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Sep 20, 2020 ; AceShowbiz - Rufus Wainwright is planning to close out the year by performing all of his albums side-by-side as part of a new virtual concert initiative. 'The Rufus-Retro-Wainwright ... Rufus Wainwright on his new music, his favorite streaming TV, and why he might be getting a dog Rufus Wainwright, whose career spans almost 25 years, was scheduled to release his 10th studio, 'Unfollow the Rules', before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. He has since delayed the release and opted to drop a few singles to tide fans over until the new ... The official website of Rufus Wainwright. Your source for all the latest news, tour dates and more. The official website of Rufus Wainwright. Your source for all the latest news, tour dates and more. For example, part one of the performance of his debut album ‘Rufus Wainwright’ is on 9 October followed by a Q&A the same day, with part two of the performance following on 16 October. Wainwright is using the Veeps platform for the streams, which are ticketed. Advance tickets for each show cost $20, but fans can also buy $70 monthly passes ... Professionally, Rufus Wainwright has never been in the closet. His career launched with a self-titled album in 1998, making him one of the first singers at a major record label to be open about ...

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This subreddit if for all things regarding the one and only Rufus Wainwright. Its very well known that he is gay so no bashing or criticism please keep it about his music.

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2020.09.25 23:18 jjameson18 Rufus Wainwright “Let the River Run”

I’m still waiting on this song to be released. It was featured toward the end of the season 2 finale. I honestly can’t believe it hasn’t been leaked anywhere. If you’ve found a copy, post a link!
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2020.09.24 18:20 rblazon_ BBC Radio 6 Music: special 2-hour show on Kate on Sunday September 27th
Guy Garvey celebrates the wonder that is Kate Bush with some of his pals.
Beth Orton, Anna Calvi, Georgia, Nigel Godrich, Rufus Wainwright and ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett all sharing what Kate means to them and how she's influenced and shaped their musical careers.
Interwoven with archive from Kate herself and of course we play the tunes off the Hounds of Love album.
A show full of love for an amazing musician.
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2020.09.24 15:50 Ghost_of_agnew Hallelujah Rant

In Shrek one why the fuck is the song Hallelujah credited to fucking rufus Wainwright when clearly it's not him singing. They dont sound the same at all, its fucking John Cale, and he makes rufus look like a two bit country bitch. I'm sick of the misrepresentation, I wont stand for it. Show some damn respect.
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2020.09.24 01:44 GovTestedBBQ Some of the vocals on this Rufus Wainwright song sound exactly like Thom. Messes with my head whenever I hear it

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2020.09.19 02:58 Chronicles82 Rufus Wainwright - Singing Truth to Power [pop] (2020)

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2020.09.18 01:28 Chronicles82 Rufus Wainwright on his latest album, growing up in a musical family, and more!

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2020.09.13 19:10 SamuraiFlamenco [TOMT][Song] Slow French song about a firefighter or a firestarter? "Le Roy---something".

I heard it in a fanmix around 2012 (the song sounded recent-ish, like from the last decade at the time) and completely forgot about its existence until now, I don't speak French so I can't remember what the title was nor who sings it, I just think the lyrics had something to do with fire. It kind of had a slow Rufus Wainwright-y sound to it.
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2020.09.12 07:02 CedarWolf Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah

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2020.09.11 18:20 Matthew929 My Celtics Game 7 History

I'm 19 years old and I've been watching Celtics basketball since 2010. Some people are gonna think this is a stupid post but I'm anxious as fuck and want to just write out some of my angst, and perhaps have others do the same.
I remember the last day of 3rd grade. It was June 17th, 2010. I remember my Dad picking me up after school and taking me to Five Guys. I remember him asking me how excited I was for the game that night and he was excited to watch with me. I remember playing club penguin in anticipation for the big game that night. I remember the halftime lead. I remember Ron Artest's 3, and how it pierced my young heart. Needless to say, like most of you, I remember Game 7 2010. I remember my older brother in tears. I remember my younger self not understanding how hard it is to get to the finals, given we haven't been back since that day. We all hope to get back there one day, and have the Celtics prove what they're worth.
I remember Memorial Day weekend 2012. Celtics Sixers Game 7. I remember watching the Celtics in my living room, and watching Rondo hit dagger threes from behind the line (although I think one was eventually ruled a 2). I remember Pierce fouling out and I remember the way I was terrified of Andre Iguodala. I remember the thrills I felt when the buzzer sounded, and the calls of "We want LeBron" and "Beat the Heat".
I remember Game 7 against the Heat. I remember the 10 point halftime lead (no I didn't have to look it up its burned in my memory" I remember playing some ball with my friends at halftime, so excited that we could be going back to the finals. I remember watching the Heat crawl back into it. I remember the 72-72 tie after 3 quarters. I remember watching LeBron and Chris Bosh consume my 12 year old soul and send me home in tears. I remember the Big 3 standing together for the last time. I remember the questions that followed after they lost Game 7, a championship window now closed.
I remember Game 7 against the Wizards. I remember the hype surrounding the #1 seed celtics. The IT/Avery bradley never go down without a fight celtics. I remember John Wall's crushing game 6 winner, and how I thought we were done. I remember Kelly Olynyk rising from the ashes and having a career game to send us to the next round. I remember the joy I felt to be back in the Conference Finals (although we got fucked lmao).
I remember Game 7 against the Cavs. I remember how bad I wanted the Celtics to finally beat LeBron. To finally send him home. To finally feel like my team was more powerful than his individual talent. Needless to say, the team turned in it's biggest stinker of the year and only scored 78 points. An unfitting end for a gritty team. I remember listening to "Hallelujah" by Rufus Wainwright from Shrek to ease the pain because I loved that team so much.
And all of that brings us to tonight. 9/11/20. The Celtics best chance to win the title since that night in 2010 that still pains so many of us is on the line. I've always been one to say "there's always next year". But this time it's different. This team is ready now. Things won't be any easier next year. It's game 7. Do or die. I don't wanna go home tonight, because I'm not ready to say goodbye to this team. I don't wanna go home tonight, because I'm not ready to cope with that pain of coming so close yet again. I don't wanna go home tonight, because Celtics basketball is the thing I look forward to in the morning. Go C's.
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2020.08.25 19:10 TulsiTsunami Rufus Wainwright - Devils & Angels (Hatred)

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2020.08.22 13:42 appleparkfive The gravity of the Chelsea Hotel is so crazy. And the absolutely includes Dylan.

"Stayin' up for days in the Chelsea Hotel, Writin' "Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands" for you." -Bob Dylan (Sara)
"I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel You were talking so brave and so sweet" -Leonard Cohen (Chelsea Hotel #2)
For those who aren't familiar, this is the Chelsea Hotel. It's a hotel/apartment building in NYC. And the ripple effects from this place on the art scene are profound.
I could sit here for a damn hour naming off the residents. So I'll just copy-past from wikipedia:
Much of the Hotel Chelsea's history has been colored by the musicians who have resided there. Some of the most prominent names include Chet Baker,[24] Grateful Dead, Nico, Tom Waits, Patti Smith,[3][4][24] Jim Morrison,[3] Iggy Pop, Virgil Thomson, Jeff Beck,[31] Bob Dylan,[3][4][24] Chick Corea,[31] Alexander Frey,[31][24] Dee Dee Ramone,[31][24] Alice Cooper,[31] Édith Piaf,[31] Johnny Thunders,[31] Mink DeVille,[31] Alejandro Escovedo, Marianne Faithfull,[31] Cher,[31] John Cale,[31] Joni Mitchell[24], Robbie Robertson,[32] Bette Midler,[31] Pink Floyd,[31] Jimi Hendrix,[31] Canned Heat, J.D. Stooks, [31] Jacques Labouchere,[31] Sid Vicious,[31] Richard Barone, Lance Loud and Rufus Wainwright.[26]
And these are just a small portion of some of the musicians.
Andy Warhol made films about his time there. Stanley Kubrick wrote 2001 there. Mitch Hedberg, Uma Thurman, Madonna, Edith Piaf, and a whole list of others. (On a side note, this is where Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols allegedly murdered his girlfriend Nancy). Leonard Cohen and Janis Joplin had a fling here, as many other artists did as well.
But what Bob probably saw initially in the place was the writers who lived there. It was THE mecca for beat poets, along with other writers before. Burroughs, Kerouac, Ginsberg Arthur C. Clarke, Mark , and Dylan Thomas are just a short list.
I think this is part of what drew Dylan to the place. This place was very pivotal for Dylan. He mostly stayed there in 1964-1966 from what I understand. When not on tour. It's one of the places where he wrote so much of his electric music.
What's so interesting is that there was another resident. Sara. His soon-to-be-wife. They lived close to one another, and would often stay together this way to avoid the press.
Bob spent so much of his time writing parts of his electric music during this period (I believe this is where he ran to right after the 66 tour, before going upstate, but I may be wrong). But somehow he got caught up in the Warhol scene, partially taking place in the hotel as well.
I know this is more Dylan adjacent. But there's something that writers call "The Chelsea Effect". Where the place brings out something special in the residents. Those who seek shelter among other writers. Considering all of the amazing music made in that place, it's easy to see why it may inspire you.
I just wanted to share some of this legendary place. Where Dylan wrote some of his most notorious songs. Where he hid away his relationship while going electric. Where he met other artists, talked with beat poets, and grew as a surreal writer in general.
The Chelsea Hotel closed for renovations a few years back. It's open now, but I haven't seen much of it. I know they auctioned off a lot of the stuff (Bob's damn door went for 100k). But I hope some of the magic remains. I hope that the traces of art that inspired Dylan and so many are still in tact. For more generations of musicians to reflect in their lyrics, and the giants before them
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2020.08.21 20:00 Scrnmncr SummerStage Benefit: Sting, Norah Jones, Trey Anastasio, Rufus Wainwright, Leslie Odom Jr., Rosanne Cash, Coming in Sept. FREE

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2020.08.04 19:43 perdit [Poem] Its not dark yet by Bob Dylan

Shadows are falling and I been here all day It's too hot to sleep and time is running away Feel like my soul has turned into steel I've still got the scars that the sun didn't let me heal
There's not even room enough to be anywhere It's not dark yet, but it's getting there Well my sense of humanity is going down the drain Behind every beautiful thing, there's been some kind of pain
She wrote me a letter and she wrote it so kind She put down in writin' what was in her mind I just don't see why I should even care It's not dark yet, but it's getting there
Well I been to London and I been to gay Paree I followed the river and I got to the sea I've been down to the bottom of a whirlpool of lies I ain't lookin' for nothin' in anyone's eyes
Sometimes my burden is more than I can bear It's not dark yet, but it's getting there
I was born here and I'll die here, against my will I know it looks like I'm movin' but I'm standin' still
Every nerve in my body is so naked and numb I can't even remember what it was I came here to get away from Don't even hear the murmur of a prayer It's not dark yet, but it's getting there
My husband is a Bob Dylan fan. He’s hit or miss for me. Still this song stopped me in my tracks when it came on the radio this morning.
Here’s Bob Dylan singing it.
I heard Rufus Wainwright’s version on the radio this morning. Great song.
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2020.08.02 20:23 PeaGroundbreaking303 Queer singer-songwriters

Hi all,
All my life my main musical interest has been folk music and other music with emphasis on storytelling lyrics. In terms of queer singer-songwriters I'm familiar with John Grant, Laura Jane Grace, Rufus Wainwright and she/hehers (all of which I really really recommend). Would anybody happen to have any recommendations along these lines? :)
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2020.07.29 21:38 toronto34 Choir! Choir! Choir! w/ Rufus Wainwright + 1500 singers from ACROSS THE UNIVERSE

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2020.07.28 15:19 greenhighheels Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah “and everything breath we Drew was hallelujah”

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2020.07.26 21:13 Ghost-Quartet 31 Underrated Albums From The First Half Of 2020

Hi kids, it’s been a hot second since I’ve done one of these posts where I dump a bunch of underappreciated albums onto /popheads like a cat giving its owner a dead bird, but here we are. 2020 has been a great year for music with a lot of great releases, but the big name releases have been overshadowing some smaller releases that were also really quality and I wanted to take a moment to highlight those.
The original concept for this post was there would be five projects from each month of the first six months of the year but January was so dead that fell apart so we’re just going with it. Yes some of these are only available on Bandcamp… and what about it?


The Big Moon by Walking Like We Do

  • Genre/Length: Indie Pop / 42 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Women In Music Pt. II
  • Other Reference Points: Phoebe Bridgers, The Regrettes, motivational pep talks from your gal pals
Description: This was one of the first releases to really catch my attention this year, The Big Moon are an up and coming indie rock band who got rave reviews for their debut album and this sophomore release sees them going in a more poppy direction. Taking cues from both the ‘60s and the ‘90s (it’s weird but it works), the group apply the typical indie synths, guitars, and pianos but use them to craft slow burners with anthemic choruses and quirky lyrics. The songs are unassuming at first but you’ll be singing along and waving your lighters by the end. Thematically the album trumpets positivity in the face of impending doom… they were ahead of the curve I guess.
Sample Track: “Your Light”

Neon Heart by Roxie Cola

  • Genre/Length: Electro-Bubblegum / 18 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: 1000 Gecs and the Tree Of Clues
  • Other Reference Points: SOPHIE, Kero Kero Bonito, too much sugar
Description: Let’s get dirt obscure, as in, 17 monthly listeners on Spotify obscure. Described on her Bandcamp page as an “incorporeal pop princess,” the neon webcore aesthetic of this EP’s cover should instantly clue you in to what kind of project it’s going to be. With vocals that are more vocoder than human and cheap synths there’s a very specific appeal to this music that you’ll either love or hate and I don’t know, maybe this one is actually trash and I just have terrible taste but I found this to be very charming. The songwriting is actually very solid with strong melodies and memorable lyrics that really nail a lovestruck vibe. It’s pop through a funhouse mirror, not really “hyper pop” but definitely hyperactive pop.
Sample Track: “Flatline”

Take Me Away by Mirei

  • Genre/Length: Dance Pop + R&B / 33 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Ungodly Hour
  • Other Reference Points: NIKI, LOONA, strutting down a street bathed in neon
Description: This is one of the more straightforward dance pop albums on this list and although the songs in general are fresh and good, they’re given an extra edge by their solid lyrical content. Although this album is entirely in English Mirei is Japanese and her experiences growing up in Osaka and Tokyo form the subject matter for this album; sometimes that’s as simple as talking about boy problems, sometimes it leads to her tackling more complex issues like the toxicity of the J-idol system. She’s got a clear, strong voice that sits well over electronic production and she rides these slick beats just right. It’s a great album that really marks her as a potential pop girl to keep an eye on.
Sample Track: “Lonely In Tokyo”


Other Ways To Vent by iyla

  • Genre/Length: R&B + Pop / 22 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Cape God
  • Other Reference Points: Caroline Polachek, Tinashe, the music video for "Apeshit" by The Carters
Description: Singer-songwriter iyla is a hard one to describe. Her songs are based in hard hitting trap beats but the melodies and production layered over this are elegant (based in soul and almost classical at times) and it gives her a fresh, unique sound; her lyrics have this same sort of duality between layered metaphors/unconventional vocabulary and blunt/crass jabs. It’s the best of both worlds, reaching across the aisle to appeal to fans of all kinds of genres thanks to smart writing and production. Her serpentine voice is clean and strong as she both sings and raps her way through this strong collection of songs about liberating herself from all of the toxic people in her life. She’s also a visual queen, check out some of her music videos as well because they’re excellent.
Sample Track: “Cash Rules (feat. Method Man)”

Cha Cha Palace by Angelica Garcia

  • Genre/Length: Alt-Pop + Indie Rock / 48 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Petals For Armor
  • Other Reference Points: Kate Bush, Grimes, first generation brujas
Description: After a fairly traditional indie pop debut Angelica Garcia drew inspiration from her Mexican/Salvadoran heritage (as well as Catholic imagery) for this release and it’s a nice taste of a perspective we don’t see very often in “mainstream” music. She has a punky energy about her that I’m into; while still broadly in the “pop” category, these songs are delightfully twisted walls of sound full of fury. She wails like La Llorona (who’s the subject of a song on the album) over screaming guitars and ominous vocal loops and it’s a little bit terrifying, but definitely intriguing. A difficult album to describe but a compelling one to listen to.
Sample Track: “Jicama”

Romantic Comedy by Summer Camp

  • Genre/Length: Indie + Shoegaze / 44 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Swimmer
  • Other Reference Points: The xx, Chairlift, pop art
Description: I don’t normally enjoy shoe gaze but I found this album very charming. The adorable cover art should tell you exactly what kind of album this will be (something warm and intimate) but it also reveals that primary reference point for the album is the ‘60s, which can be heard in the melodramatic skits between songs and the subtle touches of blue eyed soul that give some flavor to the twee indie pop songs. This is actually a companion album for a documentary made by one of the members of this band and like the film it’s a tribute/deconstruction to the romantic comedy, lampooning the tropes while also being perhaps just a little nostalgic about them.
Sample Track: “The Ugly Truth”

The Horror and The Wild by The Amazing Devil

  • Genre/Length: Folk / 46 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Folklore
  • Other Reference Points: The Civil Wars, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, lyrics that make good fanfiction titles
Description: How kind of Taylor Swift to drop a folk themed album right before I posted this, I hope it inspires people to check out this album because it’s one of the strongest written/performed albums I’ve heard all year. The “everyday poetic” lyrics don’t pull any punches and the storytelling they accomplish is very impressive; it’s rare that an album can consistently tug at your heartstrings and stir up emotions like this. The singers commit with their whole hearts and have great chemistry with each other and a lot of the power of the album draws directly from their superstar performances, as well as the thunderous folk music arrangements. Prepare to want to run around the woods after this one.
Sample Track: “Battle Cries”

note-book -u.- & -Me.- by Chanmina

  • Genre/Length: Pop-Rap / 11 + 11 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: It’z Me
  • Other Reference Points: Tierra Whack, Rico Nasty, being a bad girl with feelings
Description: This was technically two EPs but they’re companion pieces she dropped at the same time so I’m counting them as one release. The Japanese/Korean rapper continues her quest for world domination with a fun collection of pop-rap songs that show off both her singing and rapping skills. As always Chanmina displays impressive range not just vocally but musically, managing to serve piano ballads, dance pop, and autotuned trap bangers on the same EP while still feeling cohesive. There’s range emotionally as well, with songs for both the club and sitting alone in your room crying, and you can bop to both. Another great display of potential from a cool up and coming artist.
Sample Track: “Voice Memo No. 5”

II: La Bella Vita by Niia

  • Genre/Length: Pop + Alt-R&B / 42 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: What’s Your Pleasure?
  • Other Reference Points: Perfume Genius, Kehlani, art films
Description: Hey, by any chance does anyone on this sub like disco? Thought so. While this album isn’t quite plucked right from the ‘70s Niia’s take on simmering dance pop definitely involves some callbacks to the era along with a more modern trip-hop sensibility that keeps this album sounding fresh and adult. The music is lush with subtleties, burning like a blue flame even as she spends the album describing a relationship that’s cooling off. The sheer aesthetic of it all is impeccable as well, it’s very… sensual and refined. I feel like I should be wearing all black and smoking on the balcony of a gorgeous mansion while listening to this.
Sample Track: “Whatever You Got”


Industry Games by CHIKA

  • Genre/Length: Rap / 20 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Suga
  • Other Reference Points: Ashanti, Queen Latifah, feeling unstoppable
Description: Firebrand freshman rapper Chika made a name for herself with her impressive freestyles she would post to Instagram, and on her debut EP she proves she’s more than just a viral moment. Her star gleams as she spits intelligent bars that paint the picture of a bright young woman on the cusp of greatness who knows what she wants and what she’s worth. She’s a fierce rapper through and through, but her songs have an understated pop appeal to them thanks to the synth drenched production and the soulful choir she taps to provide hooks and backup vocals. Also she’s bisexual and some of the songs deal with that, so let’s support her ladies!
Sample Track: “Songs About You”

New Me, Same Us by Little Dragon

  • Genre/Length: Electropop / 47 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: ~how i’m feeling~
  • Other Reference Points: Blood Orange, Kelela, crunchy music
Description: Little Dragon have been a band since the ‘90s and have released music pretty consistently over the past two decades, drawing attention for their subtly experimental tendencies and their lead singer’s husky voice. Their latest album sees them doing a little bit of everything, dipping into electropop, r&b, indie, jazz, funk, and the end result is very easy on the ears. It’s gentle, thoughtful music on a polished, glossy album with a hint of an edge; although lacking in bombastic bangers it’s perfect to luxuriate in during a chill session.
Sample Track: “Where You Belong”

Louder by Big Freedia

  • Genre/Length: Bounce + Dance-Pop / 15 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: 111 (by Pabllo Vittar)
  • Other Reference Points: Lizzo, Mykki Blanco, block party music
Description: Louder, for the people in the back. The Queen of New Orleans Bounce continues her reign, although she’s expanding her portfolio a bit with this one. This is a poppier release than a lot of her previous work, toning back the bounce elements and bringing forward some pop elements, but neither of these things really overwhelms the other and it’s a welcome blend. Whatever the genre is it’s more of the speaker pounding, ass shaking party music that Freedia is known for with ebullient messages of hope that’ll be sure to get you up out of your seat and four on the floor. Don’t be put off by the initial blast of weirdness, these are bangers!
Sample Track: “Chasing Rainbows (feat. Kesha)”

Lady Like by Ingrid Andress

  • Genre/Length: Country / 26 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Kelsea
  • For Fans Of: Maren Morris, Kacey Musgraves, country girls with pop appeal
Description: Ingrid Andress co-wrote “Boys” by Charli XCX, but this is a country album. But it’s a good country album! Her writing is sharp, her voice is powerful, and the emotions she plumbs seem genuine; all the ingredients that make for great country songs. Her lyrics are cutting and she displays a lot of vulnerability in how she allows herself to be weak, strong, or even the butt of the joke at times. Thematically all of the songs take place in the liminal space between being in love and being alone, and her takes feel very fresh despite the traditionally “relatable” subject matter. I don’t listen to a lot of country but I’d still wager that this is one of the best releases of the year so far!
Sample Track: “Both”

Noneketanu by Shht

  • Genre/Length: Post-Pop(?) / 53 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Sawayama
  • Other Reference Points: Devo, 100 Gecs, drugs
Description: This is a weird one, and I know I’ve said that several times but this is probably the weirdest album here. Recorded by the band mostly in live takes, this album feels like a series of jam sessions that were crammed into songs and the end result is sprawling tracks that grow and morph and shift wildly right before your very ears. Every single song is just an intense journey from start to finish, constantly subverting expectations and straddling the line between music and noise. In a strange sort of way it’s ear candy because it’s so refreshing to hear something so different, especially since the actual sound palate it uses is fairly traditional. It’s a fever dream of autotune, drums, and guitars; I can’t tell if this is genius or an utter mess but it’ll certainly hold your attention.
Sample Track: “Talk About”


It Is What It Is by Thundercat

  • Genre/Length: Hip-Hop + Jazz / 37 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Heaven To A Tortured Mind
  • Other Reference Points: Flying Lotus, Mac Miller, Adult Swim bumper music
Description: Yeah this album is actually pretty big and very critically acclaimed but I never see it mentioned so I’ll be the one to bring it up. A haze of hip-hop, jazz, and electronica, Thundercat demonstrates his strong grasp of musicality and crafts a creative album that flows very well. It’s a good album to vibe out to, music in this style isn’t exactly my forte but I found this album really easy to listen to. The sound palate is easy on the ears and there’s a sense of optimism (and at times humor) that keeps it feeling engaging throughout. Although a bit far from the usual fare of /popheads, this many critics can’t be wrong!
Sample Track: “Dragonball Durag”

Miss Colombia by Lido Pimienta

  • Genre/Length: Alternative + Latin Pop / 43 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Las Que No Iban A Salir
  • Other Reference Points: Rakky Ripper, Namasenda, critically acclaimed artistic pop
Description: Just as a heads up this album is entirely in Spanish, but don’t let you put that off! Lido Pimienta has a razor sharp voice that’s easy to listen to and crafted some great melodies for this album, plus much of its appeal is in the music. Although based in Canada she wrote this album about her native Colombia, and to do so she decided to draw upon the rich tapestry of the music of the Caribbean coast. While she sometimes plays these genres straight other times she’ll twist them up with bass and electronic production that gives them a more modern edge and makes this album a conversation with Colombia rather than just a straightforward tribute. It’s a wonderful tour of an under appreciated music culture.
Sample Track: “Eso Que Tu Haces”

Broken English by Bebe Zahara Benet

  • Genre/Length: Afropop / 20 Minutes
  • Other Reference Points: Bad Bunny, Big Freedia, music you can bob your head along to
Description: Drag queen music is just barely a step above reality tv star music in terms of how seriously it’s taken, but I enjoy a lot of it and this EP is genuinely good. The original winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Bebe Zahara Benet taps into her African roots for this album and the Afropop stylings really elevate this EP. While still grounded in club friendly dance music the sounds of drums and banjo give the songs a depth and an edge that keeps them from feeling like the same disposable novelty songs we usually associate with Ru Girls. Bebe’s voice isn’t exceptionally powerful but it’s sweet and earthy; she sounds good here. She brought Cameroon to the club and it’s kind of a serve.
Sample Track: “Banjo”

It Was Divine by Alina Baraz

  • Genre/Length: R&B / 52 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: It Was Good Until It Wasn’t
  • Other Reference Points: H.E.R., Kali Uchis, romance
Description: Streaming numbers seem to indicate there have been a few decent hits off this album but I’ve seen exactly one (1) other person mention her on this sub so let’s talk about it. We always love a good r&b release and Alina knows what she’s doing here and effortlessly merges the worlds of old school r&b (with its rich orchestrations and nods to soul music) with new school r&b (with ever present trap drums and endless hooks) while retaining the best of both worlds. Perhaps one of the most romantic albums of the year, she boldly declares on the opening track that “[she] can see her whole life when she’s with you” and she spends the next fifteen tracks describing exactly what that’s gonna look like. The album is perhaps a bit too long, but when she sounds this good it’s hard to take that as a negative.
Sample Track: “Take It Home”

Stages Of Love and Heartbreak by Marisa Maino

  • Genre/Length: Pop / 52 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Sad Songs In The Summer
  • Other Reference Points: Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne, teen movies from the '00s
Description: Marisa Maino gives me early ‘00s vibes, she’s got a lot of the spunkiness that defined the stars of that era. Her sound is a bit more modern but her approach to writing pop songs with strong vocally focused melodies feels like it’s rooted at least a few years in the past, not that that’s a bad thing! The maximalist production is a bit of a throwback as well, hearing the pop-punk guitars on some of these songs was definitely nostalgic. Her slightly bratty lyrics are kinda cute as well. If you’re looking for some classic (a little basic) pop girl vibes, check this out.
Sample Track: “Hot”

Peaceful As Hell by Black Dresses

  • Genre/Length: Alt-Pop / 47 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: RTJ4
  • Other Reference Points: 100 Gecs, Courtney Barnett, being a weirdo and proud of it
Description: It's a shame this group disbanded on the heels of their most successful, critically acclaimed album yet, but they're survived by a strong discography of noise pop gems (even if they aren't on streaming). With insane, off-the-wall production that sounds like it was rendered entirely by broken computers, this album is incredibly polarizing. They moan and scream a lot of the lyrics but at the same time I actually love their voices, and the lyrics/song subjects are super campy but touching at the same time. You'll either love or hate this album, but if you love it you'll get a lot of mileage out of it.
Sample Track: “Creep U”

isaac’s insects by Isaac Dunbar

  • Genre/Length: Synthpop / 23 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Kid Krow
  • Other Reference Points: Billie Eilish, Rina Sawayama, Born This Way Jr.
Description: A teenage pop star with a somewhat dark, almost androgynous style the obvious comparison for Isaac Dunbar is Billie Eilish, but his inspiration for doing music is Lady Gaga and you can definitely hear that in his music. This EP has its fair share of moody slow jams that seem him intoning his way through a haze of synths and piano, but where he really shines are the more upbeat dance pop songs. He’s not afraid to let his freak flag fly and it results in some really lyrically interesting tracks that feature unusual imagery and address issues like homophobia and toxic masculinity. This is a really cute collection of pop songs, now is the time to get in on the ground floor of a rising gay pop boy!
Sample Track: “comme de garçons (like the boys)”


2 Real by Parisalexa

  • Genre/Length: R&B / 29 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: It Was Good Until It Wasn’t
  • Other Reference Points: Summer Walker, SZA, straight up r&b
Description: Even among the r&b scene I haven’t heard too much buzz around this album, so for once this isn’t just a case of /popheads ignoring an r&b girl, like, everyone’s been sleeping on this one. Devoted primarily to themes of self-love, Parisalexa’s debut album is a smooth stream of drippy r&b music complete with the stuttering trap drums and heavy melodies that have become the genre mainstays. She’s a good songwriter and her lyrics and hooks are easy to listen to, and her messages don’t grow repetitive over the course of the album. I don’t really have much to say about this one other than the fact that everyone I’ve recommended it to seems to have loved it so if you’re into r&b this one is a must listen.
Sample Track: “Chocolate”

They Call Me Disco by Ric Wilson/Terrace Martin

  • Genre/Length: Rap + Disco / 17 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling
  • Other Reference Points: Doja Cat, Yuna, walking down the neighborhood smiling
Description: At this point rapping over disco is something of a signature sound for Ric Wilson, but when he teams up with producer Terrace Martin they take that sound and produce magic with it. Ric’s heavy voice and relaxed flow sit really well on Terrace’s slick beats and together they create what sounds like the soundtrack of the best kickback you’ve ever attended. Although it isn’t quite entirely disco as there are a few more traditional synth pop style songs, these are still just as good as the more danceable tracks and there isn’t a a weak link on the track list. The songs are full of smart lines and positive vibes; this EP is brief but it’s really fun and super easy to listen to.
Sample Track: “Don’t Kill The Wave”

Light Exchanges by Sister Species

  • Genre/Length: Indie Rock / 25 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: The New Abnormal
  • Other Reference Points: Mitski, Tank and the Bangas, casual nihilism
Description: Although I put the genre tag for this one as “Indie Rock” that really undersells their sound because they bring elements of jazz and folk into their music that help them stand out from the crowd. These diverse musical influences and their propensity for quirky lyrics that elevate mundanity into magic make all of their songs really memorable. The “wall of noise” arrangements by the band push nicely against the singer and always compliment the lyrical content, plus in between each song on the album are “three part trumpet” interludes that provide fun transitions and give the album a nice flow from track to track. In particular the song I’ve linked right below this (“Heat Death”) is one of my favorites of the year.
Sample Track: “Heat Death (Hold Me Here)”

Rainbow Boy by Keiynan Lonsdale

  • Genre/Length: Pop + Alt-Pop / 49 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Manic
  • Other Reference Points: Superfruit, Dorian Electra, high concept queer pop
Description: Rainbow Boy is practically overflowing with melodies and ideas; true to its title Keiynan really paints with every color of the rainbow on this one. An ambitious tribute to black and queer audiences, the album is an almost surreal experience as it careens between madcap pop songs that address everything from love to gay liberation to… chocolate. The album refuses to be confined by genre (he touches on disco, Afropop, r&b, funk, and Disney, just to name a few styles) but maintains a strong pop focus and it’s never at a loss for a good tune. Keiynan himself displays a surprising amount of range and his total commitment to what he’s doing helps him carry the album even in its most bizarre moments. It’s almost too much at certain points but despite any obvious flaws Keiynan’s vision and raw artistry really shine through and make this a compelling listen from front to back.
Sample Track: “I Confess My Love”

Mangotale by Shawn Wasabi

  • Genre/Length: EDM / 34 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Dedicated Side B
  • Other Reference Points: Louie Zhong, Vocaloids, anime inspired pop
Description: Shawn Wasabi’s custom made MIDI Fighter 64 allows him to program songs using arcade noises, which he’ll often blend with more traditional electronic production. Over the past five years he’s created a really cute signature sound and all the buzz he’s built up has finally resulted in a debut album that puts this aesthetic on full display. He has a great ear for hooks and knows how to get the most out of his features, resulting in a very satisfying producer driven album. With songs that make constant reference to junk food and video games this is probably one of the sweetest albums of the year, and one of the most joyful as well.
Sample Track: “The Snack That Smiles Back”

Neon From Now On by Party Pupils

  • Genre/Length: Dance Pop / 24 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Golden Hour (the Kygo one)
  • Other Reference Points: Caravan Palace, The Knocks, producer driven pop
Description: Pop star MAX has (hopefully) got an album coming out later this year that I’m hotly anticipating, but first we get a nice little album from his side project Party Pupils. I love some festival bro EDM from time to time and this album is pure polished future funk fun that captures all of the carefree excitement of a neon night out. We kind of know what to expect from producer driven releases like this but I think it helps that MAX is a singer himself because it brings a grounding presence that ensures that these are true pop songs, not just trendy approximations of them. The songs are light and frothy ear candy, and hey, we all could use that sometimes.
Sample Track: “Love Me For The Weekend (feat. Ashe)”


Patience by Sondre Lerche

  • Genre/Length: Pop / 47 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Set My Heart On Fire Immediately
  • Other Reference Points: Rufus Wainwright, MIKA, music that soaks into your heart
Description: Sondre Lerche has been a fixture of the indie scene for the past two decades, I had somehow avoided hearing about him until this year but I absolutely loved this album. He has a knack for making songs that feel “cozy” to listen to and this album flows smooth as butter thanks to the rich orchestrations and his expressive voice that carries his off-kilter melodies well. It’s a good album to put on an just chill out to. The lyrics come from out of left field at times but at their core they’re romantic, funny, and heartbreaking in equal measure. The album is somewhat messy at times with a few tracks lingering a bit too long but if anything that just makes it more approachable, and ultimately it’s a very pleasant experience.
Sample Track: “You Are Not Who I Thought I Was”

Powderpaint by Powderpaint

  • Genre/Length: Synthpop / 23 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Future Nostalgia
  • Other Reference Points: MUNA, Carly Rae Jepsen, queer anthems
Description: Powderpaint are a queer pop duo from the UK with a delightful retro space children aesthetic and they dropped one of the hottest EPs of the year; these ’80s disco/Hi-NRG styled songs are overflowing with verve and they’ve got the melodies and production to match. I think they said it best on their delightfully tacky website, it’s an EP “full of sizzling synthesizers, funky guitars and retro grooves. The songs covered themes of trans identity, bad relationships, pseudoscience, and an unapologetic celebration of queer people's love and happiness.” This is music on a mission, and you can hear in the dramatic production and their strong voices as they sing (and rap) their way through the songs that they mean business. A must-listen imo.
Sample Track: “Constellation”

Introspection by Adrian Younge/Angela Muñoz

  • Genre/Length: Soul / 29 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: Lianne La Havas
  • Other Reference Points: Amy Winehouse, Sade, classic movies
Description: Believe it or not Angela Muñoz is 18 years old, not that you’d know it from her rich voice and smart writing skills. The little girl has got soul, and producer Adrian Younge nurtures this talent by providing her with beautiful musical arrangements of romantic strings and tender drums that cradle her voice just right. These lush soul songs posit her as a wise beyond her years chanteuse, and it works. This album feels old school in a timeless way, calling to mind legends of soul past like Amy Winehouse and Sade who spun gold from the air with their music. While she isn’t quite at their level yet this is an impressive debut that makes me believe she could maybe get there someday.
Sample Track: “I Don’t Care”

Critical Daydream by Ultra Happy Alarm

  • Genre/Length: Bubblegum Dance + Hyperpop / 23 Minutes
  • Try If You Liked: how I’m feeling now
  • Other Reference Points: Aqua, Vocaloid, internet kitsch
Description: Okay so this album was made by a genderqueer “multimedia fetish artist” who’s known for their “mad kawaii raver” style, Twitch streams, and “colorful kawaii rave nude art book.” I shouldn’t have to say much more than that but I’ll continue to type. Inspired by her dream of being in a ‘90s bubblegum dance group, Audra tapped producers Ash Nerve and Ada Rook to create tooth rotting songs that are simultaneously a revival of this classic sound and an extension of modern hyper pop trends. The lyrics are stupid in the best way possible, referencing memes and embodying the relentless pep that defines the album. Although the album is confined to Bandcamp it’s well worth at least one listen just for the sheer fun of it!
Sample Track: “Spider”
If you're wondering "why isn't ____ on here?" well it's because these are just my personal opinions and selections drawn from my limited experience. There's plenty of stuff out there that I didn't mention or haven't heard, if you'd like comment it below. Stay classy folks, hope the rest of the year is just as nice.
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2020.07.22 10:04 BinkyRcweb Rufus Wainwright Biography, Life, Interesting Facts

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2020.07.22 05:56 dgoske84 The O.C. Music The Definitive Music Guide for The O.C.

The O.C. is one of my couple favorite shows of all time. It is the best show for music of all time. Over the last several years I put together The O.C. Music Guide. It took until recently for me to feel it's finally complete. It took so long because I only put the songs that are good, arranged it by CD's so CD length was put into consideration, and because for years some songs you couldn't find or the quality was terrible. There were songs I waited for years to be on iTunes or had to buy an overseas CD to get one song. It's at a point now where I think virtually every song is great quality. The soundtrack flows great. No bad or average songs. Anyway, for the few people that still care below is what I consider to be the definitive music guide for The O.C. This will save you countless time having to go through the entire full music list. 256 total songs give or take.
Season 1 Vol. 1
Christopher Tyng - Stolen Car
Phantom Planet - California
Christopher Tyng - Ryan Meets Marissa
Christopher Tyng - Ryan's First Morning
Slightly Stoopid - Sweet Honey
Cooler Kids - Around the World (Punk Debutante)
All American Rejects - Swing, Swing
Black Eyed Peas - Hands Up
The K.G.B. - I'm A Player
Mazzy Star - Into Dust
Joseph Arthur - Honey and the Moon
Christopher Tyng - Waiting
Rufus Wainwright - California
Rooney - I'm A Terrible Person
Doves - Caught By the River
Brooke - Wanna Be Happy
Turin Brakes - Rain City
Smashing Pumpkins - To Shiela

Season 1 Vol. 2
Spoon - The Way We Get By
Fountains of Wayne - All Kinds of Time
The Roots - Rolling With Heat
OK Go - You're So Damn Hot
Plam Street - Break
Soul Kid #1 - More Bounce
Tricky - Hollow
Luce - Good Day
Death Cab for Cutie - A Movie Script Ending
The Chemical Brothers - Out of Control
Air - La femme d'argent
Guster - Keep It Together
The 88 - How Good It Can Be
South - Paint the Silence
Aqualung - Strange & Beautiful
Leaves - Breathe
Trespassers William - Different Stars
Alexi Murdoch - Orange Sky

Season 1 Vol. 3
Dandy Warhols - We Used To Be Friends
JET - Move On
Ron Sexsmith - Maybe This Christmas
Bright Eyes - Blue Christmas
Brookville - Walking on Moonlight
Jem - Just a Ride
Finley Quaye & William Orbit - Dice
Eels - Saturday Night
Beulah - Popular Mechanics For Lovers
Rooney - Sorry Sorry
Rooney - Blueside
Rooney - Shakin'
Rooney - Popstars
Clinic - Come Into Our Room
Damien Rice - Cannonball
The Thrills - Big Sur
Turin Brakes - Self Help
Super Furry Animals - Hello Sunshine
Mojave 3 - Bill Oddity
The Fire Theft - Summertime
Ryan Adams - Wonderwall
Season 1 Vol. 4

Patrick Park - Something Pretty
Death Cab for Cutie - A Lack of Color
Nada Surf - If You Leave
Interpol - Specialist
The Vines - Ride
The Crystal Method - Born Too Slow
Timo Maas - To Get Down
Modest Mouse - Float On
Zack Hexum - Met A Girl Like You Once
Beastie Boys - Ch-Check It Out
Johnathan Rice - So Sweet
Franz Ferdinand - Jacqueline
Zero 7 - Passing By
Jem - Flying High
Jem - Maybe I'm Amazed
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
Season 2 Vol. 1

Zero 7 - Somersault
Dios - You Got Me All Wrong
The Album Leaf - Eastern Glow
Halloween, Alaska - All the Arms Around You
The Perishers - Trouble Sleeping
Keane - Walnut Tree
Sufjan Stevens - To Be Alone With You
A.C. Newman - On the Table
The Thrills - Faded Beauty Queen
The Walkmen - What's in It For Me
The Perishers - Weekend
Pinback - Fortress
The Album Leaf - On Your Way
The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It
Ambulance Ltd - Primitive (The Way I Treat You)
U2 - Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
Imogen Heap - Goodnight and Go

Season 2 Vol. 2
Phoenix - Run Run Run
The Faint - Desperate Guys
Gwen Stefani - Cool
Dirty Vegas - Closer
Feist - Let It Die
Modest Mouse - Paper Thin Walls
Modest Mouse - The View
Blue Foundation - Save This Town
Martina Topley-Bird - Soul Food
Modest Mouse - The World At Large
Joy Zipper - Baby You Should Know
Journey - Open Arms
matt pond PA - New Hampshire
Sandy Cohen - Don't Give Up on Me
Aqueduct - Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights
Flunk - Play

Season 2 Vol. 3
The Thrills - Saturday Night
Jazzelicious - Cali4nia
The Thrills - Not for All the Love In the World
The Thrills - The Curse of Comfort
The Black Keys - 10 A.M. Automatic
Ringside - Strangerman
Elliot Smith - Pretty (Ugly Before)
The Go Find - Summer Quest
M. Craft - Sweets
The Reindeer Section - Cartwheels
Sia - The Bully
Racheal Yamagata - Reason Why
Athlete - Tourist
The Album Leaf - The Outer Banks
The Album Leaf - Another Day

Season 2 Vol. 4
Sam Roberts - No Sleep
Stars - Your Ex-Lover is Dead
Air - Universal Traveler
Blind Melon - No Rain
Boyz II Men - End of the Road
matt pond PA - Champagne Supernova
Beck - Girl
Murmurs - Big Talker
Sam Prekop - C + F
Beck - E-Pro
Beck - Scarecrow
Beck - True Love Will Find You in the End
The Futureheads - Meantime
Brendan Benson - What I'm Looking For
Joseph Arthur - A Smile That Explodes
Feeder - Frequency

Season 2 Vol. 5
Kasabian - Reason is Treason
Havergal - New Innocent Tyro Allegory
Bloc Party - Banquet
Lou Barlow - Legendary
The Chemical Brothers - Marvo Ging
Tangerine Dream - Love On a Real Train
The Futureheads - Decent Days and Nights
Daft Punk - Technologic
LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk is Playing at My House
Way Out West - Melt
Audible - Songs Makes a Circle
Death Cab for Cutie - Title and Registration
Death Cab for Cutie - The Sound of Settling
Soulwax - E Talking

Season 2 Vol. 6
Bloc Party - Positive Tension
Youth Group - Shadowland
Will Smith - Miami
Gorillaz - Kids With Guns
Kaiser Chiefs - Na Na Na Na Naa
Shout Out Louds - But Then Again No
of Montreal - The Party's Crashing Us
The Album Leaf = Twenty Two Fourteen
Phoenix - Love For Granted
The Perishers - Nothing Like You and I
Coldplay - Fix You
Gorillaz - El Manana
Jose Gonzalez - Crosses
The Bravery - Honest Mistake
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Friends
Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek

Season 3 Vol. 1
The 88 - Hide Another Mistake
Ian Broudie - Song for No One
Bloc Party - Blue Light (Engineers Anti-Gravity Mix)
Death Cab for Cutie - Soul Meets Body
Cobra Verde - Get the Party Started
Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To
Phantom Planet - California 2005
Shout Out Louds - Wish I Was Dead Pt. 2
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Salvation
She Wants Revenge - I Don't Want to Fall In Love
Infusion - Natural
Youth Group - Forever Young
The Dandy Warhols - Holding Me Up
Rogue Wave - Publish My Love
Rogue Wave Interruptions
The Subways - Rock & Roll Queen

Season 3 Vol. 2
Carmen Rizzo ft Kate Havnevik - Travel in Time (Grayed Out Mix)
The Subways - I Want to Hear What You Have Got to Say
Nine Black Alps - Unsatisfied
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Open Invitation
Petra Haden & Bill Frisell - Yellow
The 88 - Hard to Be You
Dionne Warwick - That's What Friends Are For
Phantom Planet - Our House
Rogue Wave - California
Funky Lowlives - Sail Into the Sun
Electric President - Insomnia
Sufjan Stevens - For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti
Living Things - Bom Bom Bom
Digby Jones - Under the Sea
Boom Bip - The Matter of Our Discussion
Tom Vek - I Aint Saying My Goodbyes
Crash My Model Car - In Dreams
South - Paint the Silence
Cobra Verde - Waiting for a Girl Like You

Season 3 Vol. 3
Bettie Serveert - Lover I Don't Have to Love
Oceansize - Meredith
Ashtar Command - China
Ben Harper - Waiting For You
Ryan Adams - Night Birds
The Briefs - Getting Hit On At the Bank
Brandtson - Earthquakes and Sharks
Syd Matters - To All of You
Embrace - I Can't Come Down
Hard Fi - Gotta Reason
Block Party - The Pioneers
La Rocca - Some You Give Away
Tunng - The Pioneers
Chris Holmes - I Don't Care What My Friends Say
Imogen Heap - Speeding Cars
COMMUTER - Chapters
Imogen Heap - Hallelujah

Season 4 Vol. 1
Placebo - Running Up That Hill
Jude - Save Me
Belle and Sebastian - Song for Sunshine
Keane - Bad Dream
Band of Horses - The End's Not Near
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - Once More With Feeling
Thom Yorke - Black Swan
Alexi Murdoch - All My Days
Syd Matters - Hello Sunshine
Zero 7 - The Pageant of the Bizarre
The Pogues - Love You Till The End
Goldpsot - Float On
Zero 7 - Waiting to Die
Youth Group - Daisychains
Jet - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
Eberg - Into Your Head
Mates of State - California
Ashtar Command - Into Dust

Season 4 Vol. 2
Tally Hall - Smile Like You Mean It
Dogzilla - Dogzilla (Simon Patterson & Richie Kayvan Mix)
M. Craft - Somewhere In Between
The Shins - Turn On Me
Coconut Records - West Coast
Sufhan Stevens - Dear Mr. Supercomputer
The western States Motel - The New e Blues
April March - Garcon Garcon
The Chemical Brothers - Leave Home
Youth Group - Start Today Tomorrow
Bloc Party - I Still Remember
i am jen - Broken In All the Right Places
Rogue Wave - Debaser
Rock Kills Kid - I Turn My Camera On
Silversun Pickups - Rusted Wheel
Bloc Party - Kreuzberg
Jet - Shine On
Jacob Golden - Ona Saturday
Patrick Park - Life Is a Song
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2020.07.21 11:27 rblazon_ Rufus Wainwright and Anna Richardson choose Kate songs as their Pride anthems

Rufus Wainwright chose "Running Up That Hill" as one of his Pride anthems:
“Kate Bush is almost more of a patron saint for a lot of gay people – especially gay men of a certain age... my age, that is. She was really, kind of, I don’t know, a force for good and a force for motion and... transcendence. And that’s what a lot of gay men – and I’m only speaking for gay men, because I am one, so I feel like I can – but that is the process that all gay men have to really embark on, and I think Kate Bush is an incredible vehicle for that process, and Running Up That Hill, is just the engine.
“I saw her show in London in 2014, and I can’t say this about every show, even when I think they’re fantastic when I see them, but that show has really stayed with me. It’s really remained in my mind and in my psyche, and that’s the sign of a true classic pop show. When something repeats again and again.”
TV presenter and journalist Anna Richardson chose "The Man With The Child In His Eyes", and she also revealed that when she went to see "Before the Dawn", Kate invited her and her partner Sue Perkins to meet her afterwards.
“I was totally desperate to include a Kate Bush song, because Kate Bush is a massive icon for me. When she came back to the Hammersmith Apollo, where she hadn’t played for 30 years, to play a series of gigs, I’m so obsessed with her that, as soon as the tickets went on sale, I was there with my laptop, my iPad, my phone, with everything, to try and secure tickets, and I managed to get two for me and Sue [Perkins, Anna’s partner] to see her, and it was the most mindblowing gig I have ever seen. And we were invited to meet her afterwards, and she’s the one famous person that I was left utterly speechless by when I met her.
“Kate Bush is so important for me, and also for the community, just in terms of… she’s also been very pro the community and pro playing around with identity and gender, and I just think she’s an extraordinary artist.
“Now when you say ‘what’s my favourite song?’, fuck me... there’s so many. There are a billion songs I could give you that are really, really meaningful, but I just thought, if we’re talking about Pride, let’s go for The Man With The Child In His Eyes. Because if you think about it, she wrote these lyrics when she was really young, but it’s all about ‘I hear him, just before I go to sleep’, and he comes to her room, but it’s about connecting with this guy, her lover, and he’s a little boy at heart. And I just think that speaks to so many gay men.
“It’s about the intimacy and joy of sex with another human being, that’s what she’s singing about, and the love of connecting with this man. But in his heart, there’s the child inside, that she’s holding. I just think that works really well [for Pride], that at the heart of every big gay man, there’s a little boy that wants to be adored. It’s about vulnerability and connecting on a really deep level, on a soul level.”
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2020.07.21 05:54 imprintent Rufus Wainwright 'Unfollow The Rules' debuts #8 on Billboard's Americana/Folk Chart and #12 on Independent Album Chart

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2020.07.21 03:15 franklyfrank7 Shakespeare's Sonette (2009 Berliner Ensemble)

As a major Rufus stan, this recording has intrigued and eluded me for years. If you happen to be familiar with either of his albums "All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu" or "Take All My Loves," you'll recognize many of these settings of the sonnets, theatrically interpreted as only Robert Wilson and the Berliner Ensemble could (huzzah for a wealthy government that actually funds its arts! [I'm an American, woe is we...]). To say I am excited to finally watch this entire production is an understatement.
ht tps://m ega.n z/file/yrJjlaza#kB1GpBk-XYEGmYSthJcBP7ynvQpaR2f4RRCihhyHSx4 (remove spaces)
"The Bard is modern and alive than ever in Robert Wilson's Shakespeare's Sonnets, a contemporary take on 25 specially chosen sonnets from Shakespeare's cannon. Set to a sweeping score composed by Rufus Wainwright, a genre-bending mix of medieval German Minnesang, classical, pop, and cabaret rock is performed by the actors of the Berliner Ensemble. The sonnets were pared down and selected by dramaturge Jutta Ferbers who deftly adapted these captivating poems that were originally unintended for the theater. The production was staged in 2009 for the fourth centennial of the publishing of the Sonnets.For this production, Wilson embraces the prevalence of subversive gender conventions embedded in Shakespeare's 154 sonnets which move fluidly between male and female objects of desire. Several quintessential characters make an appearance; from boy to fool, from Cupid to the mysterious Dark Lady, from the Queen of England to Shakespeare himself. Wilson's signature sculpting of time, light, and gesture combined with Wainwright's romantic, sensitive, and at times disturbingly dark score transports audiences to a dreamlike place suspended in time."
Sort of fulfilling my own request here, thanks to a much appreciated assist by u/kaufmand. Just a youtube rip, nothing fancy. Enjoy!
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Rufus Wainwright - Going To A Town - YouTube Rufus Wainwright - YouTube Rufus Wainwright - Devils & Angels (Hatred) [Official ... Rufus Wainwright - The One You Love - YouTube Sting and Rufus Wainwright Wrapped around your finger 720p ... Rufus Wainwright - Peaceful Afternoon (Official Audio ... Rufus Wainwright - Across The Universe - YouTube Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah - YouTube Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah (Live At The Fillmore) - YouTube

Rufus Wainwright

  1. Rufus Wainwright - Going To A Town - YouTube
  2. Rufus Wainwright - YouTube
  3. Rufus Wainwright - Devils & Angels (Hatred) [Official ...
  4. Rufus Wainwright - The One You Love - YouTube
  5. Sting and Rufus Wainwright Wrapped around your finger 720p ...
  6. Rufus Wainwright - Peaceful Afternoon (Official Audio ...
  7. Rufus Wainwright - Across The Universe - YouTube
  8. Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah - YouTube
  9. Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah (Live At The Fillmore) - YouTube
  10. Rufus Wainwright - April Fools - YouTube

The official Rufus Wainwright channel. New album Unfollow The Rules OUT NOW! Music video by Rufus Wainwright performing April Fools. (C) 1998 Geffen Records Lyrics: I heard there was a secret chord That David played and it pleased the Lord But you don't really care for music, do you? It goes like this, the fourth... Music video by Rufus Wainwright performing Across The Universe. (C) 2002 Geffen Records Official Audio Rufus Wainwright – Peaceful Afternoon Listen Now: 2021 Rufus Wainwright Tour Dates June 26 - Bath, UK... Music video by Rufus Wainwright performing The One You Love. (C) 2005 Geffen Records Music video by Rufus Wainwright performing Hallelujah. (C) 2004 Geffen Records Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Official Video Rufus Wainwright – Devils and Angels (Hatred) New album UNFOLLOW THE RULES out now! Director: Jorn Weisbrodt Producer: Jean Martin DP: Vince... Music video by Rufus Wainwright performing Going To A Town. (C) 2007 Geffen Records