no linkage. Period. The arguments the authors used to justify the evidence against claim are taken so far out of context and manipulated to such an extent as to be laughable. If I were one of the 12, I wouldn't sign my name to it either. There is ZERO DNA evidence to link Native Americans to the middle east. Zero. Not one genetic marker. There has, however, been a mountain of DNA evidence generated to support the migration of those peoples some 10,000 to 15,000 years earlier from east Asia. I am certainly open to any new evidence. That's the beauty of the scientific method. Data drive, form and reform hypotheses that are testable. But I digress.
The two essays that were really the last straws for me were BoA and JS/Polygamy/Polyandry. JS could not translate and the BoA and JS' Egyptian notebook on prove it. Moreover, no excuses or rationalizations can legitimately justify JS' sexual deviations. DW is still in but her shelf is broken--no, shattered, but she is unwilling to part from the good that can found in TSSC. My 4 kids and spouses of the 2 that are married are also out.
Let me just restate that. I'm out. I was raised first and foremost to be honest and my parents and grandparents instilled in me that a man is no more than his word--and when he breaks his word, he can simply no longer be trusted--with just about anything. I didn't walk away from TSCC because I wanted to sin or take the easy road. I walked away because my integrity and character are in direct conflict with the morals of the leaders of TSSC. They are liars and deceivers. I can no longer walk a path with them.
Now, the story or experience I want to share is extremely personal and I've been reluctant to share it for a very long time. There have been posts here and there intimating others may have had similar experiences. When I commented on those, some readers asked my to share my experience. So here it is, by request.
Not long after I had the experience I wrote it down on a sheet of paper while on my mission (almost pre-computers if you can believe that) and kept it folded up, with my patriarchal blessing print out in my scripture case. Years ago I typed it up and digitized it. I kept it word for word from the original draft. I have since edited a copy from third to first person. That may sound like someone and the first vision, however there are not multiple varying versions--just one--and I wrote it soon after the experience because it was so profound. So, yes, I also have major issues with the essay on JS' First Vision.
Try not to be judgmental. I was TBM at the time. :)
Early in the summer of 1984 I was a 19-year-old boy who had just received his mission call. In answer to my prayers and much to my happiness that call would take me overseas. I had attended four years of seminary, championed the scripture chases, read the standard works in their entirety, and had witnessed miracles through the priesthood as a junior home teaching companion. Nevertheless, having anxiously read all the materials provided by the First Presidency regarding the area [Taiwan] to which I was called to serve, I realized I was called to preach to a people who lacked a basic knowledge of the godhead as understood by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I further realized how desperately I needed a testimony of the Savior, even Jesus Christ. I began to pray earnestly for such a testimony. Though raised as a Christian from my youth and in possession of a [what I thought was limited] testimony of Christ and the Atonement, I felt I lacked the ability to boldly profess the divinity of Jesus Christ. And so I began to pray more earnestly. The day to enter the MTC approached, but no overwhelming promptings came. I decided to dedicate a fast to obtain my answer from the Lord, expecting the familiar confirmation by the Holy Ghost that Jesus had indeed walked the Earth and that He was The Only Begotten of the Father, and that he had, in fact, done the things recorded in the scriptures. Even as the young men in the ward began to administer the Sacrament that Sunday morning, I continued to ponder on these questions and desires. I sat with the congregation in [our] newly dedicated ward building and stared at blankly at the wooden seat back of the chair in front of me, searching, questioning, praying. Somewhere in this reverie a movie began to play on the back of the chair. So engrossing were the images that I saw that I never thought to look to see if anyone else could see them. Right before my eyes I saw a hand and wrist nailed straight through to a roughly hewn log. Between the spikes in his hand and wrist someone had tied short sections of rough rope to hold his arms in place and these wounds oozed where the flesh had been worn raw. Where the square spikes had been driven the flesh was torn and bleeding and with his body’s weight the gashes seemed to be tearing further in what must have been excruciating pain. The movie camera seemed to pan to the man’s head where his hair was dark and matted with dried blood. A twisted handful of thorny vines had been pressed down like a cap onto the top of his head and the blood trickled from the wounds on his temple down the side of his face into a thin beard and from his forehead down into his eyebrow. And then eyes met eyes. No words can express, no hand can pen the feeling of looking into that man’s deep dark eyes. The look penetrated every fiber of my being. It saw all; it understood all. There was nothing that this man did not comprehend. There were no voices, no words, and no sound. The movie faded. I had no idea how long it had lasted. The spirit spoke so plainly to me that there could be no doubt that I had witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This experience went beyond testimony; in fact, I now had a literal knowledge of the reality of the Savior Jesus Christ. So convincing, so vivid were the images I witnessed that I could not distinguish if they were a vision or whether I had actually witnessed the crucifixion as a spirit and now the veil had been parted allowing me to recall the personal experience. [This next section was added several years later] Over the years the images have faded somewhat from my memory. It has taken many years to come to terms with what I saw and witnessed. What do I do with that knowledge? With whom should I share it? Was it for my own benefit or the benefit of others. It no doubt is a pearl of great price and we’ve been counseled not to cast our pearls before swine. I leaned heavily on this experience on my mission and testified boldly of the divinity and reality of Jesus Christ. At times I felt like the Spirit physically lifted me out the chair in which I sat, so strong was the power present in the room. I knew beyond doubt that those to whom I testified knew I spoke the truth. And yet, so many times, they would deny the experience, the feeling, the impression and choose not to embrace the gospel. Since my mission I have pondered on my life experiences and been careful about sharing my personal witness. Perhaps my greatest enlightenment about my experience (the “why me” question) came in October 2005. Elder Merrill Bateman spoke in General Conference and I quote the following from his talk:
The infinite nature received from His Father gave Jesus power to perform the Atonement, to suffer for the sins of all. The prophet Alma in the Book of Mormon teaches that Jesus not only took upon Himself our sins but also our pains, afflictions, and temptations. Alma also explains that Jesus took upon Himself our sicknesses, death, and our infirmities. (See Alma 7:11–13.) This He did, Alma said, so that His “bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know … how to succor his people” (Alma 7:12). The prophet Abinadi further states that “when his soul has been made an offering for sin he shall see his seed” (Mosiah 15:10). Abinadi then identifies the Savior’s seed as the prophets and those who follow them. For many years I thought of the Savior’s experience in the garden and on the cross as places where a large mass of sin was heaped upon Him. Through the words of Alma, Abinadi, Isaiah, and other prophets, however, my view has changed. Instead of an impersonal mass of sin, there was a long line of people, as Jesus felt “our infirmities” (Heb. 4:15), “[bore] our griefs, … carried our sorrows … [and] was bruised for our iniquities” (Isa. 53:4–5). The Atonement was an intimate, personal experience in which Jesus came to know how to help each of us. <<<< I have since studied and pondered Abinadi’s words and re-read Elder Bateman’s message and they have unfolded a great mystery to me. I am truly grateful that Alma recorded Abinadi’s words! And Elder Bateman is correct, according to my experience, because I was apparently standing in that line. It was an intimate, personal experience. Whenever someone reads D&C 46, especially verse 13, I can barely contain myself.
13 To some it is given by the Holy Ghost to know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that he was crucified for the sins of the world. 14 To others it is given to believe on their words, that they also might have eternal life if they continue faithful.
I am one of those mentioned in verse 13. << So there it is. Forever imprinted on the interweb. No going back. JS could not translate using his seer stone. The BoA is clear evidence for this. We don't have the plates to prove or disprove the BoM is a fabrication, but if we use scientific method and hold to my upbringing on the issue of honesty, then JS is a fraud and so is the BoM. So the latter half of my entry above can be annulled. BoM is a fraud ergo any linkage to stories within it cannot be legitimate.
So, how did I come to have such a profound detailed experience? I had not yet been through the temple and had no knowledge of signs, tokens and multiple nails. I have since learned Romans used square nails. I can't be sure I did not know this at the time, but being raised in a small East Texas town of 1,035 people with 56 people in my HS graduating class, I'm pretty sure we didn't study Roman history in that great of detail. I'm not a very creative person by nature. I'm really good at imitating and assimilating ideas, but I don't consider that "de novo" creativeness. I like scifi literature. In particular, I'm a big fan of Jim Butcher. In his Dresden series he describes soul gazing. It's the best description I've read or heard so far for what happened at the end of my "vision" or "recalled memory".
From a scientific standpoint... I was fasting. Fasting is documented to cause hallucinations. Isn't that interesting? Also interesting that TSCC encourages fasting at least once an month and for special needs. Also I was mentally striving like never before to have such an experience. I mean, I claim I just wanted a spiritual confirmation, but could I have subconsciously been seeking more? How about those witnesses of the gold plates and Martin Harris' personal experience. He was so stressed that he vomited he wanted it so badly. I'm confident there's more to that story, but needless to say, the witnesses "saw the plates with their spiritual eyes" or at least that's the language on record. You can see my dilemma. The experience was surreal. What are experiences at their very essence? Chemical reactions and transduction of chemical signals within and between cells in the brain. Well, here's the kicker in a nutshell: TSCC indoctrinates members to rely on the spiritual manifestation over scientific evidence (exclusively when it's convenient, I might add). So, many of us used those 'spiritual experiences' to guide decision-making processes for years (and years and years). I had multiple spiritual witnesses that JS was a real prophet. I had multiple spiritual witnesses that the BoM inspired readers to be better people. (I've read it cover to cover at least 2 dozen times; I think it did make me a better person in some regards. But then Dresden's quotes (like this potentially paraphrased one) also helped me be a better person: The distinction between right and wrong is meaningless unless one has the power to choose between them. Is Jim Butcher inspired? You might want to read a couple of his books before you make that call./s)
I now know, based on evidence provided by TSCC, that JS was, among many other things, a liar, a fraud, a pedophile, a warmonger, and a murderer. One might casually disregard or refute one of those, or even two or three, but collectively they paint a very clear picture of an amoral individual. Please don't try to justify his actions saying he was a 'man' or 'a fallen prophet'. He started practicing polygamy, behind his wife's back, at least 12 years before the commandment was publicly pronounced. The witness accounts paint a very clear picture. And please don't try to smear the witnesses; they are, in most cases, the same ones TSCC uses to corroborate their whitewashed narrative. They would know; they've been collecting and amassing and protecting every account they can get their hands on for 175 years. Just ask Mark Hoffman how much they're willing to pay for such accounts. So, the spiritual feelings that affirmed JS was a prophet or that the BoA or BoM were divinely translated simply cannot be trusted because the facts are incontrovertible to the contrary. It boils down to this one question: "Can one autonomously induce such feelings?" That is to say, can you contrive or coerce such chemical reactions in your brain artificially?
And the answer is Yes! I've discovered I can do it on demand.
But to have my brain conjure up the images I described above?
Well, my friends, I'm having a hard time imagining and reconciling that one. Although the TSCC is a fraud, it's possible that Christ is still real. And it's possible that He provided that experience for me. Fine, if you choose to believe that. But the hitch is, He did it in an LDS F&T meeting to support and encourage me to serve a mission to grow TSCC and to be loyal to that corrupt entity for 40 years. That is a paradox I can't reconcile. What kind of parent would do that to his kid? Maybe the same one that would bless my greasy pizza while kids in Madagascar starve? Or the same one that helps me find my keys while the divinely called MTC Mission President is raping sister missionaries in a secret MTC basement room?
Honestly looking forward to your feedback!
Edited: two kids married in the temple; no they didn't marry each other. Love the English language.
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Toners & FTEs
Essence, Serums & Ampoules
Emulsions & Creams
Sun protection
Other Skincare (Sleeping Masks, Wash-off Masks, Spot Treatments, Tools, etc.)
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My ABEFlair thread!
Toners & FTEs
Essence, Serums & Ampoules
Emulsions & Creams
Sun protection
Other Skincare (Sleeping Masks, Wash-off Masks, Spot Treatments, Tools, etc.)
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2018.01.05 04:21 eragaxshim [Event] Nuevo México is here.

[M] This post is exactly 40,000 characters long, which is the maximum Reddit can handle, hopefully it was worth it
Nuevo México is the name of the set of principles, policies, initiatives and programs initiated by the current ruling coalition in Mexico, which consists of primarily the new, progressive ANP party and the leftist FNP (formerly MORENA), to which President López belongs. While many of the core idea aren’t completely compatible with López’s ideology and many of the other coalition partners, they have agreed to compromise, seeing that if they work against the ANP, this will cost them only more. Of course, allowing the ANP to dictate policy completely would also be disastrous as that would reduce the parties’ bases’ support for them, but they have come to the conclusion that the losses are smallest if they work with the ANP and can get credit for improvements.
Furthermore, Nuevo México lacks any direct ideology, except possibly for a progressive stance on economics, seeking new and innovative growth, but this does not necessarily conflict even with fiscal conservatism, classical economic liberalism or the “Christian-social” found in many other parties, such as the also-growing PPC and in PAN. This is also because it calls for the majority of the goals to be realized in a decentralized manner, from the bottom up, and not through intrustive state mechanisms, something the PPC and PAN can agree with wholeheartedly. The plan does include separate government policies that are more akin to the FNP, such as the expansion of state corporations, although it does call for eventual privatization and reduction of state support to a number of companies.
All in all, Nuevo México was designed meticulously to be very open and popular to most Mexicans, as well as open to various applications. The ANP leadership has even stated that a possible future right-wing coalition should not want to campaign against it, instead giving the plan its own spin and employing it as it wishes.
Thus, in the initial debates, most of the parties have not openly spoken against the concept of Nuevo México. In polls, the popularity of the plan has soon reached a staggering 60 to 70%, with only around 10% truly against it. This will be a great help and will make parties think twice before truly opposing it. This is also because it is also more of an idea than a concrete set of policies, and is thus difficult to be critical of. It mostly promises a new Mexico, that will grow at a fast rate and lead to a better life for all. Who can be against that?
And thus, with the idea firmly implanted in the Mexican people and the majority of the political sphere in support, the government coalition can begin introducing policies and persuading the people to jump on board and participate and build a better Mexico together.
Nuevo México has five major pillars, the subjects of Labor, Betterment, Industry, Services and Dynamism. Each of them will be tackled separately, but also as part of a greater whole to achieve a maximum effect. Together, they will allow Mexico to escape its low growth and begin to truly emerge and develop its true potential. Because Mexico currently enjoys the negatives of both being a developing country and a developed country, instead of the positives of both.
Overall vision
Mexico, and much of Latin America, from the 50s until the 80s, employed import substitution industralization (ISI) industrial policy in order to ready their economies for the global market. In ISI, imports are replaced by domestic production by protecting local industries with numerous barriers. The theory behind this is that local industry must first achieve a certain robustness before it can compete internationally. Local companies first need to “learn” without being constantly outcompeted by countries with better technology and productivity.
The effects were positive at first, but in the long-term ISI proved unsustainable and unable to truly remedy Latin America’s problems. In fact, it caused many inefficiencies as competition was much lower and the government, while giving a lot of subsidies and support for local companies (often specific ones), did not require any result. There was no way of regulating if companies actually used the benefits they were given to achieve good.
So while in the end, many products became locally produced and economic growth was high, it created structural inefficiencies and various bad practices. The governments were also often very incompetent and there was simply no good system that made sure that any actual technological base or higher industrial skill and productivity was established.
Many of the inefficiencies were a major cause of the various financial crises Mexico (and all of Latin America) had to deal with in the 80s and especially in 1994. Because of failures to pay debt due devaluation coupled with high external debt, the Mexican government had to be bailed out. This greatly reduced investor confidence in Latin America, something which has never truly returned. Also, as a result of the failure of ISI to truly become succesful and because of the financial crises, Latin America in the following decades switched over completely to a neoliberal mindset (with some exceptions). Industrial policy was replaced by competiveness policy, hoping that the market would from now on do the work. And while this has mostly allowed investor confidence to return, it has not fixed much. Chile, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, Latin America’s most developed economies, are all stuck in a middle income trap of some sort. This middle income trap consists mostly of the fact that the countries’ economies do not have enough capital and technological base to compete with the advanced economies, but can also not compete with the poorer low-wage countries due to higher labor costs. This has lead to economies which have the downsides of advanced economies as well as the downsides of emerging economies.
Neuvo Mexico is mostly designed to remedy this problem. Not through massive state intervention programs or reinstatement of tarrifs similar to ISI, no instead, Neuvo Mexico exists within the neoliberal framework, or rather not really any single unified ideological framework, but is instead simply a set of ideas with no concrete solution that will fix everything. Instead, it works to initiate a new period of growth over the course of up to a decade that will allow Mexico to slowly escape the middle income trap and become a true advanced economy somewhere in the mid-21st century.
The five pillars of Nuevo Mexico, Labor, Improvement, Industry, Services, Dynamism all have their own sub-goals, which when realized both individually and as a whole, should allow Mexico to be propelled into this new era of growth.
These areas are chosen because of the following reason. Labor and Improvement are important together, because labor needs to be improved in a numerical and abstract way, while this at the same time must also lead to an increase in happiness, honesty and simple good being done. So while the improvement in Labor will provide the numerical basis, this improvement must also lead to actual Improvement. Industry and Services are the target sectors in which the improvements will take place. Because Mexico and much of Latin America have seen significant de-industrialization because of the eradication of trade barriers and by becoming middle income markets, that can no longer compete with countries with lower wages. This trend in de-industrialization must be reversed, at least partially, as Mexico still has enormous potential for greater industrialization and needs a more robust domestic industry in order to properly compete and pave the way of becoming a highly advanced economy and developing a stronger and more advanced non-labor intensive tertiary and quarternary sector. Services, the tertiary sector, must be seen in a different way and must become more productive and less labor-intensive. Many are employed for little reason, and could have much greater strategic and economic benefit in other jobs. So Industry and Services are the sectors of interest, and by improving them the foundation is laid for the establishment of a much stronger quarternary sector which, as Mexico becomes an advanced economy, will become much more important. Finally Dynamism refers to the type of economy that Mexico wants to have by having fulfilled the goals of the first four tenets. It does not want a centrally planned economy, or an economy fully governed by (amoral) market forces, but one which is incredibly dynamic and has enormous potential, can remain sustainable, will be technologically advanced and be decentralized and not controlled by a few minor players.
More efficient utilization of labor, increase of productivity and reduction of informal work
This is probably the most daunting task, and also requires the other goals to succeed as well. This is because if productivity is increased and informal unpaid work is reduced, as well as when labor will become utilized more efficiently, this would lead to a massive boost to growth and would do most of the work required to allow a new Mexico to emerge. If productivity growth is greatly enhanced, this would truly allow Mexico to escape the trap of relatively low growth it is in, and this would allow other problems to be tackled much more easily. Labor is the main abstract issue, with a much stricter goal than the other ones, as it requires true transformation and is measured directly by economic growth.
Utilization of labor
More effiecient utilization of labor must be mostly realized by companies, both big and small. In many places, more people are employed than needed. Of course, these employment chances are very important to people as without them, they would live in poverty and thus these companies perform an important public function. But, when all these people remain working those jobs, no progress is made and when labor remains so cheap and abundant, companies won’t be incentivized to increase measures to increase productivity.
Therefore, these people need to be employed elsewhere. But companies need to also be incentivized to work more efficiently. This is why labor costs will be raised ever so slightly, mostly in the form of employers having to pay higher mandatory benefits and commit more towards funds for various social labor benefits. This will begin slowly, but eventually employers will be made to pay significantly more. At the same time, income taxes will be reduced slightly and the minimum wage will receive a boost, implemented over 5 years.
But most of all, companies will be incentivized to provide more schooling and training for workers, as well as giving them more of a perspective for advancement. Workers should not be expected to keep doing the same job their whole lives.
Finally, companies will be simply asked to use labor more efficiently and make sure that everyone is doing something useful, hopefully allowing them to more rapidly expand capacity as well and speeding things up. The government will make sure all those who are fired directly because of any of the changes here, will be provided for and will receive ample opportunities to start new businesses, including with microloans.
Increase of productivity
To increase productivity, the amount of capital per human worker must be increased. This can only happen through increasing the physical capital (machines, tools) available or through increasing human capital (education, technology). Currently, Mexico is not far behind on human capital. The problem is that this human capital is not spread equally throughout Mexico. And even where it is abundant, it is not properly rewarded as the physical capital in Mexico is extremely lacking.
But, when human capital is available, it should be possible to increase physical capital at a much faster rate. For this reason, Mexico will begin incentivizing banks to increase the amount of credit available, slightly decreasing certain reserve requirements and eventually decreasing interest rates. However, a problem has been is that the capital from banks is not very available, even though Mexico has a relatively high savings rate and a healthy financial system. Thus, the financial system must be made more robust and must receive more tools to raise more money that can be utilized by companies so they can increase their growth.
With a relatively high inflation rate, the central bank cannot afford to buy up credit or reduce interest rates. This has also not always proven to be very effective. It truly requires a change in attitude and for capital to remain in Mexico and be used in a more efficient way. Therefore, many incentives will be created for companies to enhance the efficiency of their capital expenditures and increase the amount of capital available to workers, increasing productivity. Public works will remove many limitations for growth and connect Mexico more and increase the opportunity for companies to grow in size.
Finally, due to the high presence of foreign companies in Mexico, many profits do not flow into an increase of capital in Mexico. But they have lead to a large growth of human capital. If now, the people themselves begin using this human capital and use their own money to begin small and innovate and eventually build larger businesses and increase the capital available, productivity can also grow more healthily.
Reduction of informal unpaid work and reduction of work burden
Mexicans do an enormous amount of informal unpaid work, or just any type of informal work. The government will make work of trying to reduce this, which will also help reduce the work burden. Tools to make chores easier will be made more available and there will be a greater focus on paid work for formal companies. Most of all, this will require a culture change, something that is easier said than done. That is why it will also consist of campaigns to make people aware of the large amount of time they spend doing this kind of work. Hopefully, by reducing the total work burden, their can be more energy for paid formal work, which the government gets taxes from and which can be regulated and contributes most to the economy.
The government, through anti-corruption efforts as well as a major registry effort, will try to expose many informal companies, especially in the south, trying to get a better idea of who works where. This should put more companies in the formal sphere, something which can only improve things.
Make Mexico a better and happier place. Increase honesty, remove the shadow economy and corruption, and make sure that when companies gain money, the workers also benefit, while still allowing companies enough tools to remain competitive.
The growth that Mexico will hopefully see, needs to benefit all layers of society. Mexico has a notoriously high inequality, that it shares with the United States. There are many oligarchs in Mexico, and there are also many who are dirt poor. In the south, poverty is rampant. All throughout the country, low officials take bribes for various things. At the top, corruption might be even worse, with politicians completely selling themselves.
However, proposals by the ANP readily accepted by other new parties and smaller parties such as the PPC and PT, will begin combating corruption at the top. President López’s ruling party has tentatively agreed to this. The new laws will require much greater transparency and have strengthened the country’s (federal) justice institutions. Militarized police and the military have seen their powers decrease as they have to become more accountible. Large registers that include large amounts of data about government officials and requires them to disclose various types of information, should be a start. Furthermore, federal prosecutors, which will be periodically audited by Congress and the President, will begin setting up an organization that will allow the central governmen to oversee local governments, without creeping on their jurisdictions, and hopefully improve them to get rid of corruption.
But combating corruption is not enough. It will require a different culture, a true change in how people operate. For a part, this can be done by changing the risks and rewards, increasing the risks and punishments and decreasing the reward or temptation by increasing salaries, for example. The new Mexican growth miracle must flow to everyone. For this reason, Mexico has chosen a decentralized approach that will hopefully not create monopolistic big players that get richer and richer.
Instead, many small and medium sized businesses must do the most work, but they will be stimulated by central corporations that will allow other businesses to form around them. Of course they cannot become too big as then when they fail, the small businesses fail too and they have become an extension to the big company and are not really separate. The small and medium sized businesses also give more to their workers, and by stimulating their presence, this will be good for the worker. They are also more likely to hire people who have not held jobs before and they must become the sources of innovation and job expansion.
The shadow economy must be removed and black money must be removed. This will be achieved partially by government intervention such as through demonetization, but also by providing more rewards for companies to operate in the light. Companies which disclose more information and can prove everything is part of the formal economy, will get minor tax breaks. There will also be much stimulation for companies to start doing the work themselves and do effor to try and make Mexico more transparent and less corrupt.
To really increase happiness, people need to get secure jobs, enough pay for a moderate lifestyle, own a house and be healthy. The government wants to help with this, as a happier people are more productive and much more useful, as well as that the only true goal of the government, is serving its people and thus their happiness. One day, hopefully all people in Mexico will be able to get health care for little to no money, will have enough money to own a house and maintain a moderate lifestyle and will have a secure job that provides them with that money. But Mexico isn’t there, not by a long shot. The future growth will need to be invested in this. Jobs should be secure and people should not be forced to live in uncertainty by having to work extremely flexibly, with little to no benefits from their employers. But at the same time, the benefits for working with an indefinite contract must not make it too costly for companies to do this, as they will just not hand out indefinite contracts. So the lucky few with one will be happy, while many others will never even learn to know how it feels to have one.
This requires hard work from everyone and requires the government to strike the perfect balance between worker’s rights and making it desirable for companies to even have workers. Still, a flexible labor market is required in today’s world and for companies to remain competitive and grow.
The Mexican government, and the people, will need to tackle this beast together. Only when the people participate, the government invests in the people and the many institutions and companies ran by the people contribute, can the goal be realized.
Preservation of a large industrial sector, prevent deindustrialization, use of low-tech industry in the south to lift it out of poverty. Eventual transformation to highly advanced, high-technology industrial base.
Industry must remain an important part of the Mexican economy. In too many cases, developed countries simply deindustrialize as production is moved to places with much cheaper labor, which, due to technology still being useable abroad, make things much more profitable as labor is the only cost that can always be suppressed. Mexico has already gone significant through deindustrialization following the abolition of most major tariffs in the late 80s and 90s as it started to participate more on the global market. Hopefully, this can be partially reversed as industry is an incredible strategic asset as well as being very useful to the country as a whole, supplying many jobs. The shift to a truly more knowledge-intensive and service-based economy, is a difficult one and while Mexico has already lost most of its industry, it has not yet achieved the qualities and benefits of an advanced economy.
For this reason, Mexico will pursue renewed industrialization. This is not easy, as it requires companies to not immediately relocate production overseas once they have sufficient capital. Instead, they must remain competitive even if they keep production in Mexico. The only way this can be achieved is through a much higher productivity and higher efficiency per labor hour in the industry sector. Achieving this, will also boost overall productivity as most technology flows from industry.
Mexico will focus on developing a number of industries, namely the electronics, automotive and aerospace industries, while retaining small industrial bases in other areas, which in case of need can be expanded using available knowledge and expertise. But most of the money will flow to the first three. Companies active in the sector, will receive subsidies for certain projects as well as certain tax breaks.
But some minor subsidies will not convince companies to stay in Mexico and keep the country industrialized. No, instead they must be stimulated to invest their accumulated capital not in moving overseas, but instead in developing their own capability at home to further boost productivity and achieve lower costs, not by participating in the race to the bottom by pooring capital in other places. Mexico will hope to even keep some of the industry that is more common in poorer countries, such as textile, intact for longer and use it as a tool to develop the south.
But of course eventually, the transition must be made to capital-heavy and knowledge-intensive industries, which include the three Mexico will focus on. This industry is also incredibly useful as it will remain important worldwide into the forseeable future. Mexicans are already well educated, but suffers from the fact that many of the smartest Mexicans still leave. Demographic measures should help lower this, as well as simple growth and higher wages. Furthermore, Mexico still lacks a lot of capital, but this must be accumulated over time. For now, Mexico will try to limit capital taxes as much as possible and at the same time try and get people to invest their money and not stash it.
Growth of service sector, increase in importance of finance and banking as well as real estate, retail, information technology, telecommunication and entertainment.
Services have become a major part of Mexico’s economy, but they have not achieved any real high standards. Supermarkets are still filled with staff that does not have to work there, many people have jobs that involve them exhausting themselves standing around, but not being very efficient. Too many people work extremely hard, but achieve little productive value with it. In the services sector, this effect is especially pronounced, mostly in areas like retail. Mexico should try and make this sector less labor-intensive and eventually develop a much more integrated, modern and productive services sector. For example, the financial sector is not large in Mexico, while in fact Mexico is in great need of financial institutions due to the large requirement for credit and investment. Furthermore, Mexico will see its companies grow fast and its people will require more and more services. A state must be reached in which the services become more productive and efficient, increasing pay, increasing the amount Mexicans can spend, increasing consumption and thus increasing the need for more services. This spiral must be rapid enough for Mexico to converge with other developed countries and for the people to really feel improvement.
Utilize the dynamic economy, allow more dynamic use of labor and technology, share more. Work towards a more collaborative economy and more decentralization.
Mexico must remain a dynamic economy, in which capital, people and goods move around efficiently and rapidly, allowing the poorer parts of Mexico to benefit from the richer parts. The market must also not become rigid by government intervention, but remain very ripe for innovation and other improvements. Furthermore, competition must be maintained within the Mexican economy, which is why various institutions that will maintain competitiveness will be strengthened and enlarged. The Mexican market may not be destabilized and no monopolies may be formed. Hopefully, the market will eventually consist of many small players, which constantly appear, but also disappear and allow for a great deal of innovation. Technology should be used in new ways that allow more dynamic growth of the economy.

Reorganization of government

The government seeks a more decentralized model of development. It sees economic planning at times as a tool, but it will only lead to bad things when carried out centrally and must thus be done decentralized, if at all. But currently, even though Mexico is a federation, its local governments have very little power and receive practically all of their funding from the central government. Furthermore, their spending is only about a quarter of total spending.
The central government will seek to slowly expand this to three fifths to two thirds of total spending. Indeed, total spending, currently a very low amount, will be expanded and various large social programs will be set up. This has been the primary compromise of the the coalition, as in order for the ANP to lead the way in the economic department, the other further left-wing partners sought a way to increase their support and realize their long-held goals of social expansion. This will require a signficant increase of taxation. The tax system in Mexico, however, is not very mature. Mexican government revenues also rely on oil. And while oil prices are rising, it is still much too volatile of an income source. The government will seek to redirect more oil income into Pemex (and eventually divest of its stake and split up the company) and reduce its reliance on it. This will require more taxes. The monumental tax reform required for this, will be tackled in the future.
Back to the local governments. First of all, various taxes currently gathered by the government, will be split up and partially moved to local governments. Eventually the government seeks that a little over half (three fifths) of all tax revenue will be gathered by local governments, with less than 10% of central spending going to local governments.
To let this happen properly, local governments must greatly increase in size, while the central government will shrink. Many government employees working in Mexico City will have to move out or see their job be taken by residents of the regions. Mexico knows from other examples of decentralization, that local governments require a lot of time to increase their quality and they need to be thoroughly prepared. Because of widespread corruption in local governments, the Mexican government will also require a multitude of conditions before tasked are moved, mostly concerning crime, corruption, transparency and other things. There will be a large transition period, with the government hoping that by 2035, it will be completed. Local governments will not be allowed to take on significant debt by themselves, and must request government funding if they go over budget, this is to prevent local governments from going so crazy they have to be bailed out.
The major social programs that will fall under control of local governments will be poverty aid, for those without work who can truly not get by, as well as other various extreme poverty aid reductions. Poorer local governments will receive more funding from the federal government. Many other forms of welfare will be local, too. Health care will remain a more central matter, as the government wishes this to be equal everywhere. Everything will be made sure the tasks are divided well and that local governments are ready for the job. Their biggest problem will be finding qualified and honest personnel, which is why the government will aid them with this and send many Mexico City to the provinces. Salaries of most officials will also be paid for by the central government, in an effor to curb corruption. Only the best-performing local governments will be allowed to set salaries and pay them themselves. All in all, Mexico will go from a heavily centralized state to a much more decentralized one, which should help provide local governments with more tools to fulfill Nuevo México.

Other areas of interest

LAEC, an expansion to the Pacific Alliance that encompasses most of the liberal regimes of Latin America, has given Mexico great benefits. Much better access to the markets of Argentina and Brazil has allowed Mexico to greatly expand trade and build a stronger relationship with its partners in the Americas. Right now Mexico is extremely reliant on the United States and hopefully this can be balanced by expanding trade with the countries south of Mexico. LAEC should be a good start to this.
Mexico will begin allocating funds for investments in LAEC, primarily infrastructure to connect Colombia and Mexico. Right now there is the Pan-American highway, but it could be greatly expanded and Mexico also seeks a large freight train line. Investments in ports will also help. Latin America is also a great partner for resources, as Argentina’s natural gas reserves are greatly needed to diversify Mexico’s imports. An LNG transport route would be very beneficial.
[S] Brazil remains a competitor, but by enhancing ties primarily with Argentina and Colombia, this should be balanced out. Mexico especially seeks dominance over Central America, and thus Colombia could eventually become a competitor. Mexico also seeks to topple the Venezuela regime. If Colombia attempts to annex Venezuela, Mexico will make a choice. Will it choose to allow this to happen and thus allow Colombia to balance out Brazil more, together with Argentina, or will this create a potential power that due to its immense natural resources could one day threaten Mexico? Especially due to its high growth and great potential, this does scare Mexico. But, for now Mexico will allow things to move and still sees Brazil as a major rival, but a partner at the same time. A balance must be achieved and conflict must be avoided, lest Latin America will throw away its chance to be free and become a stable and powerful region in the world.
Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador will be approached for much greater Mexican investments and will become very important to also develop Mexico’s southern regions, who are as poor if not poorer than these four countries. Nicaragua, due to its relation with Venezuela and Cuba, will be avoided for now. Costa Rica and Panama will be left to Colombia to invest in, so that in such a way Central America can be improved through joint effort. All this will be worked out in future plans and deals. This is just an announcement.
Japan is a natural partner to Mexico due their high wealth and investment capabilities as well as the very aligned security imperatives. Mexico seeks the Pacific to remain free and open to everyone, and opposes Chinese assertiveness. Furthermore Japan is in a way a neighbor to Mexico. Japan’s economic miracle as well as its current technological advancement, are a great example to Mexico. Mexico would like to model Japan’s growth, and like the Japanese, Mexicans are incredibly hard workers with a great sense of national pride. Mexico is of course very different in other areas, such as diversity. Still, Mexico would like to inquire additional investment from Japan and even closer trade relations.
Right now Mexico mostly has integrated supply chains with the US, but not with Japan. Japanese automakers could come to Mexico and also begin to set up such integrated production lines and thus increase the technological base of Mexico. Mexico would also like to inquire about Japan’s new nuclear technology, as Mexico seeks nuclear power as well to fulfill its growing energy needs.
Militarily, Mexico also sees Japan as an incredible partner. This is because Japanese equipment will come with no strings attached, and is less risky due to Japan not neighboring Mexico and the potential for conflict to be practically zero, at least during the lifetime of any purchased products. A guest worker program, in which Mexicans would come to Japan, learn there and satisfy the country’s shrinking work force. Some of these Mexicans could stay, with their relatively high birth rates this will do Japan great good while many will return and, being very educated now, will allow Mexico to develop further.
In the future, Mexico will provide more detail about its requests from Japan, but it is certain that Mexico sees Japan as possibly the most trustable ally that it does not need to fear. Even in the case of an emergent Japan that would try and threaten the Pacific, this would not necessarily threaten Mexican interests directly. Of course if Japan started shutting off trade, then it would hurt, but that scenario is currently very unlikely as Japan needs the sealanes to be open the most.
National companies
Mexico has a number of electronic brands and manufacturers, but none of them have been really able to achieve much. For that reason, the state will set aside significant capital for the development of a state corporation. This corporation, the government has announced, will only operate temporarily in this form and will be regulated in order to not negatively affect the market. This company, which will be called Mexican Technology or Tecmex, will begin sharing technology with other electronic companies and help them develop. The company’s primary purpose is not to turn a profit, but to develop a new industrial and especially technological base for other companies to thrive. This new model of state corporate development will aim to be a much more market-friendly approach than import substitution industrialization. Temex will begin with roughly $10 billion in capital, to be sourced from Mexican government investment assets. Temex will begin developing, selling and especially building various types of electronics, such as televisions, a market Mexico is strong in, smartphones, computers but also advanced components. Eventually (the government estimates in 20 years), the company will be split and its intellectual rights sold to Mexican companies. The part that will remain, will focus purely on public research.
For a similar purpose, Mexican Automotive or Automex will be established. It will focus initially on military research, partnering with variuos other automotive producers to service and develop Mexican’s defense vehicles. Then it will expand to the commercial market, where it will develop a base for various simple passenger cars and buses. The part servicing the military will be retained indefinitely as a state corporation, while the commercial business will be dismantled and sold off like most of Temex in roughly 20 years. Automex will receive significant capital from the government as the government seeks to greatly propel the automotive industry in Mexico. No longer does it want to be just a part of the American supply chain, but it wants to be a separate supply chain, that is almost fully located in Mexico and delivers fully Mexican cars.
Finally, Mexican Aerospace or Aeromex will be established. It will focus on the development of a small trainer airplane, helicopters, and space vehicles as well. It will hopefully be able to contribute to the Latin American space program.
Not a national corporation, but rather an official government authority, Datamex will lead an incredibly ambitious project that will require tech companies, those internationally as well, to adjust and radically alter their game. Mexico will introduce it slowly and hopes that it can pursue it without companies leaving Mexico alltogether, as that would be disastrous.
Its basic premise is that no longer will tech companies be able to keep data that they keep on millions and billions of people, as well as on other things, in their own hands. Instead, Datamex will oversee the creation of a “national data fund”. Originally theorized in the 2010s, this would mean that all companies have to pool and store all their “data” (as in the data on people; big data, etc.) in a special place that all can build services for. This is to prevent the fragmentation and platformitization, as the countries with already well-established platforms, have become de facto monopolies as no company without any data can compete with them. And even if they do, the divided platforms usually lead to increased annoyance for consumers, since while only using one platform is feasible, many platforms have exclusive features. It is thus impossible for consumers to reasonably have both features. In the beginning, only very specific types of data will have to be shared and pooled, and only later will things like content come. The definitions will be very hard to make, as for example content has intellectual owners. In the current situation, many of these intellectual owners are forced to choose for a certain platform due to it having data or a large userbase. This is something Mexico will want to avoid. The initial work will begin now, with initial rollout slated for the late 2020s. By 2040, all data and content should be part of Datamex.
Major source:
What this should justify:
Mexico’s GDP per capita is lower than China’s and many other fast-growing countries, but it is projected to grow only moderately faster than an advanced economy, an effect which could be called the middle income trap (this is only part of the effect). I hope this justifies an escape from this trap, allowing high (4-7%) growth until Mexico’s economy approaches a truly developed one. This means it will follow (roughly, but at a slower rate due to the international situation and the fact that this will not be export-based growth like in their cases) the growth pattern and trajectory of countries like Korea and Taiwan. TL;DR this will be achieved by a whole new model of economic growth and government stimulation that will allow the two sides of Mexico’s dynamic ecnomy to be exploited, coupled with decentralization. Not just the government will do this, but the people will. Since I’m the economy mod, I tried to put as much effort into it as I could. I am not certain this is fully feasible in real life, but I do expect that it is possible for things to be done that allow a country to escape the middle income trap and continue their path at a more standard high-growth trajectory as other countries have, thus making convergence still possible. Most likely growth rates will go up at some point in Mexico, but probably later and more due to natural changes. This is probably true for most of Latin America, too. The growth rates will peak in the late 2020s, and then after a likely recession or slowdown continue at rates of 4-5 (maybe 6 in rare cases) until the economy is more like a developed one (probably after the season ends).
Also sorry for this huge post, I worked the whole week on it in the evenings after my girlfriend had to go home and greatly enjoyed making it. [/M]
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2016.06.15 15:58 sullaria Who owns the AB (and other) brands we know and love?

What motivated this post: The other day I read something interesting on the Beauty Brains blog
Did you know that sometimes manufacturers will take nearly the same formula and sell it under a different brand name for more money? Sure, they change the product color, fragrance and packaging but they don’t change the ingredients that actually make the product work. For example, Pantene and Herbal Essences shampoos are essentially the same formulas. Check the ingredient lists.
That made me curious to see which manufacturers / companies make the AB products we know and love. There have been previous posts about the 2 biggest manufacturers in Korea: LG and AmorePacific, but I couldn’t find a post that included brands from Japan and Taiwan, as well.
As I started digging, it soon became obvious that I would need to go beyond just Korea, Japan and Taiwan, as some of the larger manufacturers make products for many different markets around the globe (and thus it didn’t make sense to organize them according to country, as I had originally planned). For example, we usually think of SK-II as a Japanese brand, but it is currently owned by a US company (P&G).
Note that not all brands for the companies / manufacturers are included below. This post was getting too long, so I put together a spreadsheet that includes a more comprehensive list of the brands, which is available here:
BRANDS BY COMPANY OR MANUFACTURER SPREADSHEET Note that you are free to share this or save a copy of this for your own personal (i.e., non-commercial) use, but I would ask that you please attribute credit back to this post (even if what you share has been greatly modified). Thanks in advance for appreciating the level of work that went into this! :)
Also, I have not yet been able to research every brand that is out there, so if I have missed your favorite please let me know and I will try to dig up some info on it.
You’ll notice that some companies are marked as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or ODM (original design manufacturer). This is because some of the companies that own the brands may contract out the product development and/or manufacture of all or some of the products sold under that brand. As I understand it, an OEM will manufacture the product (presumably to the specifications provided by the owning company) while an ODM will actually formulate and manufacture the product.
Finally, if anything is incorrect or you have something that should be added, please let me know!
ABLE C&C CO., Ltd. (Korea)source1 source2
Adwin Korea Corp (Korea) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
AMOREPACIFIC (Korea) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
Annie's Way International Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)source
The Beauty Factory, Ltd. (Korea)source
Beiersdorf (Germany) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
Bluehug, Inc. (Korea) - source
BNH Cosmetics (Korea)source
Ceragem Health and Beauty Co, Ltd. (Korea)source
CHING YI COSMETICS CO., LTD (Taiwan) - source 1 source 2
Chochosfactory Inc. (Korea)source
CJ Group (formerly part of Samsung) (Korea)source
CK Beauty Enterprise Inc. (Korea)source
Club Clio (Korea)source
Coreana (Korea)source
Cotde Bio-Research Center (CBRC) (Korea)source 1 source 2 source 3
Coty (US) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
Daigaku Honyaku Center (DHC) (Japan)source
DK Cosmetics (Korea)source
Emily Cosmetic (Korea)source
ENS Beauty Group (Korea)source
Estee Lauder (US) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
These brands were acquired by Estee Lauder. [source]( Thanks jennster76 for pointing this out!
F&Co. Co., Ltd. (Korea)source
GLIDE ENTERPRISE Inc., Ltd. (Japan)source
Have & Be Co, Ltd. (Korea)source
+ Dr. Jart+
+ Do The Right Thing
These brands were acquired by Estee Lauder. [source]( Thanks jennster76 for pointing this out!
Isehan (Japan) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
Johnson & Johnson (US) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
JOYCOS, Ltd. (Korea)source
JSUT International Co Ltd. (Taiwan)source
Kao (Japan) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source1 source2 source3
UPDATED to include Suqqu and other brands. Thanks fuyu_no_umi for pointing this out!
Kose (Japan) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
Kracie (Japan) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
LG Household & Health Care (Korea) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
L’Oreal (France) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
L&P Beauty Clinic (Korea)source
LVMH (France) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
Mandom (Japan) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
Markwins International (US) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
Memebox (Korea)source
Mijin Cosmetics (ODM/OEM) (Korea) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
MIKOBEAUTE (Taiwan)source 1 source 2
Morita Biomedical Co. (Taiwan)source
Naruko / Niuer (Taiwan)source
Noevir Group (Korea Japan) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source 1 source 2 - Thanks nifu-chan for alerting me to my mistake here! :)
NS RETAIL Co., Ltd. (Korea) – source
Picostech (ODM/ OEM) (Korea)source
OEM (products they manufacture on behalf of other companies)
Direct (their house brands)
ODM (products they design and manufacture that are later rebranded)
PPC Life Company (Taiwan) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
Procter & Gamble (US) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
Revlon (US) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source
Rohto (Japan) (selected brands - see spreadsheet) - source
Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. (Japan) - source
SD Biotechnologies Co., Ltd. (Korea)source
Sesalo (Korea)source
Shiseido (Japan) (selected brands - see spreadsheet)source1 source2
SK Planet Co. Ltd. / 11st St (Korea) - redirects to / SK Planet operates 11st: /
Swanicoco Co, Ltd. (Korea) - source
Ten Art Biotech Inc. (Taiwan)source 1 source 2
Toda Cosa (Korea)source
Unilever (HQ: UK) (selected brands - see spreadsheet) - source
Vemar Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)source
Wishcompany Inc. (aka Wishtrend) (Korea)source
Wizcoz Co. Ltd. (Korea)source
YG Entertainment (Korea)source
Zenpia Co, Ltd. (Korea)source
Brands from Independently Owned Companies (to the best of my knowledge)
Edit: formatting, corrected errors, added clarifications
Edit2: Thank you SO MUCH for the Reddit Gold, 06connella! I am blown away and beyond honored!!! :D
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2015.04.29 10:58 fanboy_killer De Taiwan com amor: um mapa da comida portuguesa

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2015.02.15 08:35 Get-Paid February 15, 2015 - Over 50 offers added over the weekend!

We've added over 50 offers over the weekend, check them out:
As a reminder mobile offers can only be accessed via a mobile device or by resizing the screen size of our website on your PC.
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2014.11.01 11:40 guanarteme78 CINE CLUB PLAZA

Pequeñinas y pequeñines, señoras, señores y demás variopinta audiencia de Plaza Podemos, bienvenidos a donde los sueños siempre se hacen realidad, un espacio abierto a [email protected] donde disfrutar de la magia del séptimo arte será posible gracias a la colaboración de todos, porque ya lo dijo el Gran Baute. se trata de recomendar películas, documentales, cortos...que traten temas candentes como la lucha frente al fascismo, terrorismo, derechos sociales como el obrero, la educación, aborto....en fin multitud de frentes. Pasen y recojan su y acomodensen como puedan Pd. Al que participe, que no se olvide de hacer una breve crítica sobre la película, documental, corto...que recomiende. Buen día, Saludos y AH que se me olvidaba abstenerse malhechores o si no para los mas clásicos y para los demás
Películas recomendadas hasta el momento.
NO (Chile) /La vida es bella (Italia) /La estrategia del caracol (Colombia), Diarios de motocicleta (Argentina...) /Pago justo (R.U.) /Desayuno en plutón (Irlanda) /Royal battle (Japón) /El bosque animado(España) /Todos los hombres del presidente (USA) /Gandhi (R.U.) /The Trotski (Canadá) /La balsa de piedra (España) /Garage Olimpo (Argentina) /El Experimento (Alemania) /Germinal (Francia) /De puerta en puerta (USA) /Cachimba (Chile) /El niño con el pijama de rayas (R.U.) /El laberinto del fauno (España) /Incendies (Canadá) /El ojo del Canario (Cuba) /El ciclo Dreyer (España) /Un plan brillante (R.U.) /El planeta libre (Francia) /Diamante de sangre (USA) /Como un relámpago (España) /La noche de los lápices (Argentina) /Tucker un hombre y su sueño (USA) /Gente en sitios (España) /Milk (USA) /Los santos inocentes (España) /El lado oscuro (Argentina) /El payaso y el furer (España) /Baaria las puertas del viento (Italia) /Mar adentro (España), Novecento (Italia) /El pico I, II (España) /V de vendetta (USA) /Eva (España) /El ángel de Budapest (España) /La verdad de Soraya (USA) /La isla interior (España) /Película documental La batalla de chile (Chile), La batalla de Argel (Italia) /Un toque de canela (Grecia) /Pozos de ambición (USA) /La ola (Alemania) /Network, un mundo implacable (USA) /Diario de un skin (España) /Ángeles de hierro (USA) /La historia de Rosa Parks (USA) /Ciudad de Dios (Brasil) /El club de los emperadores (USA) /La vida de los otros (Alemania) /Patch Adams (USA) /Y tú quién eres (España) /El precio de la verdad (USA) /Mararia (España) /El diario de Noa (USA) /El profesor detachment (USA) /La cinta blanca (Alemania) /El huevo y la serpiente (Alemania) /Max (Canadá) /Maria llena eres de gracia (Colombia) /El hundimiento (Alemania) /Rebeldes del swin (USA) /Napola (Alemania) /Las uvas de la ira (USA) /Sophie scholl (Alemania) /El Havre (Finlandia) /Rompiendo las reglas moneyball (USA) /Un franco 14 pesetas (España) /Dos francos, 40 pesetas (España) /Verano de corrupción (USA) /El último voto (USA) /Rebelión en la granja (USA) /Roma (Argentina) /Historias del Kronem (España) /Heroina (España) /Agallas (España) /Amores perros (México) /Cuatro minutos (Alemania) /Camino a Guantanamo (R.U.) /Los Productores año 65 /05 (USA) /Película documental La pelota Vasca (España) /yoyes (España) /American historia x (USA) /Ser o no Ser (USA) /La lista de schindrel (USA) /El Gran dictador (USA) / Primer (USA) /Juego mortal-Viaje interactivo (USA) / Un Rey en Nueva York (USA) /El club de los poetas muertos (USA) /Clerks (USA) /El crimen del padre Amaro (México) /La reina Cristina de Suecia (USA) /Quiz Show: El dilema (USA) /Fish Tank (R.U.) /Amistad(USA) /Una historia verdadera (USA) /En tierra de nadie (Bosnia Herzegobina) /Saivor (USA) /Salvador Puig Antich (España) /Four lions (R.U.) /Antes de la lluvia (Macedonia) /Brazil (R.U.) /XXY (Argentina) /Flor del desierto (R.U.) /Tierra y libertad (R.U.) /Los Edukadores (Alemania) /Enemigo a las puertas (USA) /Hijo de Caín (España) /El viento que agita la cebada (Irlanda..) /La caja de música (USA) /La Sal de este mar (Palestina) /Happy together (Hong Kong) /Hacia rutas salvajes (USA) /El tren de la Vida (Francia) /Juntos-Toguether (China) /Kramer contra Kramer (USA) /Una Separación (Irán) /Moby dick (R.U.) /Los niños de San Judas (Irlanda) /La Fiesta del Chivo (España) /El Politico-Todos los hombres del rey 1949-2006 (USA) /Los niños del cura (Croacia) /Fahrenheit 451 (R.U) /Billy Elliot (R.U.) /Los chicos del coro (Francia) /Hair (USA) /León y Olvido (España) /Malcolm X (USA) /La mancha humana (USA) /La mala educación (España) /Omar (Palestina) /I.D. Identificación (R.U.) /Hooligans (R.U.) /The Firm (R.U.) /Eres mi héroe (España) /El Lute: Camina o Revienta (España)/El Lute: Mañana Seré Libre (España) /Que nada nos separe (USA) /Philadelphia (USA) /Quién quiere ser millonario ? (R.U.) /Aunque tú no lo sepas (España) /Las Flores de La Guerra (China) /Las 13 Rosas (España) /Paraíso Travel (Colombia) /El Mundo de Sofia (Noruega) /Las Cenizas de Ángela (USA) /Beautiful Boxer (Tailandia) /Las Tortugas también vuelan (Irán) /Te doy mis ojos (España) /Radio Encubierta (R.U.) /El Inglés que subió una colina y bajó una montaña (R.U.) /The Believer (USA) /Naked (R.U.) /Sang Woo y su abuela (Corea del sur) /Violines en el cielo (Japón) /Taare Zameen Par (India) /Pan y Rosas (USA) /El imperio del sol (USA) /Precious (USA) /El último rey de Escocia (R.U.) /Black (India) /Gracias por fumar (USA) /Amelie (Francia) /El bosque (USA) /Carácter (Holanda) /Tierra en trance (Brasil)
Fuego en la sangre /Haciendo democracia /Cubillo crimen de estado /Los negocios de Bruselas documentos TV /El espíritu del 45 /Trading de alta frecuencia /Cuando explotan las burbujas financieras /Inside Job crisis financiera 2008 /Caminos de revolución Che Guevara /El mundo según Monsanto /Nuestro veneno cotidiano /La via campesina en movimiento...por la soberania alimentaria! /Wall Mart el alto costo de los precios bajos /Afrontando la muerte /Documentos para el final de una vida /Una granja para el futuro /Estableciendo bosques comestibles, The presidents mens revisited /All the presidents men at 40 /Quien mató al coche eléctrico /Auto eléctrico Tesla /La India de Gandhi cuando el mundo se tambalea /Robots para ancianos: envejecimiento en Japón Debate robots asistenciales tve2 /Reportaje central hidroeólica isla del Hierro /Sopa de plástico /La isla del principio del mundo /Ciclo vida y obra León Trotski I II analizado en el momento actual /El dinero es deuda I II III /Un tiro en la plaza /All watched over by machines of loung Grace /Vuelo JK5022 una cadena de errores /El ascenso del partido nazi: el mayor error de Hitler /Ciudadano Negrin /Ryanair la cara oculta de los vuelos low cost /El voto femenino El legado de Rosa Parks /Destinos clandestinos /Cuchara manzana bicicleta /La caída del muro de Berlin Historia /Atlantes Lanzarote /La mitad invisible Lanzarote Manrique /Taro /Adios a Cesar Manrique /Comprar-tirar-comprar /Vidas distantes Gran Canaria /Sicko /Revolución de amor- Desafío para valientes /La educación prohibida /La escuela del silencio /Las llagas de la infancia 1 /De panzazo /Japón punto y aparte /El fenómeno de Finlandia /Nopoki /Educación para todos India /Mega estructuras energía solar /La energía solar fotovoltaica /Enchufados al sol Escarabajo verde /La noche...y Berlin volvió a nacer /Flúor nuestro veneno de cada día /El engaño del flúor, el veneno que mata lentamente /Sangre en el móvil /Coltan: Comercio sangriento /tres14 litio por petroleo /Marea Blanca-Documentos TV /La hormiga que venció al elefante /La fabulosa historia de la caca-En el nombre de la rosa /La increíble transformación de Miley / Yoyes documentos TV /Farenheit 9/11 /La historia de Greenpeace /Entre Maestros /Con el culo al sol. Trampa España /Al sur de la frontera /Mi amigo Hugo /Energía eólica. Energías renovables /Repor-documental diario de un skin /Las Ballenas del Norte...TVE /The Cove /Sea Shepherd-En el borde del mundo /Invisibles /Borrando a Papá /Reportaje-debate custodia compartida tve2 /La vida en Down- Crónicas tve. /Malcolm X Biografía /Panteras negras:Todo el poder para el pueblo /Jesse Owens - Muhammath Ali /Atrapados en Gaza-En Portada /Putos Hooligans /Con Barras Bravas -J.Sistiaga /Bagong Silang /La Guerra del Fracking /Los que se quedan /Eleuterio, Merchero, Culto y Libre - Crónicas /ConVIHvir - Documentos tv /La Pesadilla de Darwing /Las "Telefonistas" de la serie recuerdos al regoviento /Nuestros Parques Naturales TVE - El Teide/Parque Nacional Las Cañadas del Teide
La raya isla del Hierro (España) /Fresh Guacamole by pes (USA) /El tren de la bruja (España) /El faro (Taiwan) /La mendiga y las bolsas (España) /I Love Hooligans (Países Bajos)
House of cards (USA) /Treme (USA) /lm Sam (Corea sur) /Verano azul (España) /Valle secreto (Australia) /Cuentame como pasó (España) /La isla presidencial animación (Venezuela) /Sea Shepherd- Defensores de ballenas (USA) /Hijos del tercer Reich (Alemania) /The Wire (USA)
Les triplettes de Belteville (Francia) /Arrugas (España) /Rebelión en la granja (R.U.)
Money (Pink Floyd) /Clandestino (Manu Chao) /Cocaine (Eric Clapton-J.J. Cale) /The Wall (Pink Floyd) /Esto no es una canción (Mecano) /Porquería de sistema (Majestic) /Canción de despedida (Arístides Moreno) /The Saints are coming (U2&Green day) /Sin miedo (Rosana) /El sitio de mi recreo ( Antonio Vega) /Pitu !Chacho! No a las petroleras /Supreme (Robie Williams) /Soy rebelde (Jeanette) /Mujer contra mujer (Mecano) /I believe i can fly (R. Kelly) /El poder del dinero (Paco Ibáñez) /Over de Raimbow (Versión Israel IZ) /Show match go on (Queen) /California dreamin (Versión Womack) /Laurens walking (Angelo Badalamenti) /Contra el dolor-N Alcordanza (Desakato) /Soldier`s poem (Muse) /Blowing in the Win (Bob Dylan) /Imagine (John Lennon) /Think (Aretha Franklin) /San Francisco (Scott Mckenzie) /Adeste Fideles (Ara Malikian/Manuel Carrasco) /Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) /Ponto de Luz (Sara Tavares) /Chove en Santiago (Luar na Lubre) /Hasta siempre comandante (Joan Baez) /Money (Liza Minnelli-Joel Grey) /Libre (Nino Bravo) /London Calling (The Clash) /Eres tú (Mocedades) /Philadelphia (Neil Young) /We are the Champions (Freddy Mercury) /Al Alba(Aute) /Sitting on the dock of the bay (Otis Redding) /Está Sangrando (Coti) /España es idiota (Def con dos) /Políticos Ciegos (Arístides Moreno) /Power to the people (John Len non) /Hogar (Pedro Guerra)/I still havent found... (U2) /3 Gymnopedies , 6 Gnossiennes (Erik Satie)
Viaje a Repsolandia (Marc Gavalda) /El niño con el pijama de rayas (John Boyne) /El Señor de las moscas (William Golding) /La balsa de piedra (Saramago) /Mararía (Arozarena) /Las uvas de la ira (Steimbeck) /Alumno aventajado (Stephen King) /Rebelión en la granja (Orwell) /Historias del Kronem (Mañas) /Diario de un skin (Antonio Salas) /Ciudad de Dios (Paulo Lins) /Poeta en Nueva York (Lorca) /El crimen del padre Amaro (Queiroz) /Flor del desierto (Waris Dirie) /Las voces del desierto (Marlo Morgan) /Into the wild (Jon Krakauer) /Moby dick (Herman Melville) /La Fiesta del Chivo (Vargas Llosas) /Camina o Revienta - Mañana Seré Libre (Eleuterio Sanchez) /El mundo de Sofia (Jostein Gaarder) /Las Cenizas de Ángela (Frank McCourt)
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RECOMENDACIÓN DE DRAMAS TAILANDESES-LAKORNS - YouTube Amor a Primera Vista - Fabiani (letra) - YouTube Amor de red social - Micro TDH (Letra) - YouTube vida en taiwan - YouTube Presentación Mariachi México Son - Taiwán - YouTube HIMNO Y BANDERA DE TAIWAN ¿Por qué (casi) NINGÚN país RECONOCE a TAIWÁN ... Amor en un beso - (Película China) Completa Sub Español ...

Fan Registry!

  2. Amor a Primera Vista - Fabiani (letra) - YouTube
  3. Amor de red social - Micro TDH (Letra) - YouTube
  4. vida en taiwan - YouTube
  5. Presentación Mariachi México Son - Taiwán - YouTube
  7. ¿Por qué (casi) NINGÚN país RECONOCE a TAIWÁN ...
  8. Amor en un beso - (Película China) Completa Sub Español ...
  9. Rels B - Made in taiwan ( Video Oficial ) - YouTube

Amor de red social - Micro TDH Estas son mis redes... Instagram: Facebook: https://m.facebo... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Fecha de estreno: 14-Febrero-2019 País: China Género: Romance, Escolar, Comedia, Juvenil Duración: 122 minutos Sinopsis Cuando un tonto se enamora de alguien... A pesar de ser un pequeño país de apenas 20 millones de habitantes, durante al menos las últimas 7 décadas Taiwan ha sido uno de los puntos calientes de la p... cosas que me gustan de Taiwan by silvia caceres. 7:34. cosas que no me gustan de Taiwan by silvia caceres. ... MI AMOR DE OTRA ESTRELLA-PARODIA+ENTREVISTA ACTOR COREANO! by NALU. ♪ Me enamore fue sin querer no lo logro comprender como fue que te metiste aquí en mi mente y mi corazón ♪ ♪ ♥ _____... La Mejor Música de Saxofón De Todos Los Tiempos - Música para el amor, la relajación y el trabajo. ... Himno nacional de Taiwán (CHI/ES letras) - Anthem of Taiwan (Spanish) - Duration: 2 ... Conferencia de prensa del Carnaval Cultural de América Latina y El Caribe en el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de la República de China. Setiembre de 2014 Prod IBS LeFLMS Rels B es un MC y productor procedente de Palma de Mallorca, también conocido como Rels Beats o Skinny Flakk. El músico forma parte de la nue...