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Costa Rica is noted more for its natural beauty, with long stretches of deserted beaches, dense jungles teeming with exotic wildlife, and lush green valleys, than it is for its culture. Given its small pre-Columbian population, Costa Rica had no huge unique culture, like the Mayans or Aztecs, with powerful and unusual art forms that could continue to influence. Other dishes include the casado (described above – rice, beans, and veggies with chicken or meat) and specialty dishes such as arroz con pollo (chicken and rice) or olla de carne (a kind of beef stew).The ceviche in Costa Rica is excellent, too.. Costa Ricans have a sweet tooth and love a dessert called tres-leche, made up of sweetened kinds of milk soaked in sponge. Costa Rica is the only state on the American continent which has established Catholicism as its state religion. Thus, religion is a big part of Costa Rican culture. The importance of religion is evidenced in the language, holidays and traditions. In fact, the term “Christian,” or Cristiano, is used synonymously to mean “human being.” Ticos, as the people of Costa Rica are called, use the phrase pura vida (“pure life”) in their everyday speech, as a greeting or to show appreciation for something. Ticos are generally proud of their political freedoms and their relatively stable economy. Costa Rica’s well-populated heartland, formed in and around the upland basin known as the Valle Central or Meseta Central, is devoted ... The Costa Rica Reader, 1989. Evans, Sterling. The Green Republic: A Conservation History of Costa Rica, 1999. Gudmundson, Lowell. Costa Rica Before Coffee: Society and Economy on the Eve of the Export Boom, 1986. Honey, Martha. Hostile Acts: U.S. Policy in Costa Rica in the 1980s, 1994. This province of Costa Rica stands out for its agricultural culture and colonial tradition. Cartago was the first capital of Costa Rica until 1823, when San José took over. Its natural heritage is characterized by agricultural valleys and large mountain peaks, containing within its borders the Cordillera Central and the Cordillera de Talamanca. Costa Rica. Einleitung Geographie Geologie Klima Ökologie Naturschutz Bevölkerung Entwicklung der Bevölkerung Religion Sprache Gesundheit ... Kultur Literatur Musik Küche Sport Siehe auch Literatur Weblinks Einzelnachweise {{current.index+1}} of {{items.length}} ... Kultur och mat i Costa Rica Precis som många andra länder i Syd- och Mellanamerika har den costaricanska kulturen uppstått ur en blandning av spanska, afrikanska och för-columbianska influenser. I Costa Rica finns även ett starkt karibiskt inslag – ättlingar till de jamiacaner som under 1800-talet arbetade med byggandet av landets ... Informative articles on Costa Rica's cultural traditions, holidays, food, arts, people, music and national symbols. Costa Rica und seine Kultur ist so vielfältig wie einzigartig. Ein Land, in dem es mehr Lehrer als Polizisten gibt, das in Frieden lebt – ohne Armee – und dass sich auf den Ausbau des Gesundheitswesens, die Bildung seiner Einwohner sowie die soziale Entwicklung konzentriert.

Crowd funding Costa Rica permaculture practices documentary

2015.10.08 02:21 Ticojohnny Crowd funding Costa Rica permaculture practices documentary

Hello Permies!
My name is John, I live in California. I work on a small organic farm, one of very few in this area, and we raise chickens, goats, and beautiful vegetables.
I want to make a film that documents my intended journey to Costa Rica, visits to current permaculture sites in Costa Rica, ideally some informative interviews with the permaculturists but also footage of permaculture practices in action, permaculture projects being pieced together. I have watched some permaculture documentaries but few of them seem to have a how to approach, more of a why to. It would be good to have an informative AND instructional video for tropical permaculture. Link me some if you know of any.
I've been lurking these forums for a couple months, because I am very interested in permaculture. I try to take a lot of what I learn into practice, and in my current urban setting I grow about a hundred pounds of food a year in a space you could walk through in less than a minute. I compost, re-use cleaning water, harvest the rain and conserve resources when I can.
So here is the kicker, I've recently decided that I want to use my knowledge to help my mom establish her 3 acre property in Costa Rica as something of a food forest. I intend to spend an experimental 6-12 months on this property making it habitable for someone in a very frugal lifestyle, but also to ease the transition for my mom when she finally does decide to retire the states. I don't intend to use very much heavy machinery in the months that I stay there, most of the actual building will take place in a couple of years once the finances are established. I don't intend for this to return me anything financially. I've only spent a day on the property and it is recommended to spend an entire year.
I have the funds to make a trip to Costa Rica, and have already made some visits to farms in the country, last year. I'm positive I could get an interview with a permaculturist that I've already met and my uncle grows shade grown coffee in forested parts of his property so there is that guaranteed footage, and I could also spend time WWOOFing.
This can happen.
I have an iPhone 6 which I could get footage with and I have funds for probably two or three visits to permaculture sites. If I were to crowd fund the project, the funds would be to fund more trips to more permaculture spots, perhaps to purchase an alternate piece of video equipment or a condensing microphone for the iPhone and to allow me a month or two of time to edit the film.
The documentary could primarily consist of the interviews, beautiful footage of the country itself with narration on the why to and segments and time lapses of the work we would be doing with narration. I would also like to put in some of my own finger style guitar work in as background muse.
The following is an ideal organization of the tasks required to start up a small plot of fruit trees and zone 1-3 raised and mulched beds. Although I know it is likely that I will not make these timelines, it is nice to organize it in this month-to month format to see what it is that I want to prioritize for the month in order for the rest to follow suit. Many things in the initial months are key to completing tasks in the later months. I could use all the advice I can get. This is all permie brain-storming.
Month 1: Shade and Water, Seedlings Go!
Working on this plot, I will need lots of shade and water. The first thing I would like to do is create a simple water catchment system. Some gutters, and a water drum at the top of the property propped up with cinder block and equipped with hosing down to my zones 1-3. I'd like some advice on this subject, would it be more enduring to create a concrete structure with a metal frame?
Once a pressured water hose is established, it would be good to spend a whole day starting seed flats, or soil blocks to start what will thrive in the future hugul kultur beds. Winged Beans, Peppers, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Squashes, Tomatoes, Zucchini. Getting some radishes, chard, radishes and zucchini started now would be super ideal because it could begin to feed me within a month or two.
In my "living area" I'd like to create a simple shade structure, perhaps a thatch roof on movable poles underneath one of the existing citrus trees on the property. Under this shade structure, during the hot parts of the day, I could begin the on-going process of cobbing and slowly begin what will become a tiny sustainable home. There will also be napping, eating, and reading so it would be good to try to make this a critter-free place to be.
If the month allows, a small man-made pond to be the first of a collection of small ponds throughout different elevations of the property. I could use the soil from the hole to begin seedlings, and if it is primarily clay, it can be amended and used for cobbing. Perhaps I could dig a rudimentary shovel-deep canal (for now) into the pond and the rain fall would work ease the heavy work and also begin to seal the pond. More, larger, swales on the sides of the property leading into this pond will help to fortify the water table, manage the rain fall and to begin to establish a fertile zone 4/5 planting area on the perimeter of the property. Possible tractor work.
Month 2: Pathways and A Food Source
Instead of fighting the currently existing landscape I picture Lasagna Gardening inspired pathways, 10 feet lined with local cardboard, then mulched with whatever is laying around, and then planted on the sides of the path with heavy feeding perennials (cassava, peppers, moringa, banano cuadrado) or something easy to grow like sweet potatoes, corn and pineapples.
Each spiraling cross road/ trail planted with herbs and near the pond, I would create some large Key-hole Hugul Kultur beds to plant in those babies I started the first month. Many of these plants could be left to reseed or you know, be perennials. Ideally, the mulch and heavy feeding plants will allow little to grow in the walking spaces, and if I were to put a hiatus on the project, I could hope to come back to some of the plants indicating where the paths had been. All of the pathways could be zone 1-3.
This step requires lots of sourcing: cardboard, seeds, soil amendments, mulch material, shovels, labor, rain.
Month 3: Swelling, Terracing, Food Sources
By now I've eaten so many pine apples I can hope to build a couple terraces to plant the tops. I'll have a better idea of how water moves on the property, and I'll know where I should continue digging. It would be good to keep staggering lettuces, and radishes and plants of the sort in containers and the raised beds but I also want to be getting into establishing my zone 4. I could ideally plant some of my fruit trees in my key hole garden beds, and some alongside the pathways, but there will be a section of the property that I intend to use primarily for trees and the swaling and terracing of this month has the purpose of ensuring the irrigation of all the trees to be planted. Tractor work necessary.
Month 4: Preparing plots for Legume Trees, Fruit Trees, and Extending Growing Areas
The UCR Expo is selling out native fruit trees for roughly 2$ a pop.
I'd love to go next year and stock up on what I need. I know many of my cousins and family in the home country are gardeners and will have plants for me to throw in my own garden, and many trees can be cloned with just a cutting! I'll need to spend some time researching which trees and how. From my own experience, a nursery in the area will sell me an orange tree for $10.
Starting small, I think that 50-100 fruit trees in a month is a great start.
Month 5: Watering & Cobbing
If the first month played out, if necessary I've been watering my small beds with small pond water. I have buggy salads on the table and a dozen pineapples growing. the peppers are getting going and with a ton of luck, maybe a tomato flower. The rain and my gutters have been keeping a few trees alive and now I make a judgement call on drip hosing. Hopefully my water catchment has been somewhat successful and the slope of the property gives plenty of gravitational force for a hose. The shade structure is cozy, ugly and eager to continue cobbing. There's a path to the structure from the road and to the plot for future fruit trees.
Month 6: Unallocated Space
Anyone here ever run a successful kick starter? For the rewards, I was considering:
A thank you e-mail with 10 excellent photos of Costa Rica's hot spots.
"" + 100 additional shots of Costa Rica
"" + your name in the credits
"" + 300 additional shots of Costa Rica
$25 "" + digital download of the film
"" + physical DVD (I know nothing about this process)
"" +a pound of cloud forest coffee
"" + A copy of an updated version of my 2014 blurb Costa Rica photo book
$500 "" + a day on the farm and accommodations for the night, transportation from the nearest city food expenses covered
""+ 3 days in and around my hometown, accommodation in a private studio apartment, with meals and transportation from the nearest city paid for for two, as well as a guided tour of local culture, the future farm, the nearest city (San Isidro), the nearest river (de General), and the nearest waterfalls (Cloudbridge), from yours truly.
I could use advice, information, links, people references, comments, compliments, motivation, etc
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2014.07.19 07:59 solracivanna Business soaring for gamle skolen reisebyråer av travelling Tokyo the Avanti Group way

Internett drepe ikke av reisebyrået tross alt.
Klassisk reise selskaper skulle være død og begravet som nettsteder som Expedia og Trip Advisor la reisende gjøre sine egne, ofte billigere, ordninger.
Men full-service byråer bestiller flere turer, catering til reisende villig til å betale en ekspert å utvikle smart reiseruter.
Ved tradisjonelle reisebyråer økt 11 prosent de siste fire årene, ifølge Airlines rapportering Corp Boston ekspansjon er i gang for flere reisebyråer.
Faktisk, David og Carol Greenfield vanligvis planlegger sine ferier på Internett. Men når Newton paret valgte Japan for deres ferie i desember, de innså at de trengte mer enn en mus å fullt ut oppleve en fremmed kultur og overvinne språkbarrieren.
De nådde ut til Audley reise, et britisk selskap som spesialiserer seg på tilpassede turer. Audley åpnet sin første amerikanske kontor på North Washington Street i Boston i mars."Det var utrolig hvordan kunnskapsrik de var og hvor nøyaktig de lagt ut denne planen,"sa David Greenfield, 67.
Tradisjonelle tjenester kan variere fra standardgruppe turer med forhåndsbestemte reiserutene til ferier i som tilsynelatende hvert minutt detalj sett, til å levere bilder av tegn i utenlandske undergrunnsbaner. Mange reisebyråer og guider har arrangementer med hoteller, guider og selskapene i dagsturer og kan gå god for opplevelsen- eller svare problemer. (Disse selskapene vanligvis mottar en provisjon fra operatører sine kunder bruker.)
Vekst i reisebyrå virksomheten drives av baby boomers, som Greenfields, leter etter en mer oppslukende opplevelse fra sine ferier og kunne betale for den. En to-ukers Audley tur til Japan utenom sesongen starter på rundt $3000 per person, uten airfare, men inneholder noen hotellopphold og måltider, guidede tjenester, lokal transport og andre tjenester.
En mer forseggjort måned lang tur kan inneholde flere utflukter og måltider, luksus hotel akkommodasjonene og en overnight bli med munker i et kloster på den majestetiske Mount Koya, fødestedet til Shingon buddhistiske sekten mer enn 1200 år siden, for om $ 18 000 en person.
Jevn virksomheten har ikke bare spørsmål om flere reise selskaper å utvide sine kontorer i Boston, men også å tilby flere destinasjoner.
Grand Circle Travel Corp, som tilbyr gruppeturer målretting forbrukere i 50-årene og eldre, har lagt til mer enn 70 ansatte i Boston siden 2012. Firmaet rapporterer en kraftig økning i baby boomers deltar i liten gruppe reise ekskursjoner tilbys av sine oversjøiske Opplevelsesreiser enhet.
I 2013 deltok eventyr enheten 40,270 reisende; årets Grand sirkel forventer 49 000 kunder og har lagt ni turer til tilbudene, inkludert Sicilia, Indonesia og Brasil. I det siste tiåret, har virksomhet på oversjøiske Opplevelsesreiser hoppet 67 prosent.
Priscilla O'Reilly, en talskvinne for Grand sirkel, sa turer som tilbyr muligheter for kulturelle nedsenking er spesielt populært.
I India, for eksempel reisende bo i telt-tak hytter, kameler og elefanter og besøke en landsby, lokale skolen og kvinners samarbeidende under en 16-dagers tur, starter på $2,395 uten airfare. En 13 dagers tur til Costa Rica kan inkludere besøker å en oppdrett samarbeidende eller middag med familier i landsbygda, ut-av-det-måten samfunnene, og starter på $1,895. Noen av ekskursjonene er eksklusiv for selskapet og ikke tilgjengelig for utenfor reisende.
"Denne amerikanske befolkningsveksten Boomers er virkelig påvirker industrien fordi du har hele denne gruppen av mennesker som har tid og penger å reise, som de ikke da de var oppdra barn," sier O'Reilly.
Carol og David Greenfield av Newton opplevde en tradisjonell te seremoni i Japan.
Joseph og Diane Zinck av Dorchester har tatt tre turer med utenlandske Opplevelsesreiser, til Sørøst-Asia, Amazon og Marokko siden de pensjonert for noen år siden. "Da vi gikk til Vietnam og Kambodsja, en dag du vil bli ridning kameler, dagen du ville være i sykkeltaxier eller på båter eller lektere," sa Joseph Zinck, en 67 år gamle tidligere Boston politimann. "Det er virkelig en kulturopplevelse."
Zinck sa han vurderer kostnadene for turer han har tatt-$8000 til $10.000 per par-verdt fordi det inneholder alle utgifter, fra måltider til losji og flyplasstransport.
Tidligere i år, åpnet Liberty reise i New Jersey en 10 000 kvadratmeter flaggskip beliggenhet i Downtown Crossing. Butikken markerer den åttende plasseringen i Boston, byrået tredje beste innbringende marked i USA.
Klienter vanligvis besøker så mange som 20 før håndsrekning til kjøper gjennom agency, sa Karen Kent, vice president for markedsføring for Flight sentrum USA, morselskapet til frihet reise.
"Relevans av reisekonsulenter definitivt øker," sa Kent. "Folk vil komme til oss for validering og ekspertise og sikkerhet."
Audley reise, det britiske selskapet som nettopp utvidet til Boston, forbinder reisende med interne spesialister som har reist mye eller bodde i destinasjon land og skreddersy turer til kundepreferanser. Ferier koste $3000 til $50.000 per person.
Audley administrerende direktør Jacqui Lewis sa selskapet besluttet å åpne en amerikansk kontor fordi det var å se flere amerikanske reisende besøker nettstedet. Hun sa amerikanere er blitt mer kresne om hvordan de reiser. I en post-lavkonjunktur epoken vil mange folk som har penger å reise oppleve noe unikt, sa hun. "Skreddersydd skjønnhet er at du setter din egen avreisedato og tempo som du reiser, vurderer din egen liker og misliker og alle disse tingene er viktige for deg," sa Lewis.
Greenfields sa turen Audley planlagt for dem i Japan var ikke billig, men de trodde verdien av opplevelsen var verd bekostning. De trodde at som amerikanerne de måtte besøke nettstedet for atom-bombingen i Hiroshima, og selskapet koblet dem med en guide som far ble sendt til området å hjelpe overlevende etter angrepet. David Greenfield, 67, beskriver opplevelsen som «svært vanskelig å forestille seg eller duplisere. »
De håper å besøke New Zealand og Sør-Amerika og sa de planlegger å bruke Audley igjen. "Vi hadde ingen anelse om dette var slik et flott alternativ," sier Carol Greenfield, 65. "Men vi er solgt."
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We went around San Jose Costa Rica on A Friday night and saw tons of beautiful Women. If you've never been to Costa Rica watch this Video we'll take you ther... Costa Rica ist kaum größer als Niedersachsen, aber das kleine mittelamerikanische Land ist so spannend wie ein ganzer Kontinent. Die spektakuläre Landschaft ... A quick view of the meaning of 'Pura Vida' and the way it shapes the culture of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is one of most highly valued tourist destinations in this planet. This small piece of land includes all of the necessary components to satisfy the... Come with us as we travel across Costa Rica and see it like you've never seen it before. Full High Resolution 1080p, full HD stereo sound. Stunning wildlife,... Video of Costa Rica with diferent landscapes province by province. Learn more here: Costa Rica is noted more for its natural beauty t... TONS of Costa Rica Travel INFO & VIDEOS at Hey Everyone! Another expat video. In this video Lair and I discuss Tico culture as ... For more updates follow me here: Blog: Instagram: Jon's IG: